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App Revenue Growth is a must-listen for any app developer or entrepreneur looking to increase their app’s revenue. Each 30-min episode features expert interviews and actionable tips to help you grow your app’s user base and monetize effectively. From app store optimization to user acquisition and retention strategies, we cover it all. Tune in and take your app’s revenue to the next level with App Revenue Growth.

Hosted by Michael Stysin, CEO of Qonversion.

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Ep.1. Ex-CMO Bumble shares his experience in running marketing for one of the most popular dating apps

In this episode, together with Dominic Galello, managing director, Bridgepoint, ex-CMO Bumble, Badoo, we discuss how to achieve sustainable apps’ growth in highly competitive categories, what you should heavily invest – brand or performance marketing, why building multi-touch attribution is a waste of time, and what makes marketer great: MBA or community. 

Dominic Gallello, managing director, Bridgepoint, ex-CMO Bumble, Badoo. As a Chief Marketing Officer of Bumble Inc. he served as part of the team that led the company through an acquisition by Blackstone in 2020, and a NASDAQ IPO in 2021. 

Before this, Dominic held various marketing roles at consumer internet companies like Airtime and Spotify, as well as in brand and go-to-market consultancies where he worked with partners like PayPal, Braintree and Coca-Cola. MBA Insead.

Episode topics at a glance:

  • 03:38 – monetization streams at Bumble
  • 07:22 – how to define optimal pricing/duration for subscriptions
  • 08:45 – north star metric for a consumer subscription app
  • 11:45 – CMOs’ everyday dashboards
  • 13:42 – what made apps like Bumble and Tinder stand out and win over others
  • 17:00 – how to build community
  • 19:00 – how to choose the optimal marketing channel mix
  • 20:00 – full-funnel view on marketing: attribution approaches

Ep.2. Klarna lead on what A/B testing really is, why testing everything is a bad idea, and why you should never rely on A/B testing results only

In this episode, together with Mateusz Wrzeszcz, ASO lead at Klarna and ex-Phiture, we’ll discuss what A/B testing really is, what are the most common pitfalls and misconceptions regarding A/B testing, which tools to use, and how to test to get fair results. 

Episode topics at a glance:

  • 01:08 What should mobile apps A/B tests?
  • 01:32 Why testing everything is a bad idea
  • 02:48 How to approach data/statistics when doing A/B testing
  • 03:30 The difference between simple A/B testing and advanced A/B testing with probabilistic methods
  • 06:14 The most common pitfalls & misconceptions when it comes to A/B testing and how to avoid them
  • 12:40 Best practices for A/B testing 
  • 14:00 How to validate the results of A/B testing
  • 18:39 A/B testing tools
  • 21:00 Case study

Ep.3. Thomas Kriebernegg from App Radar on how to position your app for success in App Stores, including tips like leveraging movie launches for ASO results

Managing Director and Co-Founder of App Radar Thomas Kriebernegg shares his view on how to choose the most profitable category for your app,  how to launch your app on the App Store and Google Play, how to define the perfect keywords & visuals, how to create customized user journey and predict upcoming app trends based on retrospective analysis. 

Thomas is an app enthusiast with over 15 years of experience in online marketing. Among App Radar’s clients are game publishers Ironhide (Kingdom Rush), Wargaming (War of Ships), and language-learning app Chatterbug.

  • 00:45 what is App Radar 
  • 02:12 the most trending categories for launching apps
  • 03:35 must have things you should remember when launching an app in app stores 
  • 04:11 retrospective trends research to define the best category for your ap
  • 06:27 How to define the perfect keywords set for both title and description
  • 09:20 tools to use to find keywords 
  • 10:40 optimization of visuals (icons, screenshots)
  • 12:11 how to build customized user journeys with custom product pages 
  • 14:31 research capabilities of Apple Search Ads 
  • 15:31 when is the right time to experiment with other paid user acquisition channels 
  • 17:30 organic traffic is not enough
  • 19:00 whether incentiviced downloads are a good ranking strategy
  • Link with useful materials from Thomas

Ep.4. App Marketer 2022 Alice Muir on retention strategies for mobile apps

Alice Muir, Apps from App Marketer 2022, Retention Squad Lead, Phiture, talks about comprehensive approaches to measure churn, defining correct retention metrics for app optimization, and the role of product and marketing in retention.  

Phiture – Award-winning mobile growth consultancy working with the teams behind apps like Soundcloud, Headspace, VISCO, Red Bull TV, Adobe Express, and many others. 

  • 01:50 tactics to audit the app
  • 03:30 how to choose the correct retention metrics
  • 04:13 how to identify core retention problems 
  • 06:00 importance of onboarding 
  • 06:28 key reasons of churn 
  • 08:10 user acquisition channels and how they influence retention 
  • 10:30 techniques to increase retention rate 
  • 15:30 subscription stack

Ep 5. Google App Campaigns Best Practices. Sabina Shukyurova, Google UK

Sabina Shukyurova, Analytics Lead, Gaming, Google UK talks about what Google App Campaigns are, why 60-70% of campaigns’ success is driven by Creatives, and how to make yours work. Additionally, she covers how to avoid the most common mistakes while setting up campaigns.

  • 01:30 – what are Google App Campaigns
  • 02:54 – what do you need to start acquiring users for Google App Campaigns and how it works
  • 05:48 – how to set up a campaign goal when launching a new app
  • 07:40 – what works in creatives
  • 08:49 – minimum amount of video creatives to launch campaigns
  • 09:41 – what works with google app campaigns
  • 16:21 – what not to do while launching app campaigns
  • 20:51 – how to understand whether you spend an appropriate budget for your campaigns
  • 28:00 – the importance of localisations, market research, and creatives

Ep.6. Apple Search Ads and other Mobile User Acquisition Trends 2023. Ryan Kelley, Mobile Growth Expert

Mobile consultant Ryan Kelley (Gummicube, NP Digital, Phiture) shares his perspective on 2022 user acquisition trends and offers his predictions for 2023.

  • 02:15 – new trends in App Store and ASA
  • 04:10 –  Apple Search Ads analytics
  • 10:00 – budget allocation across paid UA channels
  • 11:00 – ASA tests for different markets
  • 12:06 – Tik Tok 
  • 14:03 – Google App Campaigns 
  • 17:10 – new Apple Search Ads ad placements
  • 21:00 – how to measure Apple Search Ads
  • 23:00 – 2023 User Acquisition predictions 

Ep.7. User Acquisition and Retention for Subscription apps. Megan Dean, Yodel Mobile

Megan Dean, Growth Director at Yodel Mobile,  shares her insights on user acquisition and retention,  and why a lack of attribution is leading to a new era of product development.

  • 02:22 how to start audit the app and key metrics to track 
  • 13:29 UA to improve retention 
  • 17:00 Tik Tok attribution
  • 20:00 future of product development