A/B Paywall Experiments for Subscription Apps  Productivity Category

One of the most potent approaches for subscription apps to boost revenue is optimizing paywalls. One way to fine-tune these paywalls for maximum effectiveness is through A/B experiments, a method that allows developers and product managers to compare different versions and identify what works best. In this article, we will explore the concept of A/B paywall experiments specifically tailored to subscription apps in the productivity category.

What are A/B Paywall Experiments? 

A/B paywall experiments involve creating and testing two or more variations of a paywall to see which one performs better in terms of conversion rates and revenue generation. The key principle behind this method is to make data-driven decisions by comparing different elements of the paywall, such as design, pricing, subscription durations, and trial options. By systematically testing these variations on real users, developers and product managers can gain valuable insights into user behavior and preferences, leading to optimized paywalls that result in higher subscription rates.

Components to experiment with: 

  • Paywall Design: The visual appeal and layout of a paywall can significantly impact user engagement. Experiment with different designs, colors, and button placements to determine which combination resonates better with users.
  • Pricing Strategy: Choosing the right price for subscriptions is crucial. Test different price points to find the sweet spot that offers value to users while maximizing revenue for the app.
  • Subscription Durations: Experiment with various subscription durations, such as monthly, quarterly, or yearly, to understand user preferences and willingness to commit to longer periods.
  • Trial Options: Offering trials can entice users to explore premium features. Test different trial lengths and conditions to find the best approach for encouraging conversions.
  • Value Proposition: Clearly communicate the benefits of subscribing. Experiment with different ways to describe the value of premium features to effectively persuade users.

Let’s take a look at some iterations of paywalls for popular apps. Below, you can see the comparison of previous and current paywalls.

A/B Paywall Experiments for Productivity apps 

Let’s take a look at the paywalls of the top apps in the Productivity category.

A/B Paywall Experiments for Subscription Apps
A/B Paywall Experiments for Subscription Apps

A/B Paywall Experiments ChatGPT 

A/B Paywall Experiments for Subscription Apps
Compared to the mid-2023, ChatGPT has changed the subscription title, value proposition, and color scheme. The price remained the same.

A/B Paywall Experiments VPN Super Unlimited Proxy

A/B Paywall Experiments for Subscription Apps

VPN Super Unlimited Proxy has altered the overall design and pricing strategy.

A/B Paywall Experiments Chat with Ask AI 

A/B Paywall Experiments for Subscription Apps
The Chat ASK AI team was experimenting with their pricing strategy. They also replaced the text from the trial explanation with a value proposition.

A/B Paywall Experiments X-VPN 

X-VPN Premium has modified the paywall structure by including two plans on the initial screen: monthly and yearly subscription options.

A/B Paywall Experiments for Subscription Apps

The fastest approach to organizing A/B Paywall Experiments

You might have noticed that all these apps were trying out different ideas with the main paywall elements. Now that you know what these elements are, there’s a quick way to test things without using up a lot of your team’s time. 

The basic idea is to create 4 most common paywall templates. With these templates and the ability to control their parts, you can make lots of different versions to try out. 

You can do it by yourself, or, alternatively, you can use Qonversion which lets you set up all these different options quickly using JSON. You can do this with just a few clicks and test many things at the same time. This helps you work faster without putting too much pressure on your developers. To learn more about our step-by-step approach, read our Quick A/B Experimenting framework.

A/B Paywall Experiments for Subscription Apps

A/B Paywall Experiments for Subscription Apps

Measure the Results of your A/B Paywall Experiments Tests 

Understanding the results of an A/B test is crucial for improving your paywall approach. Make sure that your results are statistically significant. If you use Qonversion’s A/B testing experimenting tool, you’ll see whether your test reached the statistical significance right in the dashboard. As soon as you find the version that’s working best, you can apply it to all users without needing to launch a new app version. Then, you can keep testing new things to make your app even better.

Conducting A/B Paywall Experiments Using Qonversion 

Qonversion offers a robust A/B experiments tool designed specifically for subscription-based apps. This tool empowers you to experiment with and optimize various aspects of your paywalls, including in-app pricing, subscription durations, paywall user interface, and the utilization of custom JSON payloads. The implementation and launch of A/B tests are streamlined and efficient, seamlessly integrating with your existing subscription management solution.

It’s important to note that while processing payments through Qonversion isn’t mandatory for running A/B tests, leveraging Qonversion does provide the added advantage of highly precise subscription analytics, which are pivotal for accurate A/B test calculations. By utilizing Qonversion’s A/B testing, you can meticulously track essential metrics such as conversion rates and overall in-app revenue. Furthermore, the winning paywall variation can be seamlessly rolled out to all users instantly, eliminating the need for a new app version release on the App Store.