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Sean Kearney
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User Reviews for Zero/Sum


I've been looking for a math type puzzle game recently and just came across this one. So glad I did. It's a lot of fun and has a ton of character. It's very refreshing to see a game and a developer who knows how to have fun with a narrative.

Alk3ovation, May 16, 2018
This game needs to be part of the Middle School Math Curriculum

Yes this is a game you should let your kids play!!!

Cri22a, May 13, 2021
Cute scenes, half-baked gameplay

The vignettes are really the only reason to play this game. They are silly, dumb, and sometimes funny. The game, however, starts with a decent foundation and then just remains content to rest there. It never actually gets clever or fun, just more time-sensitive. The game is incredibly short too, as it has 80 “puzzles”, but each one takes about 20 seconds (at most) to solve.

Diemydarling, May 17, 2018
Fun game with an (intentionally) campy story

Fun little math game that puzzles you to push the narrative forward. I hope in the sequel, we get to multiply and decide. If you ever played the card game 24 you’ll probably like this. You have to solve equations with pieces missing. Sometimes the operators and sometimes the numbers. Make everything equal zero, there’s a little bit of sudoku where the equations cross and everything has to line up perfectly.It’s not a long game, but it’s funny, challenging and never frustrating to the point of throwing your phone or rage quitting.

DJBattery, May 20, 2018

Why the hell make it available for $2 for a device like iPad 2 when after the first "conversation," the app crashes. Quite infuriating.

Harrison the gr8, May 22, 2018
Love it!

Just started, and I already enjoy it. Good stuff.

OneManMenace, May 16, 2018
Fun game for math!

I am enjoying the problem solving aspects and challenges in this game. What I would love for the developers to include is a way to restart the board and a way to skip cut scenes. If you make a mistake but are a perfectionist the only way to fix it is to start at the beginning of a series which means you need to rewatch the cut scenes several times depending on your proficiency.

PCtchr, May 16, 2018
Math made fun!

I don’t like math, but I love this game. It looks deceptively simple. The sounds in a game are important to me and the skidding and clunk sounds make me happy. The reward for winning ten founds another chapter of the super corny, funny movie. I do need a faq (I want to know how to get three stars) and please let me buy hints. Zero Sum would be perfect for teaching kids about negative numbers. Although, they would probably do better than me lol. Reading other reviews, I appreciate the customer service. Thanks for such a cool game, Squeezebox. I’m really glad you were featured. 03/20/19

RoRoBins, Mar 20, 2019
Enjoyable Math Challenge but...

I really enjoy this game. The premise is so easy: add plus or minus signs to get the equations to equal zero. The equations start out easy but become harder and harder progressively. I love the B-rated movie plot. I like the timed challenges (though I don’t do well under pressure...haha). And I love the daily challenges. But... I despise having to restart a level, including listening to the B-rated movie video prior to where I left off. It would be awesome if this game had a “Save where you left off” option included. I have found a workaround by just leaving the game running in the background; however, when I power down my iPhone so it’s miniature computer can clear its cache, I am stuck with restarting the level again. I hope the App developer sees this and works to fix this tiny but highly aggravating issue. If he does, I can then easily rate this game five stars!NOTE: I would also like to have the option to turn on Daily Challenge notifications (badges,sounds,banners). Currently there is no such option. P.S. Looking forward to more games like this (with Save & Notification options of course!). 🤩

TheMcTier, May 28, 2018
Fun but I missed the part about timed puzzles

Personally I hate timed things. I just want to work through it and get 3 stars. I thought that was this game, then I get to the timed part - which wasn’t in the tutorial. Ugh. Not for me.Great idea and game but ultimately not for me.

Timle, Mar 16, 2019


On the eve of discovering a mathematical cure for cancer, your mentor, Professor Claire Liddy, is murdered. Fortunately, before she died, the Professor was able to erase many of the plus and minus signs with her bloody hands, saving the cure from falling into the hands of her killers. Now it is up to you to fill back in the missing parts of the equation and resolve your professor's cure.

It's up to you to cure cancer -- AGAIN! (It's a comedy). FEATURES - A completely UNIQUE and ORIGINAL puzzle game! - Puzzle gameplay that will make you feel and look SMART! - A thrilling, 80s ACTION MOVIE-inspired storyline! - Full motion video GREEN SCREEN cinematics! With REAL human ACTORS! - NO mention of CANDY or CUPCAKES or sweets of any kind in the story at all! - A variety of different puzzle types and mechanics to keep things FRESH (melting puzzles, number puzzles, and so much more)! - A Daily Challenge Mode featuring 10 NEW puzzles EVERY DAY! - Time Trial mode - try to beat your best time on RANDOM PUZZLES! - Completely INDEPENDENTLY developed and published! (Support your local punk band)! I ignored my newborn child to make this game, please ignore yours to play it!* *Note: I worked on the game every night after my son fell asleep, there is nothing more important to me than being a father. That being said, this game is a CLOSE second. Like neck and neck, really.

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