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YoCutie - The #real Dating App

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YoCutie - The #real Dating App

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User Reviews for YoCutie - The #real Dating App


3 days on this app and already 4 scammers. All the same messages with their mobile number and email address ready to chat, all the mobile numbers are from Africa, well they get abusive when you ask them why do they have African number when their profile says California. I would like to request to the app developers to take care of this matter before it's too late and people would come to this site anymore.

Abbiyam, Sep 09, 2017
Perhaps should find a new slogan. No real people.

So I promise I’m a real human. However, Ive gotten 40 “yos” from people up to 2,500 miles away and all of their names were the same format. “Name00L” I reported them, but then got another flood of the same thing. It’s annoying. You turn on notifications thinking it’ll notify you when someone at least mostly local is interested in your profile. But they send you a bunch of notifications from fake accounts. Not impressed at all!

das.swanfish, Jan 20, 2021
Um, anyone else just keep swiping and not get responses?

Ok, so I’ll say first off that this app is reasonably accessivle for the blind with voiceover. That’s a plus, hence the 2 stars. But if I were sighted, I’d be wondering why I can’t seem to get anyone to respond after days and days of clicking on people. Ok, you could say, “oh that’s just the world of online dating,” but when you’ve gone through probably 300 people on here and no one responds... Kinda makes you wonder if hte people even exist! So, great concept, flawed execution.

dcbahr1, May 15, 2018
Great app!

Updated review. Loving this up even more. They do a great job at getting rid of the fake people. The only issue I have, is when browsing females while using voiceover, I can’t give them a yoSo basically I can only chat with ladies who give me a yell. Other than that, I still give it a five stars because of how much they care if the user has a great experience in finding someone special

demonlover1987, Apr 18, 2019
2 stars ⭐️

I have too be honest the app’s plat form is good and it’s 100 percent free but there’s way way too much fake people in here and a bunch of scammers all the girls I met here are fake ..but that’s not the app’s fault you can’t blame them for the scammers fake profile . Agin if you want to try the app go right ahead but just be very careful..and the other thing I didn’t like was everyone is 10 state’s away from you or there from a other country pretending there living in the state’s . One girl wrote she has her own business on her profile and when I ask her later on she told me she’s not working she just moved from one state to a other state and she had no family only her daughter well you know where this is going ..I talked to a other girl and wow she was good she said everything you want in a girl I couldn’t believe this when I ask her if she wanted to exchange phone numbers she wanted me to download this con app and wanted my info .so I looked into the app and everyone said stay away from this app it’s a major scam but she said when you download the app and give me your info I’ll continue talking to you , ya right not happening…so I decided to delete the app ..agin I don’t blame the developers..this app could be so much better they have the right idea but 95 percent of the girls on here are fake ..so this is my opinion…for the developers if you could figure out how to fix this issue it would be a good app …

james30k0, May 06, 2021
AI to the Max

You’re better off dating yourself than using this app. This app has bots like no other. Every person that sent me message makes no sense, does not know how to spell and they all live in different countries. What is the point of this app? Who am I dating? Siri has a better chance of finding someone here than I do. Come on get real and take your work seriously. This is a insult to people who are trying to find someone.

Rami8231, Jan 17, 2022
Good Concept

Their model for an online dating app is solid. The ability to post videos on one's profile is a no-brainer that much more popular dating apps like tinder could take a cue from. And their identity authentication/verification process is cool too. You're limited to giving a hundred YO's a day (similar to likes) which they don't really inform you of until you run out, so I guess, use them sparingly...because inevitably the 101st girl you want to give a yo to is probably going to be extremely sexy. The user base, unfortunately, doesn't seem to be that large presently. I just got readmitted after having my access denied and having to contact customer support...oh and they show one of those damnable pop-up ads that make you wait (or search) for the little red X to close it. But hey, I guess that's how they keep the lights on...oh and they get kudos for the intuitive swiping actions (better than tinder). Well I'm gonna go see if I can actually transmute an awkward digital connection into something Beautiful and Meaningful in the non-digital world.

Ramjackal, Aug 29, 2017
There should be ability to send a message.

One of the best dating site. I love this app but users easily quit due to the fact that no messaging option till people yo” each other. Atleast there should be ability to write a message even if it’s only 5 per day, this will attract more users. Thanks

sweetguy64, Nov 14, 2019
This App Needs Better Security Maintenance, And A Better Story Display, For Daily

Everyone That I Seem To Meet Here Don’t Stay On That App Any Longer I Think Their Are Too Many Hackers And Scammers, I Seen A Girl With A Different Name But With The Same Picture, And Then There Was This Girl That Gave Me her Number, After Getting To Know Her For Awhile She Kept Demanding, For Help, long story short she said to delete my contact which I didn’t, and then couple of days go buy, and she texts me back still begging for my help, eventually time goes by, and she ends up coming back on once deleting it when she message the 1st time she deleted it, How can she tell me the same exact thing on there as if she never had any knowledge of me the first time, I texted her her exact number, which I regret Cause with If I got her picture would it be the same person, or a different, really doesn’t matter

ThaenGk, Aug 14, 2019
Actually Free Matches

This app is the only one that I have found that will actually let you see profile pics without paying for a membership. I suggest it to anyone who is looking to get on the dating scene with no strings attached

WooTrain1979, Jun 06, 2021


The #real Dating App. YoCutie invites you to experience online dating in a whole new way! From limitless matches to open chats, you can date how you want, where you want, and when you want.

The free app has a unique video feature for ease of matches and connecting with people you find interesting. NEW: Dating with Stories Dating is more than just a swipe. We designed our Stories feature to feature you, and as always designed to match! We are super excited to introduce the brand-new Stories feature which gives users the freedom to tell their Story in exactly the way they want. Increase your chances of a match by telling your Story today! Tell the Story that makes dating revolutionary! How it works Swipe through videos and pictures of other Cuties, give Yo’s and as soon as there is a Yo Match, you can start chatting, flirting, and meeting new people! With a design to match, YoCutie V2 simply offers you a beautiful experience. Join the app that allows you to: - Login with Facebook, Google or Email - Verify yourself and only hear from other verified users - Add a video to your profile to increase your matches - Swipe through profiles with ease - Flirt with singles near you - Meet new people - Chat with people you find interesting - And Find love YoCutie is opening up chatting and meeting singles in a unique way. With videos and scammer protection, the free app opens the door for singles to not just date, but to have a personalized dating experience that will lead you to your dream partner. Some say Yo, other's Jo, but it's YoCutie and not JoCutie (neither Jo Cutie) :-) YoCutie is designed for everyone to find their ideal partner, no matter where you are in the world! From New York, Houston, Los Angeles, and all the way to Chicago and Dallas. Download now to discover your new soulmate! Our Terms and Conditions: https://www.yocutie.com/terms/

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