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Werble: Photo & Video Animator

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Werble: Photo & Video Animator

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User Reviews for Werble: Photo & Video Animator

Finally ! An App that is worth it ! But one thing ...

This is one of those Apps you *want* to leave a review for ! Lots of good freebies, slick, doesn’t shove things down your throat, gorgeous effects at reasonable prices (if you even want to buy some). My only thing is, and I’m sure this has been asked or mentioned before ... please make it possible to add effects to video ! I realize it’s to make still images “move” but come on ... pleasseee !!! I want to add some of these effects to video so bad ! Also, and this may be asking too much, but making the effects interactive with the phone movement would be amazing: move the phone back and forth moves the effects back and forth, etc. It wouldn’t work with the video/gif format obviously but still, essentially an interactive Live video format. Probably too much to ask for as a new format of file (and a way to view it) would be needed. Anyways great app ! Please add the ability to add the effects to video also !!! 😜

22Trent22, Aug 10, 2018
Amazing App With One TERRIBLE Problem

This is the greatest app to use for animating your art. I use Werble extensively to create artwork for podcasts on social media. But after emailing the developers more than once for over a year, we are still unable to SAVE our projects within the app! This is absolutely ridiculous. If you are designing an animated piece and you go to a different app to find an additional picture to include in your art, Werble can suddenly “refresh” and you lose all your progress with absolutely no way to get it back. What kind of “professional” app is this?!? Checking the app size on my iPhone shows the app uses over 5GB in storage. The cache is all there from every project I’ve made in two years. LET US SAVE OUR PROJECTS. Stop making new features when the most important one is still missing. I was promised a year ago by the developers that this feature would be “available soon”. Is this a joke? I cannot recommend this app to other artists due to this very simple feature being missing. Also missing is another simple feature: an “undo” option in case you mistakenly move a layer. Scroll through critical reviews on here and witness the developers promising everyone that these features are “coming soon”. Over a year is not considered “coming soon”.

Brooks Bigley, Oct 15, 2019
Amazing- this is development evolution

So impressed, so useful for designers/artists. I consider it an amazing design tool. We needed this. Artists and designers have searched for exactly this for years. You guys are the only ones who have actually pulled it off. The future is so bright for this software. This will bring forth a new evolution for content creators/designers/artists, marketing, etc. so not only is it an awesome design tool, it’s so much fun!! I hope to see you guys expand the software- I believe this will be a goto tool for designers.Great work! I hope to see deeper design options for advanced users, custom text animations, and the ability to export various high resolution video sizes like 16:9 etc. I see this being a great great tool for web designers too. So if we can mask things off and export in a transparent way for the way for the web that would be even cooler. For example animating a logo without a white background having the ability to do it with a transparent background video export would be amazing. Anyway- I love what you guys have done it’s exciting and so radical.

Designlove56, Sep 20, 2017
Good concept but missing key details

I do want to say that this could eventually be something great! It makes creating a GIF feel very simple. As far as I can tell (feel free to correct me cause I’d rather be wrong) but when you import a picture it crops in. There is no way to pinch zoom back out to get the entire picture. You can hold and move to a different part of the image but that’s still not getting the entire image. Another huge obstacle I found was for photographers who have beautiful pictures on their social media the only way to get those pictures to work with the app is to screenshot it. Unfortunately....now it will crop in and also when exporting a final creation, it creates a very very low resolution gif and the final image is unusable. Like it’s really bad...If I could show you the photo you would agree. No desktop version which I thought maybe I could use to import jpeg images to mess around with but it looks like you are just stuck with your phone library at the moment. To wrap it up, for fun...sure, maybe but if you are looking to stand out with a quality photo...it’s just not there yet.

iamNoahSeth, Feb 07, 2018
Must Have Image Editing App!!!

This is the most comprehensive app I have ever used in any category. It is very very beginner friendly! It has a guide that will literally walk you through every single step the way a card game does when you first start to play one on PC. You will never be confused on how the program works. On top of that, there are video tutorials that will show you how to do more advanced designs. It has an engaging community! Soon as you start the app, you will be able to see some of the latest work from users like yourself.. They showcase some of the best work and you can go to their instagram to see all the amazing work for ideas.. Plenty of free add-ons and the paid ones are very cheap! Usually range from 0.99 to 1.99 usd. Very affordable and very worth it.. The app itself works flawlessly for me and I’m using an iphone 6S Plus. I promise you will be addicted to this app once you start using it. Excellent work!!!

ImTheGuyThatMadeTheReview2, Jul 05, 2020
Bye bye other apps, hello Werble!

I usually only write a review so the app will stop bugging me, but not this time. Werble is not only good, but made me excited to write a review—no nagging required! The UI feels intuitive and is aesthetically pleasing. The ability to add multiple layers and edit each individually makes a huge difference in the final result. Beyond adjusting the lighting, colors, rotation, etc., you can even add animated effects to your animated effects with the pulse feature! Unlike some other apps, you don't have to pay to export your Werble creation in high resolution video or GIF format (what's the point of making it if you can't share it?), and there are plenty of free, high quality animation packs—no sad, tiny sample packs here. The premium packs are reasonably priced if you want them, but you don't need them to make stunning videos and gifs. The cost to permanently remove watermarks is a little higher than other apps of this type I've used, but if my $4 helps the creators continue to develop and grow this app, I'm happy to pay it! Keep up the great work, Werble team!

Lemondropped, Aug 24, 2017
Love this App

Keep up the Fantastic work! This is one of the best editing app I have come across. The re-do tool is a life saver & the packs for downloading are really fantastic. Your time working on a continual basis on this Fantastic app, is Greatly Appreciated. Werble continues to add effects & other wonderful tool to assist an Artist create outstanding Artwork. Werble allows the Artist to create outstanding videos & gifs to share on Social Media. Users of Werble will be able to use tutorials to assist them when creating videos or gifs from a single image into Moving Art. New users, as well as those of us that have been using Werble for years now, can use the New additions created by the developers. Would be great to be able to import videos to add Werble effects. Adding people performing & animals (birds, frogs, dogs, cats, etc using different movements. Redo, ability to save Artwork created using Werble. I want to Thank the Developers of Werble App! This is one best Apps I have used to create Moving Art. This app is exactly what I need to help me move beyond anything that I had ever imagined. Now my artwork stands out unlike before. I would highly recommend Werble to MotionArtist.Adding the hashtags #werble & werbleapp does not get Your Art seem or get featured. I asked the guy that responds to Your feedback but said he doesn’t pick who gets featured.

Pac Creations, Mar 08, 2022
Problems seem to have developed.

I used to love this app. Been using it for a few years to do animated projects for my music. But today, I went to log in to make a new project and two huge issues seems to be present. First, a bunch of my projects are missing. Not projects I deleted or anything. But projects I regularly come back to and make additional changes and saves to. Just seem to be gone. Checked both of my iPads I have Werble on. And they seem to be missing on both. But not all projects are gone. Just all of my earlier projects. Second, a bunch of the packs I previously purchased are now showing I haven’t purchased them. I have spent quite a bit of money on this app, buying a lot of their packs. And now, the purchases appear to be gone. I felt like last time I logged in a few months ago, some were missing then. But I didn’t remember for sure. Now I know I was missing packs then too. The reason I know, is some of the packs showing not purchased now, I previously used in my projects. So I know for a fact they are gone. This is really infuriating. And if this is not repaired and resolved, I will be done using Werble ever again. And I will be reaching out to Apple and my credit card company Ah to cancel the charges for those previously purchased packs. This is unacceptable…

RealDD801, Mar 28, 2023
Very Cool Looping GIFs and Videos Made Easy

What a delightful find, this is! Making video clips or GIFs that loop seamlessly is difficult, at best, and Werble makes it easy; import a photo from your camera roll and add pre-built looping elements atop it — things like random graphic design pieces or flames or falling leaves; there are tons of things available (most as IAPs, but no subscription—buy the element once and you can use it as much as you want for as long as you want). The elements that are included are a great way to get a feel for the app and if you think it’d be worth it to buy other element packs. For me, it was a no-brainer; many of the element packs are tremendously useful for my work. (I do media production professionally, and have already found ways to incorporate some of the stuff I build in Werble into my work.)This is an easy to use app that makes it fun to build spectacular animations on your favorite iOS device.(My only complaint about it is that as of now, they only offer square canvases, but I wrote to the developer and they tell me that different aspect ratios are on the way!)

SFDex, Jan 22, 2018
Absolutely fantastic app!

I love using Werble to help bring a sense of life to my toy photography sessions everyday. Whether it’s adding fire to my backyard as a Godzilla figure stomps through, or adding dramatic lightning strikes to my Thor figure, this app really enhances my photography. Now, with such a great app for photos and allowing it to make GIFS to share anywhere, why not take it a step further and allow videos to be edited? I make a lot of toy movies, and I have an upcoming movie project for school. Werble, along with a potential video editor, would allow for so many fun options! One key feature would be tweening. This allows for an effect to move in a video frame by frame wherever you choose. For example, let’s say I have a shot of a forest, panning left to right. I can then mask and tween my effects to stay in their proper place as the camera moves, rather than the effects awkwardly moving with the camera instead. I’d love for a video editor option to be added soon. I’ve listed just a few features that could be very easily implemented, but you guys over there could always add more fun ideas you think of. I’d say it’d mostly be the same interface, but simply adding tweening to the tools menu. Hopefully you guys at Werble take my idea into consideration. I’d love for it to be added soon.

SkellyMcBones, Aug 04, 2019


A powerful new way to bring motion magic to your photos and art! Easily turn still images into captivating moving moments. It’s fast and fun, and with over 1000 effects there are infinite creative possibilities.

Stand out from the crowd with Werble. Be unique and make your own mesmerizing masterpiece! Werble lets you quickly blend a huge range of powerful animating art and special effects with your photos or artwork, then share the result with friends or to your social networks. Craft the result using streamlined tools, or just roll the dice and randomize the final look until you love it. Personalizing your loop library is part of the fun: choose only what you like and blend different loops, images and effects together to see your creative potential explode! Join professional photographers, Hollywood concept artists, selfie fans and creatives the world over, and get inspired with Werble. Create show-stopping social posts in seconds Post to all social networks (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc) Creates animated Facebook profile pictures and cover videos Creates both animated GIFs and videos Fun, fast and easy to use Combine multiple images and effects Huge range of effects Infinite artistic possibility Streamlined editing tools Final look randomizer Customize your library from a vast range of loops Regularly updated with new loops and features Post with #werble and you might get featured in our feed

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