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Horizontal head-tracking

Hey there! Before purchase I wanna know. Could you add horizontal head-tracking in addition to vertical. It would be great to use a head-tracking in 360 degrees like with Dji Googgles or Litchi. Thanks

benqsq, Jul 07, 2018
Spark user

Works well with spark, like the clean interface (toggle info on/off) and the ability to highlight myself on the screen for easy returns

dansm, Dec 19, 2017
Consistent lockups

Based on reviews and a quick test via the trial I purchased this app for use with my Mavic 2 Pro. There is a known issue of an initial black screen (no video) which I experienced but was ok with the workaround (cycle photo/video switch once) noted in another review to fix. However, there is a much more concerning issue for which I have repeatedly asked the developer for assistance with via email without any replies or acknowledgement. After several minutes of use the video feed locks up - frozen view. Other elements such as the location tracking of home base continue to move in reaction to head turns, but the first person video is indefinitely locked. The only recourse is to remove the headset, open to retrieve phone, and reboot app. This obviously renders the app functionality nearly useless and can be considered a safety hazard since the drone is still in the air and under (now blind) flight stick control.UPDATE:Another two months and silence from the developer. No responses either here or by email, no updates to app. I consider this to be a dead app and DO NOT RECOMMEND PURCHASE.

djsteve, Nov 22, 2019
Seems to be great

I am using with the Mavic Air and it is awesome! The head tracking is great for up and down movement on the camera and the FPV gives you a much better sense on how to move the sticks in difficult maneuvers. Thank you!FYI: support is great and quick. I own a few of his apps and will own more!

Fu11Thr@t13, May 20, 2019
Works as intended

I am using this with a Mavic Air and an IPhone 7 Plus on a cheap VR set I got at the mall for 5$. The app works perfectly and it is really fun to use. I have only tested it for short distances so far so as to be cautious but it seems to be working without issue. I am not blown away with the features but I do respect an app that works as intended with out extra frills or buggy add-ons.

Inventor 95, May 23, 2019
Horrible Do Not Get

Great Interface and all but I was flying my drone and the drone disconnected and flew away. Now I can’t find it so either I want a refund for the pro mode or a whole refund for my drone! Do not get this app you will regret it! I want my refund! This never happened before until I got this app. $7.99 for this piece of trash! Never mind found it! FALSE ALARM! Great App!

Iskrat, Jan 06, 2018
Very good app, I recommended it. Just one thing

I have used this app for few flights and works really well. The VR option is awesome and a very good and cheap alternative to DJI goggles. The only thing I recommend to include in the next update is the info about GPS and satellites in the VR information. In one of my flights I noticed that my dron was in Atti mode because it was drifting with the wind but otherwise I wouldn’t have noticed. I landed my dron immediately without issues. The rest is perfect!

pluis3, May 19, 2018
Kind of worth it

The experience of seeing your flight as if you were flying was amazing! But when I reviewed the video footage, it was not clear. It made my Mavic Pro footage look like it came from a toy drone. I might be asking for a refund. I was sorely disappointed in the lack of video quality. Yes, it’s fun. But don’t intend to get good footage.

SecretAcorn, Aug 12, 2018
Works great!

Have flown my Mavic a few times using VR Pro and have not encountered any problems. So glad I found this app after DJI stopped supporting my iPhone.

SynBioTek, Jan 28, 2018
Great app

Awesome for vr that was the only reason I got it and it works awesome paid version that is only down part I think is that you can’t view the pictures of videos you take like on the app

Wrx158, Jan 08, 2018


This App will let you fly your DJI Drone like never before! it's especially design for provide the best VR FPV flight, prepare your self to an immersive flight experience! The app is compatible with: Mavic 2 Pro Mavic 2 Zoom Mavic 2 Enterprise Mavic 2 Enterprise DUAL Mavic Pro Mavic Pro Alpine Mavic Pro Platinum Mavic Air Mavic Air 2 Mavic Air 2S Mavic Mini Mavic Mini 2 Mavic Mini SE Spark (require remote controller) Phantom 3 Professional Phantom 3 Advanced Phantom 3 Standard Phantom 3 4K Phantom 4 Phantom 4 Pro Phantom 4 Advanced Phantom 4 Pro V2 Try the app for free as many time you want (100 seconds sessions) if you like it and fits your needs, you can unlock unlimited VR flight time (in app purchase) You can use this app with basically all VR headset on the market!

the view is fully customisable to fit all needs, you can set position, dimension and eye-witdh. Head-tracking Move the gimbal with your head! you can move: -up and down (all supported drones) -left and right (only Mavic 2 Series, Mavic Air 2 and Air2S) Enjoy the special animated On screen Display in VR mode! it will provide you all the informations that you need! If you need to look around while wearing the VR headset (goggles) you can switch from Drone Point of View to Your Point of View (using the iPhone camera) by pressing the C2 button on the remote controller. AR Localizer You have three Augmented Reality Localizer that will help you orient yourself on the Drone video feed. The green locator will always show the Home position, the red one will show you the Position and Distance of a Point of Interest that you can choose on Map. The blue one show the GPS position of the piloting device GPS Error, compass error or barometer sensor error could affect the accuracy of the localizer but will always be a great help to find your destination. Localizers are available in normal mode, full screen and “VR” Mode Complete access to all camera settings Flight Mode: Atti/GPS Mode, Sport Mode, Tripod Mode Gimbal Mode: Follow / FPV - FCC mode friendly the app will no automatically revert to CE mode in euro zone Note for Spark users: OTG cable is now supported by current DJI SDK and highly recommended

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