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Anish Modan
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User Reviews for Video to Live ◦


The app works very well. Pretty good app. But mostly the only reason I’m writing this review is because I was told I would get premium…so yea. But nonetheless that app works like it should, for it to have a 4.7 star rating. I don’t remember how many words I’m supposed to type, so should I stop now or keep going? Ehh, I don’t wanna take any chances. I’m starting to wanting to resort to just spamming this with random letters. Just so I’m typing, don’t have to thing too much, and it’s just faster. See very very simple. Well anyways lately where I live, we’ve been having many thunderstorms. And yea… I’m tired of typing so I’m going to finally give in and press send. Oh yea, also app is pretty okay.

Alaylah Marie, Aug 04, 2022
I Love This App!

This app really is amazing. I can take photos from my camera roll and turn them into live photos. most apps makes you pay a fee in order to do that stuff. There is not a bunch of ads either. Like yeah there are some here and there but most free apps have ads like everywhere. This one has a couple but they aren’t all up in your face like the other wall paper apps. plus their subscription prices are pretty fair. There’s either a onetime fee or a weekly or monthly subscription. both of those prices are pretty cheap. this app is definitely a 10/10.

danisdramaclub, Apr 19, 2022
100 words minimum

The application does exactly what you need it to do and more if your ever looking to make your own live wallpapers videotolive is the app to use very simple interface and quick easy tutorial on how everything works I just think this app will get somewhere far I very happy to discover this amazing application.

dopeboyjojo, Feb 19, 2021
Super Great Quality

Best app for this type of media that I have found for this so far! There are so many options that I have been able to be satisfied with the edits of videos to Live Photo very throughly! This app definitely is super useful for those types of file transitions! I’m glad I found it! Now I can make all sorts of cute edits for anything I please! It’s insanely user friendly as well so no worries there. Definitely a good find. 10/10 love all that it has to offer!

Emmies1, Jul 04, 2021
Great app!

This app is really cool and it offers you to write a 100 word review for premium so why not. That’s what most of these reviews are. I don’t know what else to say so yeah. But anyways, I’m really bored right now so I have nothing better to do. Right now, I’m in the car and the windows are down so it’s really loud because of all the air blowing inside. It is really hot outside too and it has been for a really long time. I’m almost done now so bye bye. This was pointless to read but good for you for making it this far.

FabianM06, Aug 10, 2022
Review of App

I would 100 percent recommend this app to make your wallpapers especially if you want it to be a really good live one and even with audio too, for people who have iphones i get that you would definitely want this so i would definitely recommend this, if you wanna make your wallpaper live then just screen record whatever it is you want it to be and then just shorten the beginning and end of the video so you can get it right where you want the live wallpaper to start and then that’s all you need to do, it’s pretty easy so i would really recommend this app.

Hasmi Almanza, Feb 02, 2021
Amazing ig

This app is great it’s easy to use. (I’m only writing to get premium but that’s okkkk) it is great tho. I’m still confused on how it works but wtv. I prob shouldn’t be writing in abbreviations. Whoopsy? I don’t know I’m bored. Well anyways… How many words do I have now? Whatever. Sooooo… it’s really hot out these days? What am I saying… umm well my dog is really cute? And I’m staring out the window. This has to be 100 words. It’s summer so I’m not gonna count though. I should probably go downstairs. Well I guess this app is really great? You should download it right now. Just don’t read my actual review. Wait but then how would u read this part? I really don’t know im confusing my self. Ok now u know what goes on inside my amazing brain! Don’t forget to download! Byeeeeee

heisk fjsinanaisjz, Aug 08, 2022

Im just writing this to get the premium features lol. Idek if they still do it or not. But it actually is a cool app, Ive been wanting to make videos my wallpapers for forever. I like how it has multiple options to convert into a live wallpaper, not just videos. And you can add cool stickers and effects etc. I suggest trying it out and if its not for you then thats okay. So yeah, good job app makers. Is this 100 words yet? Idk but bye people

Hippychicksbestfriend, Jun 28, 2022
Awesome app!!

This app is amazing! It will help you customize any and everything you want as far as videos and Live Photo’s. I would choose this app over any other video editing apps out there. Don’t miss out on this experience you really don’t know the potential that this app gives you to make the best gif or Live Photo. They also offer a free premium Subscription if you give it a 5 star rate and a description! I love this app download or be left in the past with grandma and grandpa..

HVWViiANB0!, Mar 07, 2021
Great app

This app allowed me to use a video of a specific thing I like and then turn it into a live wallpaper. Very simple process and it turned out very cool. I would recommend this to people I know. To get the premium features you must give a 5 star review and write a long review at least 100 character so that it will give you the premium feature I am currently doing that and that’s what I’m doing, hi mom. This is such a great app really great not as great as chili’s combo app but still pretty good. Chili’s has that queso that just really hits when you havnt had it in a while so hopefully that’s 100 characters peace out guys.

Jordan klesath, Feb 17, 2021


Turn your Video into Live Photos or GIFs! By using Video to Live you can make Live Photos and GIF from Video at ease. You can even share your Live Photos with your friends on iMessage, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Instagram, Whats app and many more.

This app gives you total control of your Live Photo with advanced editing features like: trim, play backward, reverse, back forth and speed control. Video to Live supports multiple conversion options: • Make Live Photo • Turn your photos into Live Photo • Turn your video into Live Photo • Turn your gif into Live Photo • Turn your burst into Live Photo • Allows editing of existing Live Photo 
FEATURES • Various background colors • Set the photo of your choice as the background • A variety of 30+ filters • Playback speed adjustment • Video repetition for Live Photo conversion • Create boomerangs • Trim video to a length of your choice Edit Key Photos • Changing the Key Photo of your Live Photo to a new photo • Add Text / Sticker / Fingerprint sticker • Apply a variety of effects (Blur, Pixel, Dot) • Filter, Effect, Rotate, Flip You can apply stunning filters to your Live Photos,GIF & Video - Only devices newer than the 6S support the Live wallpaper feature. - You can set the Live wallpaper through "Settings > Live Wallpaper”. Privacy Policy : https://pixsterstudio.com/privacy-policy.html Terms of Use : https://pixsterstudio.com/terms-of-use.html

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