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User Reviews for Udemy Online Video Courses

Poor UX on iOS

I am not quite sure why the UI is so bad on Apple iPhone 11 or on my iPad Pro; I only know it is bad. The app has lots of rendering issues switching from the vertical to the horizontal view. Today, the list of sections for the AWS CPP exam are being rendered incorrectly. Video clips actually appear under the wrong section in both views. I’m uncertain how to fix this. I checked and I am on the latest version and there are no pending bug fixes for this behavior that I can see. Also, pausing the app has been a problem since I started using it last Summer for training. If I pause it and come back after an hour or so, I always have to reboot the app. Otherwise it sits there unresponsive to any request. I often resort to just using the Udemy website for my phone or iPad because the app is that poor. I have found the desktop version of the site with my old Dell laptop running Ubuntu Chrome has actually been best. I wish that was not the case because I would like to use the iOS app with my phone and AirPods as I work around the house on mindless things like mowing grass or cleaning. Please fix UI issues for a better UX folks because I really enjoy your courses. Thanks!

darlirium, May 11, 2021
Love Udemy....but not the app.

I absolutely love Udemy. I’m beginning to hate the app. They apparently once had an app for Apple TV but decided to abort it once apple developed the ability to airplay or cast your videos to the Apple TV from the iPhone. However, you can only cast from an iOS device and not a computer. Annoying, but that part isn’t necessarily Udemy’s fault. Udemy has a feature where you can increase the playback speed of the video. It’s great for instructors who talk slowly or for a lesson you might already be pretty familiar with but only want to brush up on. Well, when you increase this playback speed and then cast to your Apple TV, you may or may not have audio. More likely you won’t. I have to continually hit pause, play, pause, play, pause, play until the audio finally kicks in. I have to do this for each lecture. Additionally, if you pause a lecture for more than a few seconds, the Udemy app decides to start playing again on it’s own, but the real fun part is that it doesn’t start playing from where you paused, it jumps to an entirely new lecture. Need to go to the bathroom? Don’t pause it! Unless you want to spend the next 15 minutes trying to figure out where you actually left off. These issues are quite annoying and really affect the productivity of the learning process.

dbrock1958, May 06, 2021
Content is pretty good. App is a bad experience.

If there is an option to turn auto play off on mobile, I can’t find it. Very annoying to open a course and have a random video immediately start playing. I transition between the app and desktop site and progress has a hard time syncing so, no, I don’t want to pick up where you think I left off. Honestly, I’d like to read the title of the lecture before jumping in or even may want to rewatch the last one to get my bearings. I’d like to choose which lecture I want to watch next as nearly all courses I watch have modules that can be watched out of order. This is basic UX. Clicking on a course should take me to a course. If I want to watch a vid, I’ll click on the vid or a play button. I don’t need you to unintuitively skip steps for me. There is no way to check your progress without auto playing a lecture. Have also had issues recently where the majority of my lectures did’t load over WiFi, and numbering was completely off. Couldn’t pick up where I left off. Auto played a random vid. Downloading vids and actually being able to watch them is hit or miss.

fridaymax, Aug 05, 2019
Great Courses, TERRIBLE app

Some days I literally regret spending my money at udemy. I am a delivery driver and work 2 jobs. All of my learning is on the go, it’s the only way I have time to further my programming skills. With the udemy app, turning my screen on/off will crash the app, it’s slow as turtles to load back up, then I’ll have duplicate videos in my course, the spot I left off on never picks back up where it should, and the videos THEMSELVES freeze and I have to pause/play it again to make it play. I mean, it’s really ridiculous. For a company dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge I feel it’s just insane that the mobile app is written so poorly with so many bugs. Dissapointing. On the flip side, the instructors and courses in udemy are top notch. They really are, and that’s why I continue spending my money here. Just PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY, fix the app. EDIT: Today, I bought a new course and I cannot even access it. Even restarted my phone. The button on the course page says buy now, and when I click it it says this has already been paid for and will restore for free, then it just says processing on the udemy app.

Ifelsethenthis, Nov 30, 2018
2 suggestions to address pain points

The first is to provide an easy to find place to give suggestions. Perhaps you have a place to give suggestions, but after 10 minutes of fiddling with your website, I can’t find it. So, hence, why I am writing it here in hopes you will see it. The second suggestion, which was my original suggestion, is to put the length of each course (hours/minutes) at the top of the “About” section of the course. I can see this information before I purchase it, but not after for some reason. There are plenty of times I have wanted to look and see how long a course is after I purchased it, and I cannot find that information where I expect it, which would be in the “About” course description section. I have to go back and look at the course in your catalog, as if I haven’t purchased it yet, and look at the description there, which is just annoying.Please fix these two things and I will update my review to 5 stars.

Kvergottini, Jan 15, 2023
Last update broke the app, why would you make it worse?

The app used to work fine. I could download videos and press play, they would just play in the background no problem. Now the app constantly gives me the alert Low memory even when playing downloaded videos. I deleted the app and reinstalled and still have the same problem. I have over 2 GB of free memory on my phone and no other apps running and this still happens. I can’t control which part of the video I want to watch from Lock Screen, the slider is disabled now even though it worked before. Also because of the low memory error that is incorrect it cannot keep playing on to the next video. So when I want to play videos in the background I have to: Unlock my phone, open the app, press ok on the low memory error, click to the course I was just in, click the next video, click okay AGAIN on the low memory error that pops up immediately, turn off my phone (which causes the video to pause even though play on background is on) press play then press play a second time because the first time changes the icon to the pause icon but doesn’t actually unpause the video. Seriously, the app was working fine before, how do you keep making it worse everytime you update it?!

Lordtmy, Feb 12, 2021
Mostly Great - Has issues with Bluetooth

The content on Udemy is first class, so that part is 5 star. So this review is just for the iPhone app. You can easily play content, and download to play off line, that is very good. It has a couple of quirks, though, and one deficiency.Quirk 1: you can’t play/pause using Bluetooth. I’ll qualify that to say that you can play, but not pause. I tested with Apple AirPods and Bose Quiet Comfort and neither could pause. This is inconvenient, because sometimes I’ll have my phone plugged in and will be listening to a lecture and I have to walk over to the phone to pause.Quirk 2: The “my courses” section will sometimes just appear empty. If I close & reopen the app, it refreshes and I see my courses. I think the app doesn’t gracefully handle being connected/disconnected from Internet access and then doesn’t properly display content.Deficiency: You can’t bookmark or see bookmarks in the app. These exist in a full Internet browser, and are very useful. I often use my phone for watching lectures though so I can multitask when the lecture doesn’t require a hands on activity - then I go back to my laptop when needed. I would like for the app to have bookmarks that are synced to Udemy so that they appear for me everywhere.

Nsxlane, Jan 07, 2020
Offline viewing needs work

The offline viewing doesn’t download lectures efficiently. When queueing the videos to download and selecting multiple courses to download, it tries to download everything in parallel and clogs up the internet stream slowing download speed to a stop which would be faster if videos downloaded one by one. Also it says courses are finished downloading in downloaded courses but its really not completely downloaded. It doesn’t even show a percentage of how much of the course is downloaded. I think offline downloading if made efficiently could help udemy’s website from having too many requests at once from people rewatching already streamed videos. It would be helpful if a stream could be downloaded while watching to save time. Other than offline problems the lectures, tests, and videos work really well on the app. I just hope there is an update to fix the download course option.

Ryneezy481, Jun 23, 2019
UX should be improved in mobile app

- When you go my courses tab and browse one of your purchased courses in mobile app, there is no link to go to the author profile for looking his/her other courses. You basically need to search instructor name in search section to find his/her other courses. Waste of time. This problem can be solved very easy. In purchased courses, a simple button/link which goes instructor profile can be put in the “more” section. Then I can easily look my instructors other courses and enroll them if I like it. - When you look for a new course, you can see the curriculum in extendable way. Tree structure in other words. When you click the “+” sign, you can see the content of the section. This is perfect. If there is a lot of section, it says after showing some section, “There is 19 more section”. 19 is trivial, this number depends on the course. Anyway, when you click this link to see whole section, there is no tree view any more. No “+” sign to extend section content. Which means there is a very big table of contents page. You have to scroll down and up to see everything. It is waste of time. You can implement a tree view after I click to see whole section. Then If I curious about content of the one section, I can click the “+” sign and see the content. You also can add “extend/collapse all section” option. This is more user friendly. Thanks!

SolveThisNeedUpdate, May 31, 2018
Great courses, but some strange bugs.

Ok so let me just say now that the issue that I am having may be totally on my end; but it seems like whenever I try to watch any videos for the course, nothing loads, like my internet has just completely gone out, and it takes me upwards of 20 minutes to load a 7 minute course video. On top of that, whenever I have the app open at all, even it it’s just in the background, nothing on my device loads properly. However once I close the app, everything is back to normal. My internet connection and speed are fine, and videos load absolutely fine on the website. Again the issue may be on my end but it happens too consistently with this one app for me to just write it off as a coincidence, possibly just an optimization issue of some kind? Anyways I love the content and I genuinely think that there is a lot of potential here but until this issue is resolved, I think I’ll stick to using the website.

Travismt, Apr 03, 2020


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