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Twoo - Meet new people

  • Social Networking
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Twoo - Meet new people

  • Social Networking
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User Reviews for Twoo - Meet new people

Great customer support. Packed with features and potential

This could be one of the next big personals apps. I love the design and feature set. They’ve implemented nearly every good or popular feature from their competitor’s apps which might make it sound like a cheap knock-off, but that is certainly not the case. This is a polished and maturing app. I predict a bright future for this one... If they can manage to keep the horde of personals app spammers at bay that is, of course.

Bob Johnston, Nov 15, 2019

It’s wonderful meeting people in a safe way, but what even better; is keeping a safe distance before you meet someone. And even if it doesn’t work out, the meeting was always screened and closely monitored. So many beautiful people in the world: how do you find the one that was made for ya’.I think I got the answer: to love everyone and one day the one that was met for you— will be the one that would lift your spirit. Now— let me start making new friends all over the— World Wide Web. A!

Byusifj, Apr 15, 2018
Bordel Hub

Hi Team Twoo!So I created my profile long time ago and recently went active and participant looking for a date. Mind you I follow exactly what the app recommends, by liking the pictures on the play sessions. And that’s when scammers get you immediately! They approach instantly “falling in love” next thing you know they either offering they sexual services of most of the time Asking for Money Transfer either to you or to them. Seriously guys, it’s Extremely Rare to find authentic profiles. I mean Difficult like a video game. I’ll give the app a chance one more month. It’s incredible...

Funguisseiro, Apr 10, 2018
Twoo reacts to fakes, but doesn’t prevent scammers

Let the user beware. Twoo badgered me to come back, and after a long hiatus, I did. Not impressed. Had four profiles try to scam me inside a week. I’m jaded at social media. The anonymity allows anyone to be anyone they want, but I’ve found that when you ask questions, the veneer falls apart. A one photo profile is highly suspicious. Being a sergeant deployed to Bagram (that’s in Afghanistan by the way) but wearing a clean uniform of a Private First Class shows how despicable liars on Twoo are. Twoo isn’t where people meet. I marvel at their “millions” of users claim. I’ve been asked for my phone number twice today. Scammers abound!

HuskerBuff, Mar 05, 2019
I love using this app is very good and private

I really like this app you can find what you’re looking for here but the only thing that I want this app to be doing is that there should make it easier for those who aren’t premium on the app to be chatting with others and get reply easier but I must confess this app is the best

Idiamiyre, Apr 09, 2022
Time To Change Your Policies

Have the developers of Twoo ever wondered why some people has two accounts. For one reason they could have forgotten their passwords or account information. That’s what happened to me and then they send an email stating that we’re blocking one of your accounts. Have they ever thought about combining the two...I guess not. Another thing that pisses me off is did they ever think that someone can make a mistake and move a picture that their interested in to the left and there’s no way to correct that problem. These are the main two reasons why I gave Twoo 2 stars, the app is awesome but now and than there’s always room for improvement. So, until they come up with some kinds of improvements I’m going to have to say farewell.

jameservin45, Dec 26, 2017
Totally disappointed

I was so excited to have join the this dating site which was recommended by a friend. I connected with someone, we spoke to months straight without missing a day multiple times a day. I fell into his trap maybe due to my emotional state of mind and that fact I was lonely and was looking for a true friendship and someone to talk to. I was scammed and totally betrayed. I now have to pay a large sum of money, which I don’t have. This almost totally destroyed me physically, mentally, and emotionally. Because of my faith I’m still standing, I feel so embarrassed to even share this stupidity and foolishness I did. Lesson learned, came back to try something and again two other men try to scam me~unbelievable.

Mac525, Jul 17, 2018
Our safety is not guaranteed

Another update: I got a message from someone saying that Twoo is giving free upgrades and that i should contact some email or phone number, this was obviously a fake account so I reported it. Nothing was done, I keep reporting those requesting to move to hangouts or WhatsApp after sharing 3 lines chats. And Twoo does nothing about it, too many fake profiles and lots that are inactive and still show as pretending that the app has active users. PEOPLE BE EXTRA CAREFUL AND REPORT EVEN IF THEY WONT DO A THING. Maybe there’s a way to report the appUpdate: still reporting profiles doesn’t work, it’s time that these apps delete inactive profiles and set a real time distance so scammers will be easier to spot, I report almost daily since most of those that are active are fake / scammersMore than once I’ve reported fake profiles in this app, and not once have them taken care of, lots of scammers using photos stolen from other apps. I’ve used Badoo with their Lookalikes feature to catch those guys, since they have up to 8 fake profiles. Then you add all those inactive profiles from 8 years ago.

sambuca1970, Apr 07, 2020
Riddled with fake profiles

This app has tons upon tons of fake profiles. It seems quite obvious by all of the model pictures and invariably when you speak to them English is obviously not their first language even though they all claim to be in the US with Americanized names.Also unfortunately, the only way to sniff out these fake profiles is if you pay for the app, because then you can see that these fakes hardly answer any questions but the bare minimum needed to set up an account. The site is basically a rip off and I would recommend giving it a hard pass.

This nickname is taken1446, May 28, 2020

من اسوء تطبيقات التعارف والدردشة في متجر ابل ستور ولا توجد فيه مميزات حلوه مجرد إشتراك ودفع مال توجد تطبيقات اخرى افضل منه لقد تم الغاء حسابي منذ فترة من الزمن وعلى الرغم من ذلك مازال فعال وقد تم اشتراكي في الخدمة بالخطأ وتواصلت معهـم ولم يتم إرجاع المبلغ نصيحة ياشباب التطبيق والمطور فاشلينOne of the worst applications of dating and chat in the store Apple Store and there is no advantages of sweet just a subscription and payment of money there are other applications better than I have been canceled my account for some time and yet it is still active and has been a member of the service by mistake and continued with them and was not returned the amount of advice guys application and developer failed

Traveller_2015, Mar 22, 2018


Meet millions of new people from all over the world, wherever you are. Have a good chat, make new friends or even find the love of your life. Because life is all about the people you meet. --- Twoo is free to download and use, but you can enjoy extra features thanks to Twoo Premium or boost your popularity with Twoo Credits. - Payments will be charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase. - You can choose between a weekly, monthly, three-monthly, six-monthly or yearly Twoo Premium subscription (prices can vary depending on your country). - You also can purchase Twoo credits to boost your popularity. - You can manage your subscription or stop automatic renewal at any time through the Settings of your account. - Your subscription will automatically renew, unless you have cancelled at the latest 24 hours before the end of the current period. - After cancelling your subscription, your subscription will remain active until the end of the purchased period. - Free trial period expires completely once you have purchased a subscription. - Privacy policy: http://www.twoo.com/about/privacy - Terms & conditions: http://www.twoo.com/about/terms

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