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User Reviews for truTV

It’s lacking compared to other entertainment apps

If you close out of the app and re-open it, it won’t hold your place from where you left off last night. You have to start the whole episode from the beginning. Sometimes the commercial breaks will play two, three times in a row, the same commercials over and over again. And if you rewind too far you have to watch the commercials again even if you already watched them. It’s just a bit flawed. Also I’m really annoyed because two days ago all of the episodes were available for I’m Sorry, season two, and today only the first three episodes are there! So I can’t even watch from where I left off.

AlyPax27, Apr 15, 2019
Play An Episode Once

Can’t start episode from the beginning on TVos. Since the player is embedded, I can’t do anything. When I finish watching an episode, the time mark of 5 seconds before the video is recorded. So when I want to watch the episode again, it sends me to the last five seconds of the video. Tried deleting the app and logging in again and the time mark is still there. So I guess you can only watch videos once in the app. I guess I should just ditch cable at this point. If the cable channels can’t provide a stable app, why should I pay for it!

AntonioStar64, Jan 01, 2019
I legit just sat through 10 minutes of commercials!!

So I downloaded this to watch impractical jokers and Tacoma FD. I watch the first episode and noticed the commercials and thought ok that’s fine. Then I started noticing that the commercials were getting longer until halfway through the second episode I got one that 10 minutes long! It has the little countdown thing in the top left corner and it said 600 seconds and during that it repeated commercials! I’m ok with a few commercials here and there. They gotta make money somehow but 10 minutes???? No thank you!

Hammitt95, Sep 14, 2020
Doesn’t work...worst tech capable cable co around

Just like their terrible website that does not work on most devices, regardless of speed or network capability, even the app does not stream correctly. I downloaded both apps, this is the only such cable app btw that requires you to then download a mobile app to stream, rather than just working through the downloaded app...and it continues to advise that the cast could not be completed.Didn’t expect this to work given the ridiculously outdated tech capabilities that have become synonymous with TruTV and I was disappointed to not be disappointed...is that a thing? In trutv world, where nothing makes sense or works as it should, sure it is.

hsgskhd, Mar 14, 2021
Absolute garbage, are we still in 2008???

This app is complete trash. There is no video within screen feature meaning you MUST stay on the video - no multitasking allowed! Seriously, this is later than 2015, who is this app meant for? 70 year olds who don’t text? All snideness aside, they force ads on you in the middle of game time, missed extremely important moments of my show. What the heck even is TruTV??? If this is a subsidiary to TNT, they need to merge this pathetic excuse for a media provider and de-brand completely! But I’m guessing TNT doesn’t want to be associate with this garbage and further sully their reputation. DO BETTER!

ian33333333333333333, Mar 19, 2022
Crashes a lot

I have an iPhone, I believe it is a 7s. The truTV app crashes a lot. Several times per episode of Adams ruins everything. Problem only happens with the app. Doesn’t happen with other appsActually, “crash” is the wrong word. The tv stops showing the video and shows the truTV logo. In order to get things working again, I have to stop casting and restart the app, and start the program from the beginning. What I believe is happening is that the video is playing faster than it can download. When it gets to the end of what it has downloaded, it crashes. If I pause the video first and wait a few minutes, I can avoid the problem. Still a royal pain.

Jls86658433, Jan 08, 2020
Great app! Works Flawless

I have an iPhone and iPad and it works flawlessly. I can’t believe you guys borrowed money from your mom to hire a programmer . That’s all he must’ve did was programming in his own mothers basement his whole life because my trutv app has never crashed . I’m so happy with it I’d kiss that myicepod guy that is using dial-up internet with a 56k modem !

LyraLynx, Apr 11, 2020
Great but...

Hey so I went in but you don’t have all the seasons with all the episodes. Though what u do have is season 1 that goes straight away to episode 10 or 12 I don’t remember though. Also, it is locked don’t understand that and how to unlock, but I’ll find a way. Also, I have a suggestion if you guys could maybe don’t put the locks because if you want more and more people to watch then take off the lock and then more and more people can focus on just watching instead of focusing on trying to unlock the episodes. (I’m not begging you and I want u to know that you don’t have to do it because I’m not saying I’m better just saying maybe if you want and I know that u worked hard on this so if you don’t want to use my suggestion that’s fine).

Milaih, Apr 18, 2019
After the app automatically logs me in, it crashes

FIRST Unable to validate content login error.UPDATE ALLOWED ME TO AUTOMATICALLY LOG IN on home network, but crashes as soon as i click on a episode to watch. App is STILL worthless JUNK.What did you do with all the money your mother gave you to hire a programer ?Update.....sorry but what more details do you need? Your app crashes when I click on a episode to watch. The app was updated and current. I have deleted the app like so many other reviewers here, it is still junkUpdate again......it is happening on my iphone and ipad pro both running most recent ios over wifi. My dog was sitting by my side wagging it’s tail. But these details are all available to your programer in their crash report log,but perhaps they would rather ask meaningless question then fix your app. It crashes, it is not working and it is not a isolated experience.

myicepod, Oct 16, 2018
Could be better

First I downloaded the app because on instagram the Impractical Jokers said that their episodes were free for a limited time. When I downloaded the app it took me nearly 10 minutes to get into the app because it kept crashing. Then I finally got into the app and I tried to watch Impractical Jokers and the screen was black. I don’t know if that has anything to do with me not being logged in but needs work.

skakskakk, Apr 16, 2020


ALWAYS HERE FOR A GOOD LAUGH The truTV app makes watching full episodes of your favorite shows easy! Sign in with your TV Provider to watch all the truTV originals you love: Impractical Jokers, Tacoma FD, Fast Foodies, Big Trick Energy, Adam Ruins Everything, and more. Watch anytime, anywhere with the truTV app on Apple TV, iPhone, and iPad.

You can also catch the live stream -- on any screen. The truTV app supports most TV Providers, including AT&T, Spectrum (incl. Time Warner Cable, Charter & Bright House), Comcast XFINITY, Cox, DIRECTV, Dish, Optimum, Suddenlink, Verizon, and many more.

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