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Smart Resize 2x

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User Reviews for Smart Resize 2x

Please add the ability for custom aspect ratios

I love this app and use it almost daily. However there is some functionality that I wish it had, I love to use it to convert art into a good aspect ratio for use as a wallpaper, the problem is the inability to get to the same aspect ratio for some of my screens, mainly my iPhone XR. Other than that this app is wonderful!

arronieo, Jun 28, 2021

I was skeptical that a lower resolution photo could be improved without looking unnatural, but I’ve always been happy with this developer’s work. I decided to give Smart Resize a try.I tested the app using one of my favorite photos of a bald eagle. It had dark pixelation around the eagle that bled into the blue sky, and there was a general lack of clarity in the feathers and eyes. Surprisingly the app cleaned up the bleeding edges and almost completely removed the pixelation. Overall it improved clarity in the feathers and eyes. I wouldn’t say the result is dramatic, but it certainly appears to be a higher resolution photo compared to the original. I’ve tried improving photo clarity with other apps but the results were less than impressive. This app is a keeper!

Jen8237, Nov 08, 2019
A very rare 5 stars from me!

One word to describe this apps photo output quality is: wow! I come from a Photoshop and Alien skin blowup plugin background, so I'm hard to please. I took a 3350px photo off my Nikon DSLR, and it did a superb job doubling the resolution to 6700. I can't believe I can do this on a mobile device in my recliner. Bravo!!

Jhub1987, Jun 21, 2018
New at photography

I’m just now trying to lean how to improve the looks of my photos. I have a iPhone iPad and a Nikon D7100. And shooting in manual on the Nikon in a flat profile you can do amazing things with this and others app from this developer. If you are on a budget definitely buy the bundle. You will not regret it. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 💯For this app if you need to resize your photos and you shot photos in low resolution like on your Nikon when you was still learning it does help.

JohnBoy5562, May 16, 2018
Very nice!

The de-noise feature works very well on low resolution images. The only thing missing is an option to undo the last change or quickly reopen the image to start over. Right now, I have to manually scroll through my camera roll all over to reopen the image if I don’t like the last change. Otherwise it’s a great app 👍 👍

Kokohtfhrfjtcbdsvkjbgdxy, Feb 20, 2021
Please return landscape orientation

This has been a workhorse app for me ever since it came out, but today I opened it to discover it will now only work in portrait orientation. I hope this was an error that will be corrected soon. Working in portrait is a nuisance, since my iPad workspace and keyboard case are all arranged to work in landscape.Not sure why a photo is huge on import and then shrinks as you resize. Rather odd. .

P.mousse Esq., Jan 27, 2020
Works on iPad Pro

I bought this the other day in order to resize some photos. It does not work on my iPad Air. The photos do not load. I wrote to the developer and did not receive a response. The app does not have instructions for use nor a help function.I then downloaded the app on my iPad Pro and it works well. No distortions that you find on other resizing apps. Good app

Pops Green, Mar 14, 2021
Somtimes you just need a little selective cropping!

Form the people that brought you the best app in the App Store ... iColorama ... comes this handy tool. While it does a wonderful job on resizing an image, I’m an even bigger fan of the Smart Ratio cropping tool. If you find that you want to selectively keep a portion of your image but change the overall picture length and width ratio, this app is for you! Hard to explain, so just give the app a try.

rmbfll, Apr 22, 2018
Love this app

It’s a great little app for when you want to double (or more) the size of an image. Does an excellent job and has come in handy often enough that I wouldn’t want to be without it.

Spodeworld, Jul 25, 2021
F IXED!!!! Crashes after Updating!

Update: the Resize crash has been fixed quickly by the Dev. Nice work. Original Review: On my iPad Pro iOS 13.2.3 after updating the app crashes after selecting an image to resize. Major disappoint. Hope a fix comes soon.

Techno-nut, Dec 07, 2019


This app has following features: 1. Perfect Double Resize (Waifu 2x): This app will increase the resolution of your images two folds. No pixelation, blurriness.

No noise, glitches or artifacts! The app uses an advanced AI algorithm for achieving the best possible quality when resizing images. 2. Smart Ratio and Scale Resizing (Content-aware scale) This app will also fix your image size ratio using a deformable background algorithm. Just select the details that you want to keep and the ratio, and your image will be resized without any loss of important information. Perfect for your Instagram stories! 3. Erase (Inpaint, Content-aware fill): It removes unwanted objects from your photos e.g. logos. Just mask and remove anything that bothers you. 4. Export Depth Data Export image's depth data if the image contains any. (e.g. photos taken with Portrait Mode)

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