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User Reviews for SketchCut PRO

Can’t create pdf

After completing cut list and attempting to export to pdf I found that right half of screen is not visible on my iPad Pro therefore the task can not be completed. I wish I could get a refund since app is not usable for me. Should have read other reviews before purchase.

2007 HD, Jul 11, 2020

Without the ability to print what you have created this app is worthless. I wish I could figure out how to get my money back. $5.99 is s lot of money for a worthless app.

Andethefabricator, May 31, 2018
I can print fine from iPad

You give the file a nameHit saveSelect the file you just savedTouch the “send to” file with up arrowSelect message, mail or printerOr just email it the same way as above, and open the .pdf then print it. I don’t understand what these people are having issue regarding printing the .pdf.

editbrain, Apr 05, 2019
Alright just can't read what I need to cut.

A zoom option would sure be nice!!

If dogs ate poo, Nov 10, 2017
Lack of export features.

The biggest issue I have is with the export features. You can save the project as a PDF but it is saved on the local device at a location that no other apps can access. It would be VERY helpful if you could save the projects and PDFs to your iCloud account.Another issue is when using Imperial units. Even when you select Imperial in settings, the material thickness still has to be entered in mm's and the edge settings also have to be entered in mm's. it would be nice if the app supported fractions as well.Lastly, it would be nice if there was a user's guide for the app.

Jon Irish, Feb 12, 2017
Works with lots of options!

I paid for pro. I used a lot of apps for cut deciding and this app seems to be the best one.. user interface looks like windows 95 but works fine. Maybe update the look and feel. Definitely give it a dark mode. One major thing is update the “save-as” and “open” to include cloud based and places on user device the files app can access. This itunes/device/app method can only be accessed with a computer which used to be the way five or More years ago.. lastly looks like maybe a way to edit the output of pdf files for orientation “90 degrees” of the pages.. all in all I think this app is in the lead on options…. I feel like no matter what people will find a way to complain about anything. Thanks for creating.

Michaelsreviews, Jun 04, 2022
Developed by a cabinet maker? Really?

I tried the free version and it was so-so. Thought I’d go ahead and buy the “Pro” version thinking it would be better. My bad! Can’t figure out how to separate sheets by thickness and when I tried to contact support, I got the dread 404, unable to find the support site. Save your money and get something else b

mkjutres, May 27, 2022
Does not fit iPad Screen

The program itself is quite nice (pro version), BUT, when I go to the PDF screen, over half is off screen and there is NO way to scroll over or reduce the size to be able to see it.The only thing you can see is the cover page.I have read other reviews that complained about the same thing, but they were older, and when I saw a fairly new update for ‘bug fixes’, I was hoping this was fixed.I have no problem with printing the PDF’s, but it would be nice to view it all before printing.For the price, you just might want to stick with the freebie.The APP store says that this will work on my current iPad, wish I could get my $8.00 back.Maybe the developer can contact me and explain how I can see the whole PDF screen or at least how to scroll to see it.Good Luck!

MountainMan4865, Jul 26, 2020
I am used the / and “

I need help because I have the pro version and the app blocks the /,” and I can used.

ncardonas, Feb 14, 2021
Great app but can’t print

I’m using an iPad and can’t see the entire page when I go to PDF. The right side can’t view.... this makes this app unusable for me.Please help

Rasieg, Jul 07, 2020


SketchCut PRO - Fast Cutting. The application for automatic calculation of cutting drawings of parts from flat sheets. The app is designed with the features of cutting sheet materials (particleboard, MDF, glass, plastics, wood panels, etc.) both in the manual and on the machine.

Full version SketchCut. Without advertising. The application functions are available: - choice and change of cutting parameters (sheet size, blade width, offset from the edge of the sheet, etc.); - edging (two types of edges); - order information (order, material, order date, availability date); - automatic cutting of sheets in accordance with the selected parameters; - three different algorithms for calculating and optimizing layouts - to select the best option of cutting; - automatic calculation of the area of parts and pieces, cut length, the length of the edges; - display of the results in the .PDF file for printing; - storing a list of parts and the cutting parameters on your device; - metric system and Imperial units, with a simple conversion

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