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User Reviews for Scoop - Enabling hybrid teams

Terrible experience using Scoop

Scoop had a driver reward program a few weeks ago which is if you drive more than a certain amount of time, you’ll get extra reward. I drove 7 times that week but didn’t get corresponding reward. I asked their customer service, she said the reason is because I chose my rider from the short list instead of schedule my trip before the deadline. This doesn’t make sense at all. They didn’t mention this rule on the poster of the driver reward program. In addition, I don’t see why it matters how I create the trip. The reward is only 10 dollars, it is not a big deal. It just makes me feel I was fooled. It looks like Scoop does not care their users at all. I said I want an explanation before I resume using Scoop. 2 weeks passed, I didn’t receive any response. I am going to uninstall Scoop due to this unpleasant experience. Well done Scoop, you just disappoint one of your user.

Bennnnnnnnnnnn_123, Oct 04, 2019
Inconsistent experience

I liked scoop so much because it was easy to get started and my first few rides were great. Just had to book by the time limit. However for whatever reason more recently I’m not getting matched even though my commute hours are standard and I live and work right off a very popular freeway. I don’t know if this is a scoop algo issue or a lack of driver supply... but I never make it off the short list and it’s pretty upsetting. And scoops marketing or customer care team isn’t really great at addressing this customer pain point. It’s happened to me three times this week where I didn’t get a match. This proves to me I can’t rely on scoop as an everyday commute option...but I kind of have to commute everyday sooooo

changtp, Sep 14, 2018
Too rigid

The app is way too rigid and lacks transparency, I prefer Waze carpool over this.- There's no way to see which drivers are available. Thus unable to figure out the likely hood of getting matched.- No way to set more granular time windows, in high traffic cities a difference of 10-20 minutes can make the difference between a long commute and a reasonable one- very rigid windows for scheduling rides. For morning rides, you're informed after 9 pm which is too late when trying to arrange alternative transportation. For evening rides, it's after 3pm on that day, which again makes it hard to make suitable arrangements. If I won't have an evening ride that day I would just opt to work remotely that day but there's no way to plan ahead with scoop.- sometimes the drivers that pick me up complain that they have to go way out of their way, which speaks to how bad the matching algorithms are.- unable to schedule rides after the cutoff, if your schedule changes then you can't change/update the window for carpooling after the cutoff- unable to see driver schedule to respond properly. If I knew I would have a match if I added 10 minutes I would gladly do so over not having a rideWould definitely want to see more transparency and less rigidity for scheduling rides. Overall a very bad experience for riders. But at least the UI is nice? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Eyad90, Jan 16, 2019
Map could use some work

Scoop map could use some work. It doesn’t show the correct location sometimes introduce a rating system for drivers. Idrivers cancel at the last minute during my morning commute and 5 during my evening commute over the past month. This kind of behavior is unacceptable. I have been late to meetings because someone has made me wait for half an hour and then I have given up and had to make alternative arrangements. Scoop is not helping cut my commute time, just introducing an additional stress factor. Simply blocking drivers is not the solution. How many drivers do I need to test out before finding a reliable one? Please do something about this. Thanks.

harasseduser2018, Nov 15, 2019
Great for riders but drivers are seen as disposable

This app is definitely rider oriented. You get picked up at your house & for a modest fee dropped off at work. However it treats drivers as disposable. I have a 35 mins commute & the app will send me to someone 35 mins away from my house with another 40-45 minutes drive to the person’s work.. doubling my commute is just not sustainable. Riders cancel & drivers get nothing. Today one canceled at 4am for a 6am ride. I just have to drive empty. No way I can find someone in such short notice. I started not signing up because I feel the service i provide (I’m not a Uber driver , I’m a guy with a job & just a person trying to make a difference) is not valued & im exhausted from driving around. The $11 you get as a driver is no longer worth it especially when it adds an hour to your commute. It’s sad because I love the idea of taking cars off the road & meeting fellow professionals in my area.

Hot_Frog, Feb 22, 2019
Great app. Needs some minor improvements.

The app has tremendously improved over the months. I like the notification part because at times with a busy schedule I might forget to book for a slot in a day. I like the aspect of meeting fellow commuters and learn about the various industries and my local area as well. Since most of the commuters are working at companies that drastically reduce the fear of commuting with a complete stranger.I have tried both driver and rider sides. As a driver I find the route matching reasonable but at times not desirable. I know folks from my own company who use the app for the similar route and the timings, but the app would still not match me with them. As a rider, the issue is when a driver cancels on you and that too just a few mins before the pick up or drop off time. The app should change the cancellation window policy giving enough time to find another ride and giving an option to change the time window to later for the same slot if there are drivers available.Also, being a parent I feel that the evening window can start at 3 pm so that parents can still use the service if they have kids to pick up from schools.Overall, the rate is very reasonable for my route and a lot better than any public transportation available in my area. Would highly recommend to use the app. It does the job well.

KimsNa, Jan 18, 2018

I like Scoop the first few times I used it. However, after my last encounter I won’t be using it. Scoop provides your number to the person you get matched with I guess in case someone is late. Not sure why you can’t text or contact them through the App. Also it wouldn’t be a problem if the driver wasn’t a weirdo. The person I was matched with started to text me right away after getting matched. I didn’t think anything of it. Well the same night I carpooled with this weirdo I started to get weird texts from a number I didn’t recognize. It turns out it was the man I carpooled with. Once he finally revealed his identity I told him not to text me again. The next day he texts me again!! I contacted Scoop but yet to hear from them. Not sure if they do background checks or check to see the vehicle information is correct.

Marie T L, Oct 01, 2019
Great app for people with lot of riders and drivers around

When I started using Scoop a year ago, there are not many people using in my neighborhood and I used to drive most of the times and always get a match but the deviation from my usual route used to be significant. So I stopped doing scoop after 3 months.. but in early summer this year I started again and my office location is more closer than before and I’m getting matches on every ride and most of the times with two people.. love this app... it at least pays off for gas and insurance.. being part of reducing pollution and enjoying the ride instead of feeling bored...

SunnyBabbi, Sep 24, 2017
Good idea but just starting

This app is a great idea of daily commute. However, they have just started and there is limited choices on what times you can choose and limited chances you can got matched up. Sometimes there is no shows which I believe is due to irresponsible drivers but they will give you 5 dollar credit for any no shows. Overall I love the app but I hope they can publish more time. My shift starts at 6 and ends at 2 but there is no car pool option at 2 :(. Also I believe some of us have weekend shifts so I hope we can get weekend carpooling too in the future.---------Update------It seems like the app is losing its users. I can not get carpool for the recent couple weeks or even if I got matched, the driver will cancel immediately for no reason. Once I got matched, I had another no show no call and I need to call Uber instead:(.

tvtdea, Dec 06, 2017
Not pairing

When I first used the app it was going great I was carpooling with two other coworkers in my department that actually lived few houses down from me. The app was pairing us up then it started messing up. How you pair 3 people to drive work and then only pair 1 person with the driver to go home. I would assume if you’re pair with the driver to go work that you pair up with the same driver again going home. This happened to me a few times and also the fact they paired me up with someone else that’s 40 minutes across town from me. And now the app is giving one of my co workers a hard time. He’s not even pairing up with me or anyone else anymore. I hope scoop fixes this problem. I understand it’s a app to build a community and carpool. But doesn’t make sense if you have 3 people that wants to ride together and leave the same time. But the app isn’t pairing us together.

TypeR2019, Jul 30, 2019


Scoop enables hybrid in-office & remote workforces to maximize safety and productivity, while giving you the flexibility to do your best work from anywhere. Check-in on the days you plan to go to the workplace - Let your workplace and co-workers know in advance which days you plan on going in, ensuring you’re well equipped with the resources you need Make the best use of your time in the workplace - Get visibility into who else from your organization is going to the workplace on a given day, allowing you to make informed decisions on which days you collaborate in-person, and which days you work remotely Help foster a safe and secure workplace - Keep you and your co-workers safe by reviewing and accepting onsite health and safety policies and requirements before going into the workplace Safe and flexible commute options that work for your schedule - Scoop connects co-workers going the same way in safe, reliable, and convenient door-to-door carpools. Separate morning and evening trips so you can find a commute that works for your schedule

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