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QuickPlan - Project Gantt Plan

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QuickPlan - Project Gantt Plan

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User Reviews for QuickPlan - Project Gantt Plan

Great Software

It's been a pleasure working with this software. Really does make things easy. Could use a few extra features but I'm sure it will only get better.

bhebert008, Feb 07, 2017
Almost there

The limit on 4 levels of deep-ness in an outline is limiting for larger projects. Outlines shouldn’t have forced limits on depth.I’m going to see how the sub-projects work for us, since they have that as a feature... But in my mind I’d rather just collapse a group when I don’t want to see its details and expand it when I do want to see its details.

boldcity, Feb 22, 2018
Builder guy.

I love the app. I use it everyday. I wish I could see more than 5 projects in the “today” button. I would pay for the upgrade if it were available

dfgggjddbhfffhjku, Oct 17, 2020

I really enjoy using this app. It’s intuitive, visually appealing, and very usable on an iPhone sized screen which is difficult to accomplish when working with this sort of content. Worth much more than the price.

Draxx4789, Apr 25, 2018
Used for Project Management Capstone

This is a simple, effective and surprisingly powerful scheduling software that can be used in lieu of MS Projects (and on the mobile platform). Since graduating, I have used on real world projects as a consultant, keeping myself more organized and efficient. I would like to see a more precise scheduling options that would allow to schedule tasks as hours instead of days to complete a single tasks. But the overall usability of this app results in a 5 star rating.

Frozencoastie, Aug 13, 2017
Review update

Now that my sync issue with the app has been solved, I’m giving the app 5 stars. Does exactly what I need it to in a way that’s more intuitive and actually syncs much better than OmniPlan which I used previously.

HS62, Nov 04, 2018
Quick Plan

Nothing compatible with others! Good easy and organize to share with other!

Marvellous Contractor, Jun 13, 2022
Support is off shore and very difficult

Took Test drive with a purchase of app. Embedded marketing in body of emails, can't have that in emails to customer..... very obvious emails are sent to other country. I get very frustrated answering the same question and sending the same pics and getting responses about PDFs and exporting. So maybe I can get my answer this way. In the app for iPhone and iPad can I remove the marketing in the body of the email. NOT exporting a PDF , the email "task" option. We have a lot on project managers that send project status 30-40 times a day and deleting out all the extra verbiage is time consuming. My second question is removing the financials embedded info

Robert Kessler, Mar 21, 2017
Amazing app for fair price

It’s rare for an app of this quality to be available for a 1-time purchase. It’s absolutely worth the plunge. Gantt charts can be quite complex, so it’s remarkable how intuitive this app makes managing them, particularly with how small my phone’s screen is compared to an iPad. I am a market research professional and have been using the app every day for a year as a personal tracker for the status of survey fieldwork. I can’t speak to any collaboration features or the desktop app, but for my purposes, it gets a strong recommendation.

The Christian Magician, Sep 20, 2021
Good portable replacement for MS Project.

I’m a Technical Project Manager, Product Manager and ScrumMaster. Having this app on my phone really helps me plan, maintain and adjust resources when I’m away from my laptop. The UX feels like Microsoft Project without the complex overhead. I’ve been using this for nearly a month to manage personal and work relate projects. It’s simple to use, intuitive for beginners and have the common used fields out of the box. The major issue I have and the reason stopping me from giving it 5 stars is that the app crashes when trying to add two or more resources. The crash is constant and very annoying. Luckily the last change does get saved before it crash so you don’t have to redo things.

tonytruong0320, Oct 21, 2018


Project management with natural gestures on the Gantt chart designed for small touchscreens. Sync projects across multiple devices, and share projects in teams AND supports Microsoft Project Plan integration. ## iPhone ONLY This version is for iPhone only, so users can get the app at a lower price if they only want to use it on iPhone only. ## PRIVACY FOCUSED: User-created projects are stored on the user's device or in iCloud Drive, whichever the user chooses. * Feature Video https://youtu.be/Ean-OpZkhEQ * No In-App Purchases. *QuickPlan is now available for macOS (download the free 15-day trial at https://quickplan.app/trial). QuickPlan makes project planning more convenient than ever.

NATURAL GESTUREs and keyboard shortcuts are used in a clean and elegant interface that makes project management more accessible, faster and more efficient than ever before. Visualize, manage and simplify projects in Gantt charts, structure tasks in a tree structure, organize your project calendar and resources, track task status. It's easier than you think, all at your fingertips with a minimum of effort and learning. QuickPlan supports exporting projects to image, Excel, PDF, Microsoft Project and WBS files and importing projects from Microsoft Project (in XML format), WBS, Mindmap, and Excel files. Plans can be synchronized with multiple devices via iCloud Drive. They can be shared with other users and devices via AirDrop, email, and the iOS Files app. QuickPlan optimizes the best features of Microsoft Project Plan and makes them work for iPhone - without the complexity. We bring INTUITIVE and discoverable project management to users of all experience levels. ## EFFICIENT MAINTENANCE - Gestures for tasks: create, remove, move, indent and outdent, change order. - Gestures to zoom in and out, collapse and expand. - Dynamic context menu system makes scheduling a reality on a small touch screen - Batch input - The most fluid Gantt chart app on a clean interface. - Context-based editing of outline, Gantt chart and inspectors. ## STRONG PLANNING - Multiple projects in groups, with support for duplication. - Organize tasks into REAL task groups and sub-projects. - Task color, icon, contact, URLs, and other necessary task fields. - Five outline levels (plus sub-project, for a total of ten outline levels). . Gesture-based management of task links. . Project currency, charge rate, project resource, calendar, task date policy. ## TREE and LIST - Rendering as a tree with support for key path display. - Rendering as a list with support for sorting and filtering. ## UI CUSTOMIZATION - Customization of the task column title and visibility. - Style of the task bar. ## REPORTING - Export as image, PDF, and Microsoft Excel (including three sheets). - With options to customize the output. ## SYNC - Sync projects between iOS and Mac devices via iCloud Drive, OneDrive, and Dropbox. ## INTEGRATION - Export and import Microsoft Project XML files. - Import and export SwiftApp WBS files. - Import from Microsoft Excel files. - Import from iThought Map files. ## SHARE - Supports Airdrop, OneDrive, Dropbox. ## TEAM - Supports creating a sub-plan for specific project members. - The sub-plan contains only the tasks for the specific members. ## NOTIFICATION - Widget to track ongoing tasks (iOS 14 or later). - Today widget and Local Notification. QuickPlan simplifies the complexity of project planning that sets ease as the ultimate goal in organizing your professional projects, plans, efforts, goals and life. The best project planning app for iPhone - Initialize, discuss, present and share your plan, and export it to Microsoft Project Plan for future work. - Strategic Planning - Import MS Project file (in XML format) and reports, tracking. - Plan new ideas - Agree and confirm actions in meetings - Discuss, plan and assign tasks - Track project progress QuickPlan for iPadOS is available separately at https://itunes.apple.com/app/id621375878.

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