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Prepware Remote Pilot

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Prepware Remote Pilot

  • Education
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User Reviews for Prepware Remote Pilot

Get the program!

I took the FAA Part 107 yesterday and scored a 95%. While I am a private pilot, I haven’t flown for 15 years, and forgot a lot. I used this app for 90% of my studying, taking a practice test whenever I had some free time. Knowing your charts is a must. The FAA seems to like questions about flying over towers in layered airspace. And unless you have 20/20 vision, bring reading glasses! For my test, I was provided a workbook of all the charts & graphs - which were smaller than a sectional chart. I had been spoiled with the digital charts provided on this app, being able to zoom in at will. No such opportunity with the workbook. If I had left my reading glasses in the car, my score would be much different. Although the charts in this app are all out of the same workbook, there are others, and most questions were new. Practice airspace until its second nature for you. Then you will look forward to the test. Good luck!

Charlie Romeo Kilo, May 06, 2018
Only $5

Only paid $5 for this app. I studied (because you actually need to study for this test) for two weeks, in between breaks, walks, eating, etc. I passed with an 87. I know the next statement is irrelevant but I’m just throwing it for extra info: after you pass the test, and go home, you need to apply for license but it’s free.

crodwing, Aug 16, 2020
Helpful but needs to be updated

Overall this app is pretty decent. Offers explanations for answers which I like. But this app needs to be updated for new regulations and needs to be a little closer to sUAS operations as opposed to fixed wing. Would recommend getting it but be aware that you will need additional study materials to be completely up to date and thorough.

EC4030, May 13, 2021
Excellent practice tests!

Definitely purchase a paperback or digital copy of ASA’s study book too but this app is an EXCELLENT way to complete practice test while on-the-go. I performed these practice tests daily multiple times until I was scoring 100%. Being able to see the aeronautical charts within this app is a really nice touch. ASA is my go-to resource for Part 107 study materials.

Hedge Master, Aug 15, 2018
Great App; However Needs Function To Save Results!!!

Overall, this app is great; however, it is EXTREMELY frustrating completely the practice test, and not being able to save a record of that recent test, as well as any prior exams. I just completed one, received my score, accidentally closed out of the app, and the app proceeded to refresh back to the home screen before I could even check my work, thus losing the ability to learn from any incorrect answers, seeing what I got correct, etc. SUPER FRUSTRATING!

InfamousSTAR206, Mar 11, 2019
Not like the other Prepware

Used the App and passed my test with about 24 hours notice. Figure out how to read sectional charts and those weather reports and you’ll be golden. PS there are diagrams for how to read the charts in the beginning of your appendix books.

Josephburton, Nov 25, 2020
Best study tool

I have used asa perp apps before for the FAA Airframe, Powerplant, and General written knowledge exam as my main studying tool they were the best studying tool in my opinion. The Remote Pilot app was also great and was my main source of study. I do wish they would have had better questions that more resembled the exam a little bit better. Might just be time for a update to the app.

PolishMike_, Apr 06, 2018
Best Prep App

I purchased this 2 days ago after studying the FAA test prep documents and passed with a 95%. Why is this app good?It is cheap and it has a lot of the related test information within it. It is easy to use and provides explanations from the regulations.

sokelley71, Jun 05, 2020
Good test, but doesn’t explain incorrect answers

This seems to be a pretty good app for practicing for the actual test. The biggest issue is, when you run in Test mode -once you get results, and you look at the explanation of why you missed some, it doesn’t tell you what the right answer is. It does have a small paragraph, but in many cases this still does not explain which answer was correct.

the meatshake, Jul 14, 2022
Just pay the $5 you won't be disappointed!

Never felt compelled to write an app review before, but for this I had to. I just took the exam (August 2017) and I'd say 40/60 of the questions on my test were sample questions here. If you memorize the bank you're already most of the way home. Ideally you understand the concepts behind the question then memorization is not required, however, some of these questions are vague/poorly written and technically have more than one correct answer so knowing the keyed answer becomes very beneficial. I like that the answers have explanations. Sometimes they are needed. My tips for the exam: know your charts/airspaces. These become gimme questions. Then you can afford to miss the vague ones. Remote PIC is not the answer to every 3rd question as some of the online practice tests would have you believe! (I had 3) FYI, my test had several questions regarding the (now repealed) drone registration rules for recreational pilots so be prepared to answer those still. Seriously just get this app.

totallyripe2th, Aug 08, 2017


Comprehensive preparation, study and test tool for the Remote Pilot Initial (Unmanned Aircraft General - Small) and Recurrent (UGR) FAA Knowledge Exams. Questions, answers and explanations included, for you to study with a true-to-form practice test. Operating a drone for non-hobby operations requires a Remote Pilot Certificate.

Applicants must successfully complete the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Knowledge Exam to earn the Remote Pilot Certificate with a Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS) rating. This app is the key to test success. Rely on the time-tested and dependable ASA Prepware apps to prepare for your FAA Knowledge Exam. Test material is expertly organized into chapters based on subject matter and includes instructional text and illustrations, multiple-choice questions, answer stems, correct answers, explanations (for correct and incorrect answers), and references for further study. This topical study promotes understanding and aids recall to provide an efficient study guide. Subjects covered include Regulations, National Airspace System, Weather, Loading and Performance, and Operations. This app will be particularly helpful for drone operators interested in earning a Remote Pilot certificate, Remote Pilot Aircraft (RPA) applicants, Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) training programs preparing applicants for FAA Knowledge exams, self-study applicants interested in learning more about commercial unmanned aircraft operations, and existing (manned aircraft) pilots interested in learning more about drone and unmanned aircraft operations who are sharing the National Airspace System. ASA’s Prepware Remote Pilot app is the best resource for successful test-taking and safe small UAS operations.

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