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User Reviews for Police Car Driving Simulator

Very good police game at first but need improvements

This is a great police game but I have suggestions. First of all, you should pull over people in their car and give them speeding tickets cause we need that in the game. Second, you should call for backup and call swat highway patrol which is a police motorcycle and sheriff backup if you are in the county. Next you should call for an ambulance or a police patrol car if they are hurt or have not been following the rules of the road. Next, you should be able to arrest people and give them to the dog. Next we should have dogs so we could chase down criminals and apprehend them to jail. Finally a map expansion should be due so have more states like California, Wyoming, Oregon, Florida, Idaho, Indiana, and Kansas. I hope these get added soon.

Craig.Watkins.210, Jun 11, 2020
Why this game should just die

This game was great once I started you could basically enjoy the game without any problem. But after a matter of about five minutes of play it’s just starts spamming you with dozens of ads. Every time you try to exit out of the ad another one pops up. It is very activating and should be changed if this game is thinking about making money.

die nicknames, Jun 12, 2018

I love car video games but this one has too many ads if you like car video games I suggest you go to my flying car or called car racing master those are very fun video games they don’t have as many ads but I think this ad should get a thumbs down because of how many ads there are I mean I love cargames I mean a lot but this one I think you shouldn’t get there but it freezes too much and there’s just so many things wrong with this game so I don’t think you should get it

ffhbjjm'7c, Jan 08, 2022
Needs to be fixed

Once you start the game it’s kinda fun But about 2 minutes you get way too many ads one ad will pop up And then a another and a another on top of it you can’t play the game anymore the x button to exit out of the ads they do not End!!Please fix it now

FranklyFrankie, Dec 09, 2021
One octillion ads!

This game is the stupid worst game ever!Developer, I need an update to this game because this is the worst game ever I’ve ever seen! Please read this review and you wanna know what happened to the game!

Godfrey Szymkiewicz, Nov 11, 2020
Hate to complain but must.

So for starters I love this game. But also it is really annoying. It glitches a ton. The amount of ads! OH MY GOSH! Ugh! So I was about 3 or 4 minutes into it and then... AN AD! Yup! So I flipping got off the game to write this! Yeah! My brother really is annoyed with it too. I have seen too many comments about ya’lls as problem and I’ve had enough. Just plz in the next update fix this game and take like 70% of the ads away! That would be great! Thx!

Gorgecra, Jun 30, 2019
This is BY FAR the worst thing I’ve ever played

About 2 minutes into the game there is a literal nonstop train of non-skip ads. You can’t play the game anymore after 2 minutes because they DO NOT end. Hopefully someone reads this and doesn’t waste their time on this game. It has absolutely no place on the App Store. This is an insult to customers. Even if this game had an option to pay money for no ads it still wouldn’t be worth it because the 2 minutes I actually got to play I was cringing at how dumb this game was. If zero stars was an option....I would rate it that way no hesitation. Any good reviews on this app are definitely fake and posted by the developers or something like that.

Hunter Loy, Sep 20, 2018
Fun game

I like the game it’s really fun but every other second there’s another add. There are to many adds. I only get a couple mints of play and multiple adds will pop up it finally get back to the game for about 2 min then the ads start up again please fix this problem

Qewsed, Aug 30, 2020
Don’t waste your freaking time

I tried for about 20 minutes to see how to work it you play for about 2 1/2 minutes and then it goes to ads which is fine but then it goes into another ad on top of that one ad and then it goes back to that ad it never ends as you have to close the app and start over again you can’t do anything don’t waste your time thank you

rubicks 123, Jun 21, 2019
Needs to be fixed

So, my little brother keeps on getting frustrated because the game freezes way to many times. It’s also got way to many ads. One ad will pop up and then another and another on top of it. Also the x button to exit out of the ads don’t work. I feel you need to fix this and I advise you to not get this game. I give this game no stars until these problems are fixed.

take me seriously please, Dec 01, 2019


Police Car Driving Simulator is a new, stunt car driving game, go to extreme speeds and jump off the biggest stunt in super charged police cars, AVAILABLE NOW, FOR FREE! Do you want to go fast and have no limits? Now you can, drive from a garage full of powerful police cop cars on the most extreme stunts in the world!

Drive, boost, drift, roll, jump, and crash your police car in our all new extreme police driver's paradise! Be the best police officer stunt driver in stunt and drift city. There's no need to use brakes, nitro boost your police sports cars onto so many of unique stunts and tricks to perform the world's most amazing stunts. Choose from a wide choice of police vehicles and drive wherever you want in both cities. With our latest game, you'll get to experience realistic car damage by hitting into obstacles and crashing cars to see full body damage. In Police Car Driving Simulator, do the biggest jumps, fastest drifts, and accelerate to blistering top speeds to do difficult stunts like the loop de loop! GAME FEATURES - Dynamic camera angles, witness your amazing stunts from multiple views! - The best car driving physics - TWO huge open world city environments, stunt city and drift city, more to come soon! - Interact with real world objects and surfaces, crash through billboards! - Realistic vehicle damage, every hit and scrape shown with each collision - Authentic police car lights and sounds - Huge selection of high quality police vehicles, all modeled off real sports cars! - Easy to use driving controls, both touch and tilt controls!

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