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PicSo – Customize Your AI Girl

  • Graphics & Design
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PicSo – Customize Your AI Girl

  • Graphics & Design
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User Reviews for PicSo – Customize Your AI Girl

The art used is stolen

This AI was trained using art stolen from artists without their consent. The fact that one of the “perks” is no watermark should be a red flag. The art they use to show different genres aren’t even created by the AI - it’s directly showing stolen art. And, of course, the audacity to charge people money when they haven’t even attempted to contact the artists the art they stole is just the icing on the cake. This is ethically and morally bankrupt, just as bankrupt as they want the artists whose art they stole to be.

a smol gay, Dec 20, 2022
I u

When I mentioned the AI drawing tool Disco Diffusion in my article, it was only used by me as an example to demonstrate the limitations of AI to work on creative content, as its direct use to generate faces and animals is still flawed and requires human processing. PicSo, however, has no such problems at all.

Beckie_Quinnp, Nov 15, 2022
The app is fine, but the only one that charges per picture

You get 100 credits A MONTH with the paid version. Any other app is unlimited with paid fee. The only cool feature this has that I have seen with another app, is you can directly add a specific face to your prompt. It depends how bad you want to see your face in different circumstances. Also, don’t be apprised if it puts a make on a female body. This is a “Dream girl” Al app, after all. Oh well.

credit to da right peeps, Jun 04, 2023
Good, however….

Some of the most realistic AI art, especially with humans that I’ve seen on the Apple App Store. Very high quality images and fast results overall. However the major downside is it’s super expensive. I was unaware that they made you buy extra credits, every other AI art generating app I’ve used thus far, doesn’t make you buy any credits, at the most only a monthly or yearly subscription. So I’m disappointed that it wasn’t made more clear to me when I purchased 1 month subscription to PicSo, because now I’m already out of credits and can’t make any new images. Not sure if I would have subscribed had I known. So even though it’s a good AI art app, perhaps even one of the best on the App Store, the high cost means I can’t recommend it.

DapperMongoose, Dec 18, 2022
So close to being perfect

This is, without exaggeration, the best free image generator on the App Store. My only complaint is that the “play ad” system isn’t working but it might be an issue in my end. Other than that, there’s not a single thing wrong with it at all.

DredgenVeil, Nov 29, 2022
Fun until trying to re-activate a deleted account

I loved using my Picso account to edit pictures and create interesting art. However, one of my friends deleted my account as a joke. When I tried to restore my account using my Apple ID (since I still had an active subscription), I got an error that said “the operation is limited”. After contacting their support, I was told that my account had been blocked due to too many accounts from the same IP address. I only had 2 accounts, the old deleted one and the new one I was trying to activate. As a result of a stupid joke, I lost access to picso completely despite still having and paying for an active subscription.

Dude65745, Sep 16, 2023
Fun! But…

Over all I had fun with how much ideas I could express. You can really explore with a lot of words, for the most part a lot of pictures matched with how I described something which was so cool. But when it comes to videos, it needs to be worked on just a little, I can see so much more from it. It’s nice how the longer the video the more credits it took, I found it more reasonable which was good. I also like how there’s not constant ads in your face. This app gives the choice to spend money on it or not and not constantly telling you to buy things

gabby_55452, Jan 04, 2023
Fun to mess around with.. But...

Lots of fun to ask my friends what keywords I should put in, but I have just one issue. The credits and the premium. I buy premium to have only 100 credits and if I want more, I have to pay full price! It'd be one thing if I wasn't paying for it but I'm just kind of salty. I know it was listed but still, advertisements for one more credit and it keeps going until I pay for my subscription again would be better than waiting a week and forgetting about the fact I have the app. Otherwise this is a lot of fun, definitely would recommend.

Gawgalando, Mar 07, 2023
Really good

Frankly, it's pretty amazing compared to other products out there like wombo, wonder, etc. I have had a lot of fun with it and am still learning. This one is absolutely real and gives you great stuff. Learn to make different pieces just by changing a word or two in the prompts you've already done. Definitely recommended.

harprutledgen, Nov 08, 2022
Good, but…

You can generate amazing images, very high quality and looking amazing, but it’s too expensive, your paying for a premium subscription that keeps going, then your given 100 credits that don’t even last you a week, then after their gone, your made to purchase them for the full price of the subscription, so in other words you gotta keep spending money on credits every single time during your subscription, to me it really isn’t worth it, yeah it generates amazing images but, way too expensive and tedious to keep spending on credits, don’t think I’m gonna keep paying for a subscription!

IIDivineIvyII, Sep 28, 2023


PicSo is an AI Art Generator for Everyone. Include AI anime & human creator, image video to cartoon AI converter and text to art maker generator, and offering multiple unique styles and features. Team PicSo has been working hard to create a unique and user-friendly AI that comes to meet all uses.

Try PicSo – AI Girl Generator Like Midjourney Today! AI Girl Generator for Everyone PicSo is named after Picasso, which expresses that everyone can be a great artist like Picasso. It is an AI image generator that turns your imagination into digital art, and disparate ideas to synthesize objects. And allow you to effortlessly create art that’s based on fantasy and dystopia sci-fi scenes deep within our super-charged painting creator. Create Anime Character or AI Girlfriend with Your Keywords Whether you're an artist or simply a fan of AI, this app makes it easy for you to create a unique and personalized anime and human character that truly represents your vision. With its advanced AI technology and state-of-the-art graphics, you have complete control over every aspect of your character's appearance, from hair color and eye shape to clothing and accessories. Easily Turn Pictures into Cartoons Go from pic to cartoon in secs. PicSo's image cartoonizer is powered by AI so you don't need any editing skills. You can convert you and your pets into cartoons in a flash. Simply upload your plain photos, and watch them turn into animated pictures in seconds. Convert Video Clips into Anime Using AI to convert real footage or any movie clips into animation. Powered by AI art generator, just uploading any clips will you create a cartoon effortlessly to get amazing output. Text to AI Painting Creator Step into the world of endless creativity and numerous artistic possibilities with our pictures from AI image generator - PicSo. The AI text to art maker not only helps you create an image or artwork for digital use but also improves the efficiency of your painting efforts. Let AI provide ideas for your artistic creation. Simply enter any text prompt and create an AI picture art instantly. Potential Use: Make Your Ideal Anime Character and AI human You can refine and customize your character with midjourney as much as you like, adjusting everything from facial features to clothing and accessories, until you have the perfect anime character that truly represents your vision. Image and Video To Cartoon Animate Images and videos! It’s a fun and easy-to-use tool for transforming regular photos into real cartoons. With just a few taps, users can turn their selfies, pets, and videos into playful, cartoon art. AI Painting Creator for Digital Creators Struggling to create art for your projects? Minimize your workout with this AI-powered tool. Simply input a one-sentence text prompt and instantly create AI-generated art for all your needs. Cool AI Text to Art Generator Styles Try various artwork generator styles for your AI picture art. The text to art maker has cool new effects and artistic styles to create paintings according to your needs. Try out cool new sci-fi dystopian and fantasy art themes. Highlight Features of PicSo – Text to Pornpen AI Art Maker Create anime girl and AI human from any text prompt input Transform your pictures and videos into cartoons. Animate your favorite movie clips and your own videos Simple and easy to use Art AI apps UI/UX AI Supported text to art maker and painting creator for digital creators Improve efficiency of your drawing, painting or hand painting creations Create art using AI to use as desktop wallpapers Art painting creator based on fantasy and dystopia sci-fi scenes Generate AI picture and drawings in different artistic styles AI painting creator for artists and design enthusiasts - Terms of Use: https://picso.ai/agreement?type=tos - Privacy Policy:https://picso.ai/agreement?type=privacy In case of any questions, issues, or collaboration requests, contact us at [email protected].

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