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Pic Design: Picture editor

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Pic Design: Picture editor

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User Reviews for Pic Design: Picture editor

Great...but several flaws

I love the graphics on this app that you can add to your photos. But, it constantly crashes and forces you to start over. I thought with paying for access to all the items, that the ads would be removed. There are way too many ads. I don’t mind one ad, even after paining. But, there are still multiple ads after each step. I would change my review to a higher rating if the crashing bugs are fixed and ad removal becomes an option.

Ahitzke, Dec 22, 2017
Pretty good

Like but some stuff should be changed like instead of just having the basic stuff we should be able to use all the other stuff for free.

Devokids, Jul 05, 2017
Love to write on photos

I love editing my photos so much fun the things you can do and add the only problem is all the pop up commercials every time you do something it throws one up and noise smh

Fuzzy413, Jun 11, 2017
Unusable due to ads

I have been trying many different apps recently, and have invested in several that have a similar model - pay $2-3 dollars to remove ads and access most if not all tools and content. So, I'm not opposed to some ad content and I anticipate it as a necessary evil in many free apps. That said, I literally could not edit a single picture in this. Ads popped up so frequently that it wasn't even worth the effort to get to one initial test edit. Tried again today to be sure and it was the same thing. Definitively useless.

gcahoon, Jun 20, 2017
Loving my Free Trial!

Plan on purchasing the full app. This has a lot of what I need to create versatile social media ads for my shares across all platforms for my small business. Thank you !

Krsism, Oct 04, 2020
Don’t do it - Look at the last update date.

Paying for the pro version was a no brainer for me. This app, in theory and design, is beautiful. I completely adore it. Unfortunately it was a waste of money, because it’s unusable. It crashes and shows ads literally every 10 seconds. Yes, it shows that many ads in the pro version. I have yet to be able to get as far as even adding type to a background, though I keep trying. It looks like the developer might not have updated it in a year though, so maybe this one’s Dead?

MovingWithMoxie, Jul 11, 2018
4/5 stars because....

An AMAZING app, I love it, I use it ALL THE TIME! But, there are lots and lots of ads! Every time you do something, ad, ad, ad... Other than that, GREAT APP! Cool stickers, great quotes, and filters, and other awesome stuff. Love love love!! Definitely recommend! ❤️❤️😉💚

rate___ings<~>, May 15, 2017
Definitely want a refund!

I fell in love with the free version of this app and immediately purchase the full package at $2.99 to allow me access to all of the features. Now the app will not access my camera roll, leaving the whole program useless. Don’t waste your money! I have been searching for a solution for months. Those of us who are with out all of the features that were promised in purchasing the ProEdition should be refunded, or at least given some sort of technical support. It’s a true shame because I absolutely love this app at one time. WORTHLESS! Crissann

star22nova, Feb 01, 2018

I purchased the Pro version in hopes the pop up adds would stop. They don’t. With all the MANY ads running everytime you change screens, the app should have been free, or they should pay the user for all the time they have to waste watching, or, more probable, waiting for the damned annoying adds to finish. I wouldn’t advise purchasing this app, unless you don’t have a life and enjoy stupid sounds, annoying music and poor animation. I’m going to delete it as soon as I finish this frustrated rant.

StephenLGale, Jun 03, 2018
Great for adding a little extra to ur pics

This free app is great when you want to add a little something extra to your picture! The only thing I wish it had was the ability to draw or write yourself without having to buy that ability.

Wiccan73stars, Jun 30, 2017


PicDesign- The newest way to take a photo and make it say what you want it to say!!! A variety of fun filters, cool quotes and phrases to choose from, nice backdrops, boarders, a wide variety of doodles and much much more! Share all your fun, new pictures with family and friends with one click of the button.

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