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NUMBERAMA - Numbers Puzzle

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User Reviews for NUMBERAMA - Numbers Puzzle

The boosts don't work

I've watched the videos for the shuffle boost and it just doesn't activate. It's kind of obnoxious that the game provides nothing (every other game gives either a shuffle or a hint without requiring coins or watching a video that has nothing to do with your interests). Also, it seems impossible to "win" anything but the levels. The ability to choose new numbers in the level section is a plus as is the aesthetic. The fact that after watching countless videos, the rewards never activates is just too annoying. Wasting time watching videos (which would be less annoying if you even bothered to tailor to the user-isn't that why you collect information? To barrage us with ads that apply to our "demographic"?) that result in nothing is why this gets deleted.

KatWalk65, Aug 14, 2021


Try this new and improved version of the classic, which has the same rules, but various additional features for your ultimate convenience. This classic is known by many names such as "Numberama", "Numberzilla", "Take Ten", "Seeds", "Numbers" or simply "the number game" or "the number riddle". Many might still know it from school or university, when it was played with pen and paper.

It's a classic brain game for children and adults. * How to play This game will test your logical thinking and your patience while you are trying to eliminate all numbers on the board. You can eliminate a pair of two numbers if they are identical or sum up to ten, for example 4 and 6 or 1 and 1. Both numbers have to next to each other, vertically or horizontally. Fields with numbers that have already been eliminated can be skipped. Once there are no more pairs to eliminate, all remaining numbers are appended to the end of the board automatically. * Game modes There are currently two game modes: - Classic: Play the classic 1 to 18 (1-18) or 1 to 19 (1-19) game board. - Random: Play a randomized game where you can select the starting board size (XS, S, M, L, XL) * Features For your convenience and increased fun there are various features that set this version apart from other interpretations of this classic number game: Basics: - Auto Clean: Rows on the board that only contain eliminated numbers are automatically removed. - Auto Check: Once there are no more pairs, all remaining numbers are appended to the end of the board automatically. - Auto Save: Your current game is saved to your local device automatically. Continue it whenever you like. - Auto Pause: The game is paused automatically if you switch to a different app. - Option Indicator: You can see how many pairs are remaining on the board. - Restart: Restart the game if you can't seem to finish it and want to try it another way. - Top Row: Display the topmost number in each column on top of each column. - Color Themes: Play the game with various brighter and darker color themes. - Introduction: Interactively learn the rules of the game within the app. - Statistics: View extensive statistics about your history playing Numberama. Boosters: - "Undo": Undo the last action. - "Tip": Get a tip that highlights a pair you can eliminate. - "Clear Random": Remove a random pair on the board. - "Shuffle": Shuffle all remaining numbers on the board. - "Zip": Clear all numbers from the board that have already been eliminated. * Good to know: - The game does not require any critical permissions - Numberama can be played offline - Boosters can be obtained via coins, which in turn can be purchased or obtained by viewing ads. - Depending on how you play, a game can be shorter or longer. In some cases you might even be able to play indefinitely. In other cases, appending numbers might lead to an infinite loop. In that case, it is game over. Try this slightly different number puzzle and try to eliminate all numbers! It is a super alternative to classic number games like Sudoku, 2048, number puzzles or crossword puzzles and is a patience and casual game for everyone. In addition, it is good brain jogging and the best game against boredom.

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