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Nostradamus:The Four Horsemen

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Nostradamus:The Four Horsemen

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User Reviews for Nostradamus:The Four Horsemen

Terrible port, could be a great game without the bugs!!!

I am furious, after reaching chapter 8, a bug allows you to put the oil barrel on the spot on the ground, before you have the lens and the rubble star that you need to burn. I put the oil barrel down not knowing that I still needed more items to complete that puzzle. When “Death” sends you down to the cave, you find the lens there. You would expect the oil to be on the spot where you left it, when you get back it won’t be there. And there is no way to recover the oil.I hate the fact, that this game has absolutely no option to restart the current chapter. The chapters option is grayed out, chapters are not released as you finish them. There is no recovery for ANY mishap. The bugs make this game impossible to pass. I heard, that this game is available in several platforms. Steam is a PC game platform, in it the game has similar bugs. But I believe the mobile/console version has to be the worst. And the company doesn’t follow the users reviews, they are also not releasing updates to correct those bugs. Please read underneath, my old review that points out another bug that made it impossible to get the “magma demon’s” torch. There is a possibility that I may have accidentally left the screen before I took the torch, either way there’s no way to get that torch once you leave without it.——-My old review:——Bugs in this game make it almost imposible to finish. Right now I have to start over, because the Magma Demon puzzle didn't hand me the torch. The game saves automatically, and there are no check-points saved.... which means, I won't be getting my torch no matter what I do. And I must start from the beginning!!! An hour of game play!!! You can't click on the puzzle area anymore. I only have a worm, in my inventory. I tried the hint system to help me out several times. Looking at a walkthrough in youtube, I finally found what went wrong, my game is now impassable. 😡

Liliana, Jul 22, 2019
Don’t bother

Gathering objects goes slowly as you have to wait for each one to go through a dramatic display before it goes in your inventory. When you have to pick up a dozen little sticks or stones, this takes too much time. Also, twice I had to start over because an object wouldn’t activate properly in a scene leaving me stuck. First a torch in a lava cave I couldn’t pick up and then a carrot would not stay in place for a donkey to eat. I’m using an iPad pro. I never finished because 2 start overs was enough for me. Ugh, my advice is- don't bother.

Louhean, Jun 27, 2018


France, 15th century... Michel de Nostradamus, Europe's most famous prophet, receives a strange letter from his old friend, Gregory, begging him to come see him as fast as he can. Once he arrives, Nostradamus discovers a spell has been cast over his friend's home by evil spirits.

After performing an alchemistic ritual to free the home from the evil spell, Nostradamus has a vision that four horsemen will come to wreak havoc on Earth. Wars, famine, plagues and many other catastrophes will be the fruits of these Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Willing to do whatever it takes to prevent this apocalyptic vision from coming true, Nostradamus wages a desperate battle against the forces of evil! *LEAD YOUR QUEST As Nostradamus, solve puzzles and riddles to discover how the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse appeared! *FACE THE FORCES OF EVIL Thwart the four horsemen's plans and fight them in battle with dynamic object sequences! *CREATE YOUR OWN PROPHECY Travel around France and save villages from catastrophe! *A VARIETY OF MINI-GAMES that gradually increase in difficulty *ANIMATED AND DYNAMIC HIDDEN OBJECT SEQUENCES *INTEGRATED AND RECHARGEABLE HELP *EXPLORE SURROUNDINGS IN AMAZING DETAIL WITH FULL 3D HD *THREE DIFFICULTY MODES AVAILABLE: easy, moderate and hard

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