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My PlayHome Hospital

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User Reviews for My PlayHome Hospital


I play my play home, school, hospital, and store. When my sister and I see a update we scream!!!😆 The dog is great!! It would be cool if we had a house for every family. Oh please please please if we could get a car with lots if seats!! Like a truck and a van. It would be amazing if their were new outfits. The coolest thing of all would be to have a hair place and they could have different hairstyles. Thank you sooooo much for all the amazing things. We play it all the time. I hope you consider are ideas. It would be a dream come true!☺️ I am 13 and I still love it please add more pups and please do a daily update. Please let us take off peoples clothes and then we can put them in the shower and there clothes do not have to be wet. And at the hospital when you lie someone down on the X-ray, I see a glimpse of their underwear. Can you please let them show their underwear? Thanks!

A player of your app, Dec 27, 2018
Update Suggestions

I love the app so much, my little brother and I play this game a lot on partner play mode. Here are some suggestions my brother and I thought of to add to the game. He thinks that there should be a neighborhood with enough houses that each family there are in my play home. (There’s 5 families) I also think that there should be more vehicles and different types of cars. I think that there should be more pets added, more dogs, cats etc. and there should be a vet clinic to go along with the animals. I also think that there should be teenagers instead of it just being babies, kids then adults. We both think that there should be a small park for the children to play in with a small dog park added. And maybe there should be a beach to do activities on. Instead of the beach if you don’t like the idea of it, maybe there should be an added gandy pool with lifeguards and bathing suits that would be sold in the clothing shop in the stores section. I also think that there should be more maternity clothing because there’s not really any options there. These are just suggestions! We both love the app very much and appreciate it very much. We understand if all of these suggestions can’t be made. (It is a lot..)

ANIMAL GIRL🐘🦄🐰🐨🐶🐱🐥🐷, Jan 12, 2020
Five stars! 🤗

This is one of my top two favorite games... actually, you and toca life and toca boca alone are tied! I just love you guys too! and with this one I also have my play home stores and I am hoping that I will get the school🙏. But four small things you should add in the game that are not. 1. Why can't you put casts on the legs so we can have a reason to actually be in the wheelchairs?😕2. I wanted to have a pregnant mom at the stores but then I noticed there wasn't a pregnancy outfit other then the one that is like a nightgown so please add a pregnancy outfit 3. The people that work at the front desk look like they would be a mom or dad so please add actual front desk people that have name tags on so we know they are front desk people 4. In the baby room I can't have twins because there is only a cart that one baby can sleep in. Please make it where you could put up to two to four babies in the cart This game is awesome, though! Keep going with the games!😘

Bcenac, Oct 22, 2017
Some suggestions for more apps! :)

Hey you guys! So, I thought about the new uptake where you added the dog, and I’m like, “Why didn’t they add a vet room into the hospital!?” You really should add a vet room because you could pretend your dog gets sick or add a feature where the dog can get sick randomly. Also, maybe you can add more pets next month? I would like you to make a cat, a hamster, or any animal! Maybe even an iguana! Also in the stores you can add a pet shop where you keep birds, rabbits, chinchillas, cats (variety of colors), dogs (variety of colors), or maybe even turtles! I like turtles. You can also add more breeds of dogs like a Pitbull, a yorkie (Yorkshire Terrier), or a golden retriever. Same with the cats and other animals. Now, a new app that canNOT cost ANY money. Make. A. JOB. FOR. THE. PARENTS!! They need places to go as well! Just like children! Also make a new house or more cars because my cousin and I fight over the cars when we play. You could even make a car shop. I hope you make an opportunity to do these updates in the future. I love this game and I don’t want it to be so boring without new stuff. Love y’all! — From your trustworthy game lover, Harley Mills. ❤️

Butterflyswirl07, Jan 12, 2019
Love the update

I think to go along with the dog you should add different animals like cats or even more dogs. You should also add a vet clinic for the pets these are just ideas. Think of how many more things you could add to this lovely game. Pulse whoever had the idea to make this game was really smart. Please respond if you read this it would mean a lot to me. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻. Now I am 10 turning 11 maybe you could also add an arcade or a trampoline park. You could also make a park in town it is just an idea. If I could talk face to face with the make of the game I have so many ideas that you could add to the game. Thank you so so much for making this game. And if you add more places you should make it a free game so others can play to people who aren’t as lucky as other people can play the whole game please and hopefully thank you. Sincerely, Me

gocartgirl2008, Apr 14, 2019
Just Some Tips😉

Ok, I’ll start off by saying that I am so happy that you took our (the my PlayHome players’) advice by adding grandparents and a baby’s room to the new house! I just have a few suggestions: at the school, there is food that you can pick up with a spatula, could you maybe add that to the store so the families can buy it and make it for their family at home? Also, I know it’s hard to make these games, and I’m really happy that you take time out of your life to make other people happy by making them, but could you possibly make a restaurant? That would really make my day. Now, I’m 12, and I’m growing out of playing games, but when you make new games, OH BOY, DON’T GET ME STARTED! I get so excited!! But anyway, thank you for all of these My PlayHome games that you’ve made. I truly love you for it! Sincerely, Mariah

McCaelaLopez, Feb 15, 2018
I have ideas that will make it even better:

You should totally add more. Maybe a hotel 🏨 or an apartment. You should be able to do more at the hospital maybe have twins? That would be nice. It would also be nice if you could customize a house and a character like pick their eye color, and hair color, and skin tone. There should also be more than just rainy weather and not rainy weather like snow ❄️ or have seasons like in the summer it’s nice and sunny ☀️ and in the fall it’s cold and there are orange leaves 🍁 and in the winter it’s cold 🥶 and in the spring you can plant and collect fruits 🍉 and vegetables. I hope you consider my ideas. Your game is the best thank you for making it!😊

qweenbee#1, Mar 18, 2020
Add more stuff!!!!!!!!!!

These games are fun but, if I made the game I would make it a town!, most of the reviews I saw said that they want the a town two!,please listen to them!, I know that it is cheaper to to make them the that you guys make them, but think about all the money you would make if you would make them better!. Here are my ideas of what you can include, have a lot of people!, and have a lot of houses, and make like a real small town!. Add a lot of buildings!. Like a bakery, a toy store, a gym, and many other places. Make everything interactive. So please please please please! Make this a game!

Tay311, May 06, 2018

You should add like 4 more houses so all the families could have somewhere to stay and make it so at the top you can make families and they stay with those people so the families stay the same and like add a big pool in like a park or something so there’s more things to do and definitely add more clothes and maybe make it so we could choose the age of the people so we can make them babies or toddlers or teenagers and stuff like that, that would be really cool, it would also be cool if you could make it not cost money for the people that can’t afford it, Sincerely, Me

thiswouldbesocool, May 05, 2019
5 stars

My sister and I really enjoy your apps. We want to see the My Play Home apps expand by possibly adding a hotel, restaurant, and daycare. A hotel will give the people more places to stay and live in. A restaurant will be a new, fun app that can give the little people in the game a cute dining experience. If parents are working and the kids are at school, where do the babies go? A daycare would give the babies a place to stay during the work day. Along with the daycare, more babies should be added. There can be little red head babies to match the brother and sister. Also along with the new babies, they could add a toddler age maybe 2 to 5 years old. More updates that could be made within the already existing apps are more pregnancy clothes, teenagers, more people that could look like or be grandparents, in the my play home store the workers should be added to the icon in the top right hand corner so you can access them throughout all of the games. I hope you keep our app ideas in mind to create a new app and improve the already existing ones!

Update and possible new apps, Nov 26, 2017


* #1 Best Selling Kids App in over 50 countries! * Editor's Choice Award - Children's Technology Review * 5 stars - Common Sense media * Best Pick Award - TechWithKids.com * 5 stars - PappasAppar.se ----------------------------------------------- New from the creators of the award winning "My PlayHome" series! Welcome to the My PlayHome Hospital! Want to be a doctor?

Check your patient's heartbeat with the stethoscope! Give prescriptions and medicines in the doctor's room. Change the blood bags in the Emergency Room! Want to play patient? Get your arm bandaged! Get an X-Ray! Recover in a comfortable hospital room and get served a hot meal! "My PlayHome Hospital" has no time limits, scores or power ups. Just free play that powers your child's imagination. "My PlayHome Hospital" is also fully integrated with the original "My PlayHome", "My PlayHome Stores" & "My PlayHome School" apps, so characters and objects can seamlessly pass between apps, creating an ever bigger world to explore and play. ----------------------------------------------- ▶ NO IN-APP PURCHASES! ▶ NO 3RD PARTY ADVERTISEMENTS! ▶ NO SOCIAL NETWORKS, PUSH NOTIFICATIONS OR REGISTRATION! ----------------------------------------------- ...Just hours of imagination driven play! ----------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------- http://www.myplayhomeapp.com/ http://www.facebook.com/playhome http://twitter.com/myplayhomeapp

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