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User Reviews for Minimal Calendar: Minimal Cal

LOVE this!!

Oh man I can’t begin to express the help this app has been in my life. I hated my default calendar and it was non-functional. This calendar app has turned something frustrating into something beautiful, useful and fun. I appreciate the simplicity and careful attention to detail.

agent, Nov 05, 2018
Simple, dependable, and high quality

I've tried dozens of calendar apps and I've always been put off by the unnecessary amount of parameters. Minimal Cal forgoes the overwhelming UI and provides a simple, high functioning interface. By far my favorite calendar app and WELL WORTH the one-time cost.

Benny8373637281, Oct 27, 2021
Love it, but...

I’d just request 2 things that I don’t think would clog up the clean design or make the simple complex. First, an option to start weeks on Sunday rather than Monday. I’ve routinely started to schedule stuff one day late because my brain assumes I’m seeing a Sunday start. Second, a 15 minute alert option in addition to 30.

bjones4631, Nov 22, 2018
Perfect relief from the TMI of other calendars

I've been a fantastical user for years until they updated it into ridiculous pricing. I've been looking for a good calendar that doesn't make me work for it visually and this is the best one out there. If you prefer to spend less time staring at a screen this is a good route to go. The design gives you what you need to know and not a ton of superfluous info. Looking forward to seeing how it evolves and keeps it simple.

iamkendall, Nov 11, 2018
Great, easy to use Calendar app

I love the look and functionality of the app, very easy to use and easy to look at. The developer is always quick to respond with any questions or feedback as well.

jjk454ss, Nov 18, 2018
Much easier to see my busy day at a glance

My calendar is jam packed and this gives me a clean look at a glance. Also, I am constantly trying to stay one step ahead of my hip kids- now they think I’m so cool with this calendar!

lauriepumpkin, Nov 07, 2018
Cleanest, best-designed calendar

Easily the best - aesthetically, functionally - calendar I’ve ever used or come across. Strips away so much of the UI bulls*#t you’ll almost always find, leaving you with only and exactly that which is needed. Navigation from year —> month —> day is easy and intuitive, and the syncing with any other calendars is well-worked out, with nearly instantaneous updating. I haven’t spotted a dropped event yet (which is more than I can say for Google’s own calendar app ... pulling from a Google calendar). Easy to parse a long week’s schedule, easy to add to it. It’s pretty fab.

madebyneversink, Nov 05, 2018
Calendar upgrade!

Pleasantly surprised how much more I like this calendar interface. So much easier to look at my week with this cal app. I prefer it over the google cal on iOS. Plus, make appts on the calendar is was faster and more user-friendly. You’ll like this app a lot.

PizzaBoyyy123, Jun 15, 2019
Looks great but one missing feature

I love the look and simplicity after trying several different calendar apps. One key thing seems to be missing for me, though: the ability to see shared Google calendars. My wife shares her calendar with me so I can see what she and my daughter have scheduled each day. I don’t see how to add that to Minimal Calendar. Any hope that this feature is coming soon?

waharris007, Jan 18, 2019
Nice simple calendar, room to improve

I really appreciate the simplicity, but maybe this calendar’s just not for me. I’m going to try it out a bit longer to see if I adapt, but I really miss a couple things from iCal: a simple notifier in the monthly view for days with events, and easily differentiating between calendars through color coding. A great feature would be to select which calendar options show up by default when creating an event (like selecting the calendar, rather than tapping “more” to get to it. I also liked having the date as the app icon for iCal, as it’s both simple and functional.

worobash, Nov 07, 2018


We wanted a focused, beautiful, and clear calendar experience. Something less that can be more inspiring to use daily. Meet Minimal Calendar.

With its design and features, we focused only on the basics, done smart and straightforward. Navigation, event creation, editing, and all functions are uncluttered, easy, and fast. Minimal Calendar integrates with Apple iCloud, Google, Exchange, and all iOS supported calendars If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact us. We'll be happy to help.

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