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Microsoft Math Solver

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User Reviews for Microsoft Math Solver


I struggle from time to time in algebra and have used multiple apps for it. This one has been the best so far! Unlike most calculators, this one provides free explanations on every problem and doesn't require you to spend money at all. It gives you very simple but outstanding steps and generally just lets you have all the information you need. This has completely saved me from wasting time and I really enjoy using it! I recommend this to anyone who needs answers and especially step by step explanations. 💛

|Harley, Dec 06, 2021
Very Helpful & Great So Far!

I’ve only had the app for a short amount of time and it’s been great, it’s all free, yes FREE, unlike other apps that don’t allow you to access certain things unless you have a subscription this one doesn’t! It’s great and you have options to enter your problem: draw, scan, or type :) there’s step by step which is very helpful and you can even take a quiz that’s based off of the problem you entered. (please use this wisely and you should only use it when you’re having trouble or just need a reminder on how to do something:)) overall I love this app and it’s so helpful and worth it :D

7329729272782927366373, Nov 17, 2021
My Favorite App From Microsoft

This is one of the best apps I have ever seen to help understand how to solve problems. You are provided with so much information and learning resources, and you can even have it walk you through the problems and provide descriptions of how to do each step. Now I can spend hours learning how to solve complex math problems without wanting to pull the hair out of my head. It is simply an excellent tool, and unbelievably, it's free to use at the time of writing this. It is so comprehensive and easy to use that I feel it is worthy of an award!

A anonymous gamer, Feb 25, 2020
Great but has a problem that NEEDS fixing

This is a great app, I’m a college student and I use it all the time. It can handle complex equations and the graphs give you stuff like the domain, asymptotes, and other things like that that even Desmos doesn’t give you.However, there is one issue that I’ve had with it; whenever an answer is kind of long, it shows it in a small window and it is impossible to scroll to the side to see the whole thing. I often have to use a significant amount of force for it to recognize me trying to scroll. It’s not a deal-breaker or anything, just something that is EXTREMELY annoying, especially when you’re cheating on a timed exam.

BloodthirstyKnight101, Nov 04, 2020
The Wonders of Microsoft Math

There are several other mathematical apps on the AppStore that seem to help us when it comes to math, but I really enjoy the Microsoft Math app, because learning is NOT stuck behind a paywall. (apps shall not be named!)Microsoft Math has one of the most friendliest looking layouts for a user to navigate through, and is quite the tutor when it comes to mathematics. It can do Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Trigonometry, and Calculus with great detail on how to solve the problem, and explain it to the user. One thing that I do have to say though is some of the problems aren’t available yet to be solved, and may be included in a future update, but also I have to comment on how simple the app is. The contents within the app don’t necessarily cover the majority of other math subjects, as it just focuses on a general level of the subjects.Regardless, I heavily consider you check this app out, as it will most likely benefit any user that attempts to use it!

C_Vox, Mar 08, 2021
Really good app, would recommend to others

This is a really great app, it really got me through my highs and lows in highschool, it also helped me understand math better I went from someone who struggled a lot with math to being very good at math and rarely ever messed up on another math problem. I highly recommended this to those who are struggling in math like I once was, all thanks to this app I’ve finally got through highschool and am now taking a 4 year college course for engineering good luck to anyone who downloads this remember to never give up, and always power through even if it’s difficult.

Jack Carleton, Sep 15, 2023
If only this existed while I plugged away on a TI-86...

This app is amazing. Not only does it solve complex equations which cannot be done on a regular or even graphing calculator, it also brings you through each and every step to solving the equation. The app is as much a calculator as it is a tutor.Forget even having to figure out where the correct buttons for symbols etc are, simply snap a picture or draw the equation in and it’s solved. Not sure much negative could be said about this app. Students today truly don’t know how blessed they are to be living with all this technology.

Lazybanks, Feb 24, 2020
Love it

Sure, I'd be happy to write a review for the Microsoft Math Solver app!The Microsoft Math Solver app is a fantastic tool for students and anyone who needs help solving math problems. The app is intuitive and easy to use, with a user-friendly interface that makes finding solutions to complex math problems a breeze.One of the standout features of the app is its ability to recognize handwritten math problems. This means that users can simply write out a problem on their device's screen using their finger or a stylus and the app will automatically recognize the problem and provide a step-by-step solution.In addition to handwritten recognition, the app also allows users to take a photo of a printed math problem and receive a solution. This feature is particularly useful for students who may not have access to a computer or who prefer to work on paper.Overall, the Microsoft Math Solver app is an excellent tool for anyone who needs help with math. Whether you're a student struggling with a difficult homework assignment or an adult trying to solve a complex math problem, this app is sure to be a helpful resource. Highly recommended!

NOT_Richard!!, May 02, 2023

This saved my life. Not really. But basically, it saved my grades from dropping down to a failing grade. And that would have been the end of me (lol). This is fantastic! Perfect, 20/10. Exceeds expectations. Honestly, this helps a lot. Don’t cheat though, use it only for when you need a bit of a reminder or to check your work. (Cheating is wrong please don’t-)Anyway, I am very grateful to have stumbled onto this app. Really, it’s worth it. Very worthwhile and so so so helpful. It’s literally perfect I will not stop saying how much this has helped me. Ok wait I should stop now 😂. But seriously, don’t wait. It’s super helpful (and hey it’s free). Ok, enough praising. Have a good day :]

Pianistalove4453, Dec 30, 2020
So far so good

I’ve only been using this app for a short time, and so far it’s been great. You can write problems with your finger ( or stylist), type them in or take a picture of a problem (haven’t tested the picture on yet) but the first two work great. I had used Math Papa for many years and that was my go to…until they decided that if you want to see the step by step you have to pay a whopping $10 a month. This app shows how they got the answer for free. It amazes me that everyone acts so concerned about the U.S. being behind in math with the rest of the world, but people don’t want to give you good training for free. Kudos to Microsoft (for once) for free learning…that is, not charging to see the step by step solutions. May change this if anything changes after having used it longer.

Psychman101, Oct 12, 2021


Math that’s easy, fun, and accessible! Math Solver is an app from Microsoft where every feature is 100% free (like step-by-step instructions) for learners of all ages and abilities. That means whether you’re practicing simple arithmetic or learning advanced algebra and calculus, we’ll guide you to the answer instantly.

All for free and now with a games section! HOW IT WORKS: Use your camera to scan the problem, write it out on our whiteboard, or enter it in our calculator. Whatever you choose, Math Solver will help you solve it instantly with a detailed step-by-step explanation, interactive graphs, or similar problems from the web. And when you’re ready for more practice, you can take a daily quiz, play a game, or explore video lectures and articles. WHAT YOU CAN DO: ● Scan printed or handwritten math ● Write a math equation on screen like you would on paper ● Type and edit using advanced math calculator ● Get interactive step-by-step explanations ● Access and leverage our graphing calculator ● Import images with math equations from your mobile device ● Learn more with similar problems and video lectures ● Scan and plot x-y data tables for linear/non-linear functions ● Learn in your language – we support Chinese, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and more WHAT WE CAN SOLVE: ● Elementary: arithmetic, real, complex numbers, LCM, GCD, factors, and percentages ● Pre-Algebra: radicals and exponents, fractions, matrices, determinants ● Algebra: quadratic equations, system of equations, inequalities, rational expressions, linear, quadratic and exponential graphs ● Basic Calculus: summations, limits, derivatives, integrals ● Statistics: mean, median, mode, standard deviation, permutations, combinations Learn more about Microsoft Math Solver on our website: https://math.microsoft.com/ Contact us at [email protected] or @microsoftmath on social. Looking forward to your feedback!

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