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Messages from Shadow Oracle Cards

  • Lifestyle
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Messages from Shadow Oracle Cards

  • Lifestyle
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User Reviews for Messages from Shadow Oracle Cards

Updated version?

I can’t open the freaking app. Well, no, I can. But then I get a “no data to show” message.

Dani.McD, Dec 09, 2022

This app is a great complement to the oracle deck. You can pull a card from anywhere and receive a powerful message to reflect upon. Great app!

Laura Reagan, LCSW-C, Apr 21, 2017
This application is terrible.

This application is terrible. I expected a useable process for reading the cards, but instead I got one card image at a time (I prefer three). I really wanted my money back, but my request was declined twice by Apple. I've bought several Oracle card decks and this is definitely the worst. I don't recommend this deck at all, not do I recommend getting the physical cards for $55.

Samalin, Apr 25, 2020

I have been using this deck for around a month, and these cards help so much when I am in a state of confusion, frustration, sadness, etc, and I don’t know why or I can’t pinpoint why. I take deep breaths, raise my vibration as much as I can and curiously ask why I am feeling the tension. These cards are so accurate. They honestly speak to help the healing process start. These are great when I am triggered too, but don’t know why. I then journal and reflect and can identify what caused the tension and how I can let go of it. This is a fantastic deck. Thank you for sharing these with the world.

Teelovespods23, Nov 03, 2018

App will not open. Cannot be refunded. Disappointed

TKKT197, Feb 20, 2023


Pull a Messages From Shadow Oracle card in this app and tune into the truth and vibration of the shadow for transformation. Whether you are looking for a shift in your experience of anxiety, depression, fear, anger or grief, this spiritual resource allows you to connect with the spirit of any pattern hiding out of your awareness that is ready for support. This deck of 34 energetically activated oracle cards were intuitively channeled and designed to reflect you back to shadow patterns and themes asking for presence, attention, and healing.

A reading from this cosmic resource answers the divine question: What is it about the presence of certain people, places, relationships, and circumstances that consistently wake up powerful behaviors and feelings in you that you don’t always understand? The oracle cards in this app are not meant to predict the future nor tell the story of the past, rather they hold the vibration of each present moment and are intended to hold up a mirror for you to meet your whole self. Then you are able to remember the Truth you’ve been hiding from yourself so you can return to a space of peace, love, abundance, and joy. Similar to meditation, these oracle cards allow you to focus deeply on the dark side of symptoms and experiences that are often in your blind spot so that you can choose to welcome healing. With the way the law of attraction works, if you are unaware of your shadow you continue to attract realities unconsciously and life can begin to feel out of your control. When you allow yourself to use psychic resources like the Messages From Shadow oracle cards, you fine tune your own intuition and begin to develop a deeper self-trusting relationship within that can be relied upon in your daily life for support. Like angel cards you may have seen, this collection of subtle energies, gently and directly show you any old wounds or abuse asking for witnessing and help you unlock the healing potential in the cellular memory. Use this app to tune into questions about what is keeping you stuck in love, money, health, purpose, and relationships including insight into past life interferences and ancestral patterns.

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