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Dilraj Devgun
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User Reviews for Meraki: To-Do List

Simple and Easy

Was using Teux Deux. Meraki is free and just as good! Great alternative

Blakester1, Jul 28, 2021
Perfect calendar companion

Meraki is so well designed you couldn’t be unorganized even if you wanted to. It turns what is usually an anxious and tedious process into a quick and stress free experience.+You can shine your shoes with all the polish dripping from this app. Favorite feature:The opening animation. I was actually quite annoyed with it initially but I’ve come to appreciate the moment of pause the Meraki sun brings. During the animation I take a deep breath and by the time I’m done I am in the app much calmer and more optimistic about the plans I’m about to transcribe. Now I look forward to using it.

extra cheese please, Jul 11, 2021

Im the worst procrastinator and this app gets me on top of my stuff!!

Mailesmiley, Feb 15, 2021
Simple, smooth, powerful.

Meraki offers the absolute best experience you can ever hope to have with to-do lists. Upon opening the app, you're greeted with a highly sleek and pleasant interface each and every time, and the app overall is highly snappy, responsive, and intuitive.In contrast to traditional productivity apps, Meraki offers a distinctly clutter-free UI — all of your tasks are presented in a clean interface that displays only the essentials, allowing you to focus on what really matters without any distractions. Additionally, the app comes with highly customizable themes with visually appealing color schemes to really personalize your lists. You can also manage multiple calendars accordingly, split your tasks up into different categories, and set up handy notifications to serve as convenient reminders. And when your dashboard is empty, there are awesome quotes shown to give you an occasional dash of motivation as well, which I’ve found to be a neat feature.This is an amazing app, and I would highly recommend it if you're looking for a fast and lightweight tool to help you structure your day.

MonégasqueFan, Feb 15, 2021
Perfect minimalist to-do list!

Exactly what I was looking for! Minimalist design with the basic features that I need - assigning dates to tasks and multiple task bins. Thanks!

piintheski, Jan 29, 2022
Simple and Effective

Absolutely beautiful UX, has the perfect level of functionality for someone who just wants to keep track of things without any feature bloat

poopal101, Feb 07, 2022
A stunning app

Meraki is the perfect marriage between conceptual aestheticism and functionality. It’s simple and easy to use thanks to helpful tooltips and it’s also beautifully designed with insane attention to detail. Something as monotonous as note-taking or planning becomes fun and more interactive because of the playful gestures and animations.

rebeccayecca, Apr 10, 2022

Love the aesthetic. Also very functional. It’s simplicity is welcome in this world of Too Much. Would love a cross platform to IPad.

Southeast transplant, Jan 04, 2022
elegant simplicity

I've been looking to get back to basics with a task manager. Meraki has a gentle design with wonderful touches, like thoughtful quotes that appear when you have a clean slate. I'm excited to see this one develop.

TAWinDE, Sep 16, 2021
GREAT ! But just one thing

I really love the aesthetic and ease of the app but one suggestion that could make the app perfect is the loading time into the app. I feel time the transition when you click on the app is too long.

vhyosy, Jun 15, 2021


Meraki [may-rah-kee] (v.) Do something with soul, creativity, and love; put a piece of yourself into your work. The quality of your tools impacts the quality of your work so use something that brings the best your best self out. Meraki is a beautiful, minimalist, and simple todo app that focuses on the core features without adding the bloat of other productivity tools.

Meraki is made under the principles of its name; built with passion and designed with purpose Meraki aims to inspire and create a relaxing virtual space as you approach the work ahead of you. Whether its tracking a list of items, planning your next trip, staying on top of homework, or tracking the work for your next project Meraki is flexible to fit your needs. FEATURES - Be inspired with a unique, tranquil, and intuitive interface - Groups tasks into custom categories and lists - Set reminders and notifications - Due dates and scheduling to track when to work or get things done by - Quickly add tasks right to an inbox and organize them later - Your Daily Briefing shows your calendar next to your tasks so everything is in once place - Sort mode provides a mechanism to approach your work and make mindful decisions about how you plan to get them done - Drag and drop to reorder - Swipe to complete and delete - Snooze tasks and focus on what matters in the moment - Dark mode + Theme customization COMING SOON: - Shared Lists - Widgets - Repeating tasks - Cross platform Sync (Web/Desktop Apps) - Task Analytics and Productivity Highlights If you have any questions, feature suggestions, or somethings wrong feel free to contact us: twitter: @merakitasks instagram: @meraki.app email: [email protected] Meraki is the result of hundreds of hours and attention to detail to bring you something beautiful and simple we hope you enjoy it. Please take a moment to leave us a review if you're a fan :)

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