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Mathway: Math Problem Solver

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User Reviews for Mathway: Math Problem Solver

Absolutely astonished

I’m a student in college who got stuck in a crapload of math classes to learn programming, and I’m stuck using a self-pace website. And it’s only gonna get harder when I get into Trig and Calc. This app? I can’t rate it enough. I have no words to describe how..HAPPY this app has made me, and how much it’s helping me. Not only does it *show* you the answer, but it shows how it came to that solution, too. Certain subjects sure; I know. It’s simple and I don’t need this app for some. But for things like dividing polynomials, that’s the stuff I never learned. This app helped me pass a good portion of my class!!! The fact you can see how the solution came to be is...phenomenal. It really helps *UNDERSTAND* the logic behind it; not just how, but what to do exactly, without a tutor standing behind you watching you. 50/5 stars. If I wasn’t broke, I would DEFINITELY pay for this app so much! It’s definitely worth every penny that’s ever been in my account!

AlexBeeeean, Oct 06, 2019
Best math solving app but still needs work

This app is great! It has helped me a ton in high school and in college classes if I needs help to check a problem or u detest and how to do a problem. For some problems it might tell you that something is unsolvable when it definitely is. I guess it just hasn’t had that problem put into the app so the software doesn’t understand it, my guess. One this I think would truly make this application stand out compared to the rest is putting word problems to solve for each category of math. For some work problems, it’s it’s a copy and paste word for word so getting answers and what to do with those wouldn’t be hard, however teachers always word problems in their own way so pulling out key words from a word problem to answer the question might not give you the exact problem you’re looking for, but I could give you a similar result to where you can get an idea on how to solve that word problem. Beside that, it’s the best app I’ve ever used!

AnthonyThomas215, May 11, 2020

I’m am math major and use this app to check work when I’m unsure. I’m almost done and have had problems the entire way through. When I first started this app was awesome it could any simple math up to calculus with no problems. Things like basic integrals were no problem for this app but once you start to do more difficult or complex integral the app responds with I’m unsure how to solve this problem. Sometimes I want to solve a polar equation let’s say and it won’t give me the option. It will graph it but if I use the variable r first it shuts down. I have to turn it into a rectangular equation then type that in which to me defeats the purpose of the app. A ton of my upper division math classes are kinda hard so I sometimes need an app like this to check work when I’m lost and have depended on this app for so long but recently it has let me down and I will most likely delete it.So I ended up deleting this app because I was tired of it not being able to solve anything. It can’t solve pretty basic limits like lim x!/x^n it just tells me that it’s unsolvable even though I could do something like this in my head. If you are not serious about math then this is a great app if you then don’t bother.

bskwoodworks, Apr 10, 2019

I downloaded this app when I first started college and for this semester,I am taking business calculus and let me tell you, it is not easy at all. So I use this app to help me solve some problems. If you’re not able to find the problem you’re looking for you can always searchfor it and you will find it. It has settings to change between “calculators”, so say you’re taking algebra, you will use the algebra tab, right now I’m learning about derivatives and I have the app on the calculus tab. You do ,however, have to pay 10$/month, but that’s if you want the steps on how it’s solved. I usually just use it for the answers and find my answers on how to solve it on my textbook. Regardless, this app is a must for any college students or even for high schoolers. Oh and one last thing, it’s free so why not take advantage of that !!

Caroline2276, Mar 25, 2021
It works but the full version hasn’t for me

I have been using this a lot this semester so I decided to pay for the monthly subscription then I could cancel the membership at the end of the semester, but it doesn’t even work. The subscription shows in my subscriptions list in my settings but I still can’t view the steps, and when I attempt to see how the problem is solved it brings me to the menu to subscribe to the paid part of the app. Honestly though, other than that. This app works pretty great, solves problems the right way and you can select the method of how you want the problem solved. You can change what kind of math you are trying to solve, and the answers are pretty spot on. The predictive text is even really good on this, it’ll help solve word problems and you kind of don’t em have to type anything in sometimes. However, the keyboard is very buggy and you can’t type very fast. It’s also kind of hard to navigate as there are like 4 different keyboard menus to choose from, I always forget where to find things and it kind of takes a while to load the text sometimes. But it does solve the problems.

Cwatty15, Sep 29, 2022

This online stuff been making some stressed out and my teachers didn’t explain nothing on how to solve algebra problems. So for a while I been googling answers but they weren’t giving me what I needed . My grades dropped and I was failing badly. I was at my lowest point and I completely lost hope. But one day as I was googling for an answer to ere was a ad that said that this math app will increase your grade in math and give u any answer u need. So knowing I didn’t have any other choice I downloaded it and immediately put the app to the test. What I found out astonished me. It actually gave me the correct answer and I couldn’t be happier. And ever since then , I been using Mathway and my grades increased. Mathway has helped so much and the most important thing it did to me besides make me pass was put a smile on my face. I was down bad but thanks to Mathway I am saved and stronger than before. Mathway is the way to go.

ice wheel, May 26, 2021

Once I was doing my homework I couldn’t figure it out I asked my mom to help me and I showed her and she fell asleep so I kind of started panicking Went downstairs to the table I started struggling and thinking and thinking so I went to the App Store looked and looked and looked and looked left to right for helping your homeworkIs the best I really do recommend it it is the best it will save your life and when I mean save your life I mean really save your life nobody really understands when they say that they saved their lifeThey never understand how much that person means they don’t even know how serious the persons like saying I really do recommend this app messed up in the world five star review amazing helpful save your life get it get it now get it now it’s the best app ever students allowed teacher teachers not allowed can students really need this app so don’t get mad at them if they have this app it’s the best time with them so hope you get it

its Allannah, Jan 06, 2021
Great and I highly recommend!!

I’m taking Calc One and this app has help me so much, can’t say enough. It is a tedious experience to learn straight from the book, with so few examples that you have to become autodidact due to the circumstances. Some Instructors being so old school in their ways of teaching such an abstract concept. Honestly, as a student in this day an age, the education system has fall behind on the notion of how we learn in today’s world. I’m a visual learner and need to learn step by step, in a clear and orderly way how to solve any problem. Mathway has become not only my occasional tutor but my teacher by allowing me to learn and reason each of the steps as well as giving me infinite choices to better develop my skill. Thank you Mathway for sharing this knowledge with us the students, I love math but hate limitations in an era when they’re shouldn’t be one.

MayalovesMath, Sep 30, 2021
All it does is give the answer

Seriously saying, this app is literally just useless unless if you know the answer to math problems and want to check your answers. Otherwise, paying wouldn’t be a consideration for me. For those who are on a tight budget, and have a strong desire to reach their future career, I’d say paying wouldn’t be worth it, especially if you are just doing a living only as a student with no career and if you do not have enough financial support. I’ve lived a long way with this app studying all day and all night and yet there is high demand for paying just to get the work shown to get the idea why a question is answered in a certain way.This is why nowadays I read reviews from various books titled for math and read books that give a full explanation of how an answer is earned. As a life lesson it’s just good to say the fact that spending is not worth it for this app since there are various places and apps to ask questions related to learning math (at least in my area). This app should be like a substitute teacher or tutor for those who are having trouble, but the fact that there is such huge fee just ruins the reason why I should install this app. Teachers ask for showing work, and yet I’m stuck, having no idea what to do to get the right answers. This also goes to understanding how an answer is caught as well.

Mohammad Tohidi, Nov 27, 2022
Good Content, Lousy Customer Care

I am extremely disappointed with the Mathway company and would advise anyone considering upgrading in order to receive step-by-step instructions to add a reminder to your calendar to cancel your monthly subscription at the end of the time you need it. Mathway will only send you one email receipt/invoice at the time of your initial payment. After that, they will never alert you to the fact that you are still paying for their monthly service during the summertime when you have no need for it. You could easily end up spending up to $120 for yearly access without realizing it. Perhaps I should go over my credit card bills with a fine-tooth comb every month, but I would prefer to work with companies who don’t want to take advantage of my busy lifestyle as a mom of 5 kids just trying to survive raising them. When I brought this matter to their attention, they refused to upgrade my account to an annual subscription even though my payments had already exceeded the cost of one. It’s too bad that they are not a company with better customer care because I found the math support to be very helpful.

Reprogrammer11, Oct 25, 2022


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