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Make AI Art Generator

  • Graphics & Design
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User Reviews for Make AI Art Generator

Simple to use. Very entertaining

I think the hardest part is making up some unusual or crazy thing to ask it to draw.

1JBStewart, Dec 21, 2022

If I send you $1.99, in return, you send me ONE IMAGE CREDIT?If the resulting image does not meet my Intention and I do not like it, I have to send you another $1.99 to try my text prompt again?I’ve already used the 3 free images to test the stability of this app and I would like to buy a credit package to continue, but 150 credits for $36 when there are competitors offering LIFETIME Text2Image Generating for a ONE TIME PAYMENT of $30…even OpenAI is not charging as much as you are to use the same model. OpenArtAI is now offering Dall-e-2 and they don’t come close to what you are charging per image generation. What gives?

AI-Phil, Nov 30, 2022

This is the most amazing tool I’ve ever used. It’s like it knows your vision and instantly produces it.

angjule41, Dec 15, 2022
Very Impressive

This text to image app is out of this world. Not only is it fun to use with the kids, I’m using it to update my company logo and to create art for our walls at home.

corvette keefe, Jun 22, 2023
This was pretty neat…the more detailed and specific you are the better.

My kids love it!

Dnoraja, Dec 24, 2022
Practically forced to write this review

I downloaded this app then spent $12 on credits so I could practice making images (the free download let’s you make 3 images free). However, even after paying $12 the app asked me EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. That I made an image if I wanted free credits for leaving “an honest review”. Every time I clicked “no” then it would ask me again the next time. I finally clicked “yes” just so it would quit asking me.I normally don’t leave negative reviews but you REALLY wanted my honest review, this is it. This app is mediocre, less powerful, and the credits are overpriced compared to other AI image generators.After wasting $12 for 100 images on this app I downloaded Uni Dream and spent $24 for a premium annual membership which gives me 500 images per month. So you can spend $12 for 100 images with this app or get a MUCH more powerful app that cost $24 for 6,000 images.

Dr. Tech, Dec 15, 2022
Great start

Working great so far only drawback is I wish we got more credits to start with like 3-5 rather than 1. The art is interesting and pretty but I’m sure there will be more improvements and at that time I’ll update my review! Such a GREAT start!

jillianalphabeta, Dec 29, 2022
It’s a lot of fun

I’ve been playing around some of these apps and this one was my favorite because of its simplicity and ease of use. Its the perfect set up to give people quick ways to a creative outlet.

Kelsey546, Mar 25, 2023
Primitive user interface, have to restart constantly

I was shocked by how poor the app itself looks—like a free app from the early days of the iPhone. The buttons for each function (save, generate etc.) may be unreachable if you type a prompt in that’s longer than a couple of lines—thus making it impossible to click on them until a lot of the words are deleted. (This may be because the app developers didn’t test their app on phones where people had increased the default font size.) Also, between images, I am needing to quit/close the app, because it just freezes.Finally—to the developer of this app who is responding to these reviews: If you feel the need to insult anyone who gives your app a lower rating, criticizes something about it, or reports a negative experience they have, you might want to sit down with someone and process that. If you’re really good at your job, you should be able to withstand a little candor. You’re missing out on valuable feedback if you belittle people. Would you rather that your critics just delete and ignore your app, rather than try to give criticism or suggestions on how they feel it could be improved?

Knvision, Jan 15, 2023
Disruptive but awesome

This obviously going to change life as we know it, I hope people use it for good. It’s awesome though

mikeG0ra88, Dec 29, 2022


Finally, you can now use Dali to turn your text ideas into AMAZING ART using just your iPhone! This app harnesses the power of Text to Image Artificial Intelligence API Technology to generate INCREDIBLE art and images! 1 - Enter your idea in the prompt text box 2 - Hit the generate button 3 - Be amazed and don't forget to share your creations!!! If you can think it, you can create it!

For the first time in our lifetime, anyone can truly be an amazing artist! All you have to do is think about what you want to see, type it and hit generate!!! It's like magic! If you get stuck when creating, make sure to check out our Ideas section, tap on any text you see there to copy it to the clipboard then paste that text in the prompt field on the homepage! Don't forget to share your amazing creations with family, friends and even coworkers or fellow artists!!! Terms & Conditions https://www.emojiworlds.com/end-user-license-agreement/ Privacy Policy: http://www.emojiworlds.com/?page_id=717 Disclaimer: This is an independent app created by Empires Mobile, LLC.

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