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Magic Life-Face Swap&Effects

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Magic Life-Face Swap&Effects

  • Entertainment
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User Reviews for Magic Life-Face Swap&Effects

Best face swap I’ve seen on a app but add this!

The face swap is very good but I got a membership hoping there was a feature where I am able to face swap videos from my camera roll there’s not many options just from the app plz add the phones gallery for a face swap as an option if you added that S tier app!

@$lick Vibez the lll Figure, Jan 26, 2022
Serious waste of money

It seems like the subscription gives you more things in the app, but you actually need to buy it to do anything. It acts like it will show you the information about you, but just then, it says to pay. Who would pay all of that money to find stupid information. I’m sure you could find it yourself with a quick google how to search, or an actually cheap or free app. I recommend this to nobody, unless you are some money wasting rich person who only cares about saving time.

1Light2, Mar 26, 2022
I have no idea how this app has any good reviews

The aging is ridiculous it just makes your hair gray and adds 10 pounds to your face and the way to make yourself younger just looks like a cartoon baby version of yourself. Also I tried what your future baby would look like and every time it came out the exact same way, no matter what picture you used, I even put a picture of myself in for both the mother and father and it still gave me that same pictures from previous tries. And it makes you sign up for a free 3 day trial before you can even use the app and then you get charged after that. Don’t do it it’s a complete scam and a horrible app not worth any money

abbyjean1999, Apr 22, 2022

This app lied and said it was free once you get it you have to subscribe to get it to work of course I didn’t because I didn’t want to spend my money on a app so I deleted the app this app completely lied in the ad and in the information box nobody should ever get this app it lies a ton this app is a complete scam it is absolutely teribullll btw it has a lot of ads they make you watch if you want to get something complete waste of time trying to get the app complete scam this app is complete crap really mad don’t waste your time with this app I hate you app and person who made it🤬🤬🤬😡🤬🤬🤬🤬

blitthaz, Apr 19, 2022
Horrible- don’t get

Does not work, very pricey, they make you pay to see what you will look like when your older and it does not even show you all it does is give you gray hair. Also the palm reading changes every single time, face swap does work but does not let you up load photos. The future baby also does not work it just gives me a random baby and makes you feel bad about your self. I would continue looking for an app like this before getting it. It really does not work. It’s false advertisement, the adds are nothing like it.

Dog_Cat18, Mar 16, 2022

First they have so many things to see your future life so much so many I could imagine that I’m gonna try but it’s hard to choose which one you’re gonna do because there’s so many experience

ffbgfgnfhgf, Mar 18, 2022

Ok, so I saw on the ad it’s TOTALLY free! But whoever made it NO! I wish I was the owner and delete the game because it cost money, I don’t want to waste my money and TIME to do and pay for that stupid game, I downloaded it and says subscribe, I pressed that and says to PAY!!!😤😤😤Like app store please if your making more games please don’t make them cost money, like we want to play the game 🎮 This is a total scam ❌I have some coloring games and THEY COST MONEY!!!! I have Pokémon and it cost MONEY!!! Please whoever is reading this don’t waste your money or time to do any of those games that says it’s free, I hate those kinds of games so I would rather do no stars on the game, the app store is using everything for money there stealing are money 💵 There taking are money so don’t use your money you can literally buy anything else you want except these stupid games!

Forever Turtles, May 07, 2022
Don’t get this.

100% scam. 😠 this is nothing like the ad. The ad says “totally free” and the simulators look awesome. Yeah no. 🚫 A total scam. Reeks with ads and you can’t use anything unless you pay them. I paid, and the age simulator just adds wrinkles onto you face. 😒 Honestly, this is completely fake. Don’t waste your time or money pls. 😔 I am very disappointed. It makes you watch ads to unlock the things. Then it goes through a whole thing to get you excited. Another ad. 🤬Then it slowly goes down to show the picture and 1/4 of the way down and stops. Freezes and says “buy pro to unlock features!” As if. Absolutely stupid. If I could give a 0 star review this would be a -100. 😕

GoTNo NamE, Mar 06, 2022
Truly such a TERRIBLE app

The people who made this app should be ashamed. This app is so very clearly just meant to trick you into paying the $7 PER WEEK subscription plan. I mean, as soon as you try any feature you realize it doesn’t work as advertised. It barely does anything to your face for the age/gender changing ones. And it uses the same 2 standard baby pictures (1 boy and 1 girl) with very slightly altered facial dimensions for every baby (of the same ancestry) generated. And apparently mixed race babies don’t exist in this world because you have to choose the same vague ancestry for both parents. Apps like this are disgusting. They’re trying to trick people, often kids, into downloading them and signing up for a short free trial with the hope that people will just forget to cancel the subscription before it starts charging them (in 2 days). They could at least TRY to make it a functioning app 😒😠

HonestlyJace, Jan 21, 2023
Please Read

Ok so first of all let me be clear that I DO NOT think that app deserves a five star rating, I just did that so it wouldn’t go straight to the bottom and then no one would see it. So the app is free right? Well, everything IN the app you have to pay for which is total nonsense! I mean, if you’re not gonna make people pay for the app but make them pay for everything that you can do on it…then what was the point?! It doesn’t make sense and it’s not a good deal or marketing strategy. So why do it??

Kind of mad player, Jan 13, 2023


Magic Life is a face special effects editing application. With powerful artificial intelligence technology, you can swap faces with the characters in the video and try amazing photo effects. Main Features: Face Swap Video We have prepared a wealth of materials for you through user preferences.

You can replace your face with the character in the video or photo to generate unique content and share it with your friends. Cartoon Effect It is interesting gameplay that can make your photos fully personalized. After uploading or taking a photo, you can cartoon yourself or any photo with just one click. Back to Young With AI technology supported by Magic Life, it's possible to go back to your childhood again. You can easily get younger and look like a teenager after applying this effect. Life Journey See the changes over a long period of time on your face. Use this aging effect and have a quick check of your future appearance after 30 years. Hand Analysis People’s hand lines usually reveal individual personalities and character traits. Read your palm line and explore the mystery hiding in them. Gender Switch Have you ever imagined what you would look like after changing to the opposite sex? Tap the toggle button to check your brand new face. Baby Prediction What will your future baby look like? Will your future baby be more like a father or a mother? Upload your face image and it will help you generate photos of your future baby. Personal Test Take the magic test to reveal your unique talents and special skills. Magic Life provides interesting quizzes. We hope that by taking the quiz, you can understand yourself better. Payment&Subscription: Choose from the following subscription options for unlimited access to all features: • Weekly Subscription • Monthly Subscription • Annual Subscription Magic Life’s free trial allows you unlimited access to all features for the duration of 3 days. Your account will be automatically charged for renewal, based on the annual subscription plan, within 24 hours before the end of the 3 day free trial period. You can cancel auto-renewal at any time, given that the cancellation is at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. Any unused portion of a free trial period will be forfeited when making a purchase of an auto-renewing subscription. The cancellation must be done 24 hours before the end of a free trial or subscription period to avoid being charged. It will take effect the day after the last day of the current subscription period, and you will be downgraded to free service. Terms of Service: https://www.vostoxglobal.com/terms-of-service Privacy Policy: https://www.vostoxglobal.com/privacy-policy

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