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القاعدة النورانية

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القاعدة النورانية

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User Reviews for القاعدة النورانية

Excellent ! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️+++!!!

Simply put Excellent ! It should be rated ten stars easily for the serious person , student , or laymen that wants to learn this beautiful language look no further this is the book and I hope that they continue to update this blessed and wonderful App by the permission of Allah. Jazallahukhrin !!! 📖📖📖

Abu Eysa, Oct 17, 2019

T This is a great tool. Easy to follow al. I would recommend this tool for beginners his is a great tool. Easy to follow along. I would recommend this tool for beginners ould recommend this tool for beginners

AtiyyahGill, Dec 14, 2019
Best app to learn to read Qur’an.

I learned with this app and now teach with it. May Allah SWT reward the developers with Jannah Al-Firdaous. Please make it free for all the world to learn. And get your Akhira payment instead Insha’Allah.

EzMilk, May 21, 2022
This app is what helped me be able to read Quran in Arabic.

This is the app that really helped me learn how to read Arabic. Before this I struggled a lot learning Arabic, but this app is really really helpful and goes slowly step by step, from the very easy letters to the more complex words. Also, there are words tailored to the words of the Quran, so if that's your goal, this app is the best.

hamza alaudi, Oct 03, 2021
Faruq groups Noorani al qaida

This is very amazing app my kids learned hikaad from this app plus we physical book which same version with the application!

Hiirad mohamed Ali, Aug 02, 2021
Faruq groups Noorani al qaida

This is very amazing app my kids learned hikaad from this app plus we physical book which same version with the application! Great app ! This book is very helpful and generous, I’ll recommend for everybody.

Hiirad mohamed Ali, Jul 31, 2022
Problem ..

I purchased the app, but the icon has disappeared from my screen. I can’t even see it in my settings. The only way I can access the app is if I come to “App Store” and open it. I can’t even uninstall and re-download to reset it because I can only access it by opening it in app store. What can I do?

Liily loves Oud, Dec 24, 2021
Fun and easy

Makes learning pleasant and easy. With a press of a button you can choose instantly what you want to hear.

Milanovabee, Jul 28, 2022
I definitely recommend this app to all muslims

Definitely recommend it

Muhammad toure, Jun 21, 2022
Great app best noorani Qaida

I like Best nourani qaida software. It has the original voice of the author and the software is designed is amazing. Thanks the repeating and spelling function

Safka1, Aug 21, 2021


يسرُّ مجموعة الفرقان للتعليم وتقنية المعلومات أن يُقدِّمَ هذا التطبيقَ على الهواتفِ الذكية لعملائه الكرام، والذي يَشْمَلُ دروسَ القاعدةِ النورانيةِ صوتاً وصورةً، وتمَّ برمجتُهُ بحيثُ يكونُ سَهْلَ الاستخدامِ وأكثرُ جاذبيةً للطلابِ والطالباتِ؛ ويساعد في اكتساب المَهَارَاتِ الأسَاسِيِّةِ لتَعَلُّمِ اللُغَةِ العَرَبِيِّةِ، والقرآنِ الكريمِ وهي: (مَهَارَةُ السَّمْعِ، وَالنُّطْقِ، وَالقِرَاءَةِ)، سائلين الله أن ينفع أبنائنا وبناتنا في مشارق الأرض ومغاربها... ​المدير العام ​المهندس/ محمد فاروق الراعي The Furqan group for Education and IT is pleased to present their new smart phone application for Qaaidah Nooraniyah, which has both audio and visual features that are user friendly and engaging for students. This application redefines the best in Arabic learning and will assist them in acquiring the skills of listening, pronunciation and reading required to learn the Arabic language and The Noble Quran. We ask Allah to benefit our learners all over the world.

With best wishes. General Manager Eng. Mohammad Farooq Alraee Le groupe Furqan pour l’enseignement presente à saclientèle une nouvelle application pour Smartphones, comprenant toutes les leçons « An-Nourania » sous forme audiovisuelle, et programmée de maniere simple et attractive, et offrant les compétencesnecessaires pour maitriser la prononciation de lalangue arabe et du Noble Coran. Nous demandons à Allah d’en faire profiter nos enfants à travers le monde. Le directeur général Ing. Mohammad F. Alraee

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