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Likewise: Movie, TV, Book Recs

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Likewise: Movie, TV, Book Recs

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Likewise, Inc.
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User Reviews for Likewise: Movie, TV, Book Recs

Meaningless Personal Data Grab

Aside from the other issues typically talked about (poor UI, few recommendations per day, etc.), the biggest thing for me is the transience of user interaction/conversation. I commented on a thread about a book disagreeing with some others and explaining my own opinion (not at all a heated convo, just usual discourse). Next day original comment stood starting the convo, but all subsequent comments (including my own) were deleted and replaced with new ones from other users). Either the app can’t save or the developer is hugely over-moderating user comments. Whatever the explanation, I now see why there are so few comments on the app. Half the point for me is to know what others think about books, films, etc. Getting rid of those conversations on developer whims makes the app pretty meaningless to me. Unfortunately, that only leaves the app’s purpose to be collecting your data and selling it with no meaningful benefit to you, the user. I will be deleting the app shortly.

Andy33132, Aug 19, 2021
Easy, intuitive, and truly useful

A stellar app. It’s intuitive, easy to navigate, rewards consistent use, and fills a niche I’m not sure I knew existed. I love the ease of use and the instantaneous feedback from the community. My only critiques of the app as it is are:• I wish rank was more transparent. I’d like to easily see what my rank is, how far I have to go to the next, and what ranks exist beyond my current one. I’d also like to know what, if anything, my ranking means beyond simply showing that I’ve made a lot of recommendations. • I wish searches had less redundancy. There are often multiple editions of a book listed in a search, particularly with older works. Having singular instances of books would be a quality of life improvement. More than anything, I’m hoping to see new features added. Movies+TV, books, and podcasts make up a good chunk of media consumption, but I’d love to see sections for games and music, as well. I’d also love to see the restaurants section get on par with the media sections: it’s the weakest part of the app right now, and I can’t wait to see it made as good as the other parts.

BearRespecter, Jul 06, 2020
Get it. It’s amazing especially for readers.

Yes I’m actually real. As a reader that reads just about everything and always has her nose stuck in a book, I am 100% completely in love with this app. It makes it really easy to find books you like, with genres you’re used to and try out new ones. It even takes books you’ve already read and puts ones similar. It’s easy to save and skip. Plus NEW EVERYDAY? !!! It’s just great. The only thing that could even be slightly improved is if you were able to hit a button and it brought you to where you could buy it, showed you the profile on goodreads to save it there too, how much it is to buy exc. other than that though, it’s amazing. And if you like to read, definitely get it. AND FOR MY NON READERS: there is also podcasts and shows, I haven’t set up either of those but I have friends that love it for those as well. If you’re a reader this is a must have. But get it anyways if you’re not a reader. GET IT GET IT GET IT !!!

burntheboats, Apr 29, 2022
I’ve wanted something like this for so long

When the pandemic started, I had a lot more free time for books, TV, movies, and podcasts, but I didn’t have a good way to discover new stuff, nor talk about the stuff I was watching/listening/reading. I wanted a way to bridge the gap between content consumption and socialization. After it didn’t exist (so I thought) for 2 years, I decided to go and try to build it. I came up with a pitch deck, found a start up advisor, and started my market research. 25 or so conversations in, and I finally discovered Likewise. This app is almost everything I envisioned mine would be (although I have a handful of ideas for them). I’m really happy it exists. The reason it didn’t hit my radar sooner is probably because this one’s early adopters tend to me teens and 20-something’s, whereas I’m in my 30s. I’d love to work there some day because I have big ideas on how this could grow and gain a wider audience.

dg128472, Feb 19, 2022

When I need to find a book to read this is the place I go. Not only is it a good place to find the next book you want to curl up in bed with. It’s a place for all the people who like reading to connect with one another. Putting our thoughts of the things we read out there for others to consider. It’s quite beautiful honestly. But this isn’t just for readers, NAY NAY, this is for lovers of podcast, movies, and tv shows. Need a new tv show? Likewise is a perfect place to go! Now, the one BIG (but not that big of a deal) thing is that I would 1000 percent love, is for this app to be compatible with iPad’s. I mostly do my reading on my iPad and that’s where I do most of any type of reading. Unless it’s a texts. This includes Likewise. However, when I downloaded it on my iPad the only part of my screen that like was filled was as small as the screen of my phone. I was sad.. For now, i just use Likewise on my phone, but hope one day to use it on my iPad.

Hdjaunxjs, Jul 30, 2022
Community Recs make this worth it

It’s true. The daily suggestions aren’t stellar. And the options you have to pick from to help “improve the daily recommendations” aren’t great either.BUT…I’m here for the community part! Being able to ask for recommendations and make suggestions to others is borderline addicting. I’ll often watch a movie and think it was really good and want to find more like it. A Google search for “movies like ______” yield sketchy results. Either an algorithm or a single author creates the list. But with LikeWise you have all these other people who love tv/movies/books as much as you. So the suggestions are diverse yet spot-on. It’s fun to scroll through the oddly specific suggestion lists and find things I never would’ve thought to watch or read (depending on if you’re here for the tv/movies or book recs). There’s a podcast section too if that’s your thing.

ilkjen, Aug 26, 2021
Love! Wish there was a delete option though..

I can’t even say how much I love this app. I have been searching for book recommendations for my very specific taste in books for months, and finally I’m surrounded by a community who actually knows what it is I’m looking for! In an hour I had 10+ books in my need-to-read list. I do wish that there was a delete option. I selected several books on accident that I didn’t mean to select when going through the initial “things I have read and liked” that I haven’t actually read, but there is no way to unselect that you have read them or delete them out of your list of read books later on. I also recommended the wrong book to someone and it wouldn’t let me delete my recommendation so I just had to leave a comment. It’s a simple enough feature and it’s pretty annoying that it’s not there. Hopefully in a future update though! Thanks for this beautiful app!

Jaunboy, Dec 22, 2020
love this app!! only a few things that could make it 10x better

i literally am so obsessed with this app. it’s so nice to be able to find good book recs from real people and to be able to recommend books yourself. i find myself having not many people to talk to about books i’m obsessed with, and this app helps me so much with that. i love hearing everyone’s opinions and being in a community of people who have the same passion for books that i do. there’s only a few things that i think could make it better. first, add dates for posts/comments. i’ll find a post or an ask and like idk when it was written because there isn’t a date. it would be so helpful if this was added. second, there’s a tv/movies portion, a book portion, and a podcast portion. please, PLEASE, add a song portion. this would make this app everything and so much more. there are so many specific meanings that i wanna find songs about, but google isn’t always very helpful and having real people to ask would literally be all i’ve ever wanted in life. music is my favorite thing ever and being able to share my own favorite songs and also have songs recommended to me based on specific things i want in them sounds like an absolute dream for me. i know that sounds dramatic, but it really would mean so much. other than that, the app is definitely one of my all-time favorites on my phone! i love it.

KarianaStar13, Aug 09, 2022
I love this app

Honestly, I’m a movie buff and love re-watching the same movies with new perspectives. Sometimes it's hard to remember all of my favorite movies or tv shows. I use this app to save shows that I've watched, want to watch, or rewatch. I love the grouping of recommendations based on your saves, for example, “my favorite comedy shows and movies.” I tend to do this on my own time, but I think it could go further, like when I'm in the mood for empowering movies with a strong female lead in business. It could, for example, recommend The Devil Wears Prada and The Intern, two of my favorites. Or if I want to watch movies based in Paris, it could group recommend Pixar's Ratatouille with another Paris-based movie. Or even groupings based on classic chick flicks. I understand this would take a lot more time, and you would probably would to have someone physically creating collections, as opposed to Ai like I think it is now. But hey, if you're interested in I’m all on board. Overall I love this app. It’s free, and if you watch movies or tv shows, I don’t see any reason not to use it!

Lavonte Robinson, Feb 26, 2021
Hit or Miss

Some of the features on this app are pretty good. I especially like the option to ask specific questions and get recommendations from other users. But when it comes to the “today” page, it’s a complete hit or miss. Some days they’ll only show me 3 or 4 movies, and none of them will be even close to things I like (which is super frustrating because you have to wait a full 24 hours for new ones.) But other days I’ll get 6 or 7 that are great. It’s also annoying that they ask me to choose from podcasts every day, even though I clearly don’t like podcasts, as I haven’t saved a single one. Yet they will show me literally zero books, even though I have multiple lists full of novels. Basically, the user recommendation feature is great, but the algorithm is mediocre at best.Beyond that, this app also just has a bunch of little problems that altogether make it annoying to use. The biggest one is that if your post exceeds a certain character limit, it just shows a “...” but there’s no way to view the full thing. You also can’t comment on a move or book unless you’ve liked it, and it sometimes crashes. It’s also pretty stupid that they mark it as 12+ but if you aren’t at least 13 you can’t even make an account, this didn’t effect me but it did effect my brother and that’s just dumb. Among other smaller problems. Just needs some updating for sure.EDIT: Absolutely hate the new update. Layout is so annoying and confusing. Probably will stop using the app now

Raven1082, Apr 23, 2021


Find your next favorite with Likewise. Easily discover and share great recommendations for movies, TV shows, books, and podcasts. Find out what to watch and where to watch it.

Explore interesting things to read and listen to. Likewise learns what you like to give you better recommendations. Our combination of smart technology and real suggestions from real people helps you quickly cut through the clutter to find movies, TV shows, books, and podcasts that you'll love. Explore Likewise Groups to get suggestions from people who love the same things you do. Browse for hidden gems or join the conversation. It’s an easy fun way to discover new things and share favorites with other like minded people. The best way to find recommendations - Personalized to your distinct tastes, Likewise learns what you like to give you smarter recommendations. - Daily recommendations just for you. Every day, you’ll have new recommendations waiting when you log in to the Likewise app. - Quickly find what you want, fast. Easily search across all your interests and streaming services with one convenient app. It’s fast and easy to search across all your streaming services at one time, or filter by specific streaming service, genres, and more. - Love lists? We do too. You can save all your favorites in one place and never lose track of the shows or books you want to remember. Find and organize your interests and get back to them easily. A community of like minded people - Easily share suggestions or discuss favorites with friends and family in your own private spaces. See their latest recommendations in the group activity feed and keep all their suggestions in one easy to find place. - A community of true enthusiasts. Browse suggestions, connect with like-minded people, give and get great recommendations. Start discussions and share about your favorite things. A great way to explore - Curious about podcasts but you're not sure where to start? Wish it were easier to find something to read? Likewise is for you. - Great for niche interests. From Anime fans to Rom-Com connoisseurs—Likewise's comprehensive library and mix of interests has something for everyone. Recommendations for Movies, Shows, Books, and More: - Movie and TV show recommendations - Find what to watch and where to watch it. - Create watchlists across all your streaming platforms (Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video, HBO, and more). - Book and podcast recommendations - Find interesting stuff to read and listen to. We love hearing from you! If you have questions or suggestions tap the in-app feedback button or contact us at [email protected]

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