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Steve Snyder
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User Reviews for Layer Up

Great Game

This game is super simple in theory but offers a good bit of challenge in practice. It’s quick to pick up and easy to jump into for a minute or two. It’s well worth the money and I worked through the currently available puzzles in about a day, a few minutes at a time.You’re given a static base layer and, currently, up to 4 layers to move and spin into place.The most difficult puzzles are ones without a main color to anchor onto. Zebra was probably the hardest one for me even thought it didn’t have the most layers.I found it most helpful to clear the field and work top layer down, especially in later levels. My only criticism is how fiddly the rotation can be. It feels like the layers have a bit too much inertia and spin; they’re just as difficult to get spinning as they are to stop. I was hard for me to get layers lined up exactly. That said - the game has a proper amount of wiggle room in the solution to counteract this. I’m just a perfectionist and really wanted every piece exactly in place.Overall, well worth the price and I had a good bit of fun with it.

BeanTLDR, Jun 18, 2019
The game is GREAT ...

This game is wonderful ... I love it .... please add more puzzles .... I’m on level 35 and I want more .... it’s still the best .... thanks for ur response ....looking forward to additional puzzles .... the puzzles are satisfying ....somewhat easy but at times challenging ....

bunzer67, May 20, 2019
Thank You

Great game. I enjoyed this very much, and Anamorph as well. I hope there will be an expansion pack. Well worth the price.It would be nice to be able to grey out the base layer so I can work with two of the other layers separately. Thank you!

Idontwant12345678, May 21, 2019

I’m not sure what this game did to my brain because I thought it was impossible at first, then after a few I could just zero in on how to match things up so easily! So fun!

Kidoz1, May 27, 2019
More of a challenge than I expected

The concept is so simple, but it turned out to be more of a challenge than I expected. I found it to be addictive, and very satisfying when the parts finally came together and the picture appeared. Nice graphics... simple controls... Fun game!

Live4Now32819, Jun 19, 2019
Great Game

This is a great game for pattern seekers. It’s just hard enough to be challenging but not impossible. Thank you for the wonderful diversion. Please make more levels.

M.o.m.1962, Jun 19, 2019
Intriguing and challenging

What an intriguing and original concept! Amazing graphics. I’m enjoying it immensely. If possible would love to see more “help” in the help button besides the object’s identity.

Musicaholic, May 18, 2019
Great job, Devs!

I love games this like and seek them out as much as I can. What I specifically love about this one that other games don’t allow, (like Anamorph and Shadowmatic), is the fact that you can take each layer and set it aside on the screen so you could just focus on the layer you’re currently working on. It is a great game and great price. I wish there were more levels but for this cost I really can’t complain. Great job, Devs.

Owlissa, Feb 28, 2020
Maybe 3d objects, animals etc

I haven’t played this yet but the concept is fascinating. As I was looking at the video, I envisioned a maybe possibility of doing this in 3 dimension. You would have to be able to turn layers 90 degrees etc., and/or flip the layers to reverse them for right or left side fittings. Maybe down the road a game like that could be designed???

Rd401, Jun 17, 2019
Simple at first, gets challenging but stays fun

This game was a joy to play. The design is clean and simple, and it starts very easy but quickly becomes challenging. It stays interesting, though, and I was actually thrilled when a new set was added. What’s really interesting is that there are internal rules you learn, where sometimes you’re matching up triangles on top of each other to figure out how it goes, but other times you’re trying to find where they fit side by side. It forces you to try different things to find solutions, which keeps the gameplay from getting stale. I wasn’t expecting to like the game so much, but I’d gladly pay for more levels. I’m replaying the ones that are out now. Thanks for making this charming little game!

Solrisen, Jun 28, 2019


"Layer Up is a Beautiful Art Puzzler Featuring Stained-Glass Like Images" - AppAdvice No ads and no IAPs Arrange layers to reveal the hidden image. Merge colors and match shapes in this extraordinary art puzzle using a unique "stained glass" gameplay. Simple and intuitive controls.

No ads and no IAPs. No locked levels so no worries about advancing past a difficult level. Just select a level and experience hours and hours of relaxing and satisfying art puzzle fun. Collect all the beautiful art for your Layer Up Art Gallery by completing levels. Be challenged as the difficulty level increases as more layers are added to these individually hand-crafted puzzles. Puzzles range from 2-layers (easy) to 5-layers (difficult). FEATURES: No ads or IAPs No locked levels Just one small price for the complete game and hours of picture puzzle fun Sleek and clean design 50 beautiful hand-crafted levels Collect art for your Layer Up Gallery Download or Share art using the social media of your choice

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