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Hog Hunting Calls

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Hog Hunting Calls

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Gary Bell
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User Reviews for Hog Hunting Calls

Sound artificial, will see if it works

Just downloaded the app and previewed the sounds. I’m pretty sure these are recordings of a person imitating hog sounds. Will test it in the field and see what the hogs think. Will revise my rating if it actually calls in hogs.

Cole1894, Oct 14, 2021
App works great

I played the hog in Distress with the squad sounds for like 10 min and had 8 hogs 10 feet from the stand,Also did the angry boar with hog fighting and got 3 big boys to come right out in the open!

frostwatertower, Dec 31, 2019
Killed my first hog with this.

I had never hunted hogs before but wanted to do my part to help eliminate the invasive species. On a whim I downloaded this app in the stand because I hadn’t seen anything all week and it was free in the App Store. You have to turn your ringer on for the sound to work but once I did I played the “Crazy Boar+” and “Javelina sqls” on max volume from my phone. I almost pooped my pants when I looked over 20 mins later and there was a pig headed straight for my stand. Took down the sow, had to be ~200 lbs. might but be the best app for pig calls but apparently it does the trick.

Krae b, Dec 20, 2019
Does NOT work!

No sounds come out and has no option for setting or help with sounds not coming ou

luvztohunt, Nov 26, 2019

Did not have high expectations for this app as predator calls have never been effective on my family’s land. Tried this out two nights in a row. The first night I used it very sparingly and saw nothing. The second night I played “feeding frenzy” on a loop for about 5 minutes and as soon as I turned it off a 250+ boar came out of the brush. The range isn’t great which should be expected but it definitely works at calling them into the open.

madiroy, Apr 07, 2020
No good

So first off. You can’t use it when your phone is on mute. Does no good when I play a loop then set the phone down and someone texts me. That needs fixed. Second and definite not helpful is the fact that it sounds like the hogs are in a warehouse or a metal barn. Definitely going back to traditional calls.

RR2004al2001!@#*, Oct 27, 2019
Too Good to be True…

When I downloaded this app I thought it was “too good to be true…“ But I was wrong. It is true. On my first night I was able to call in three hogs… I am absolutely blown away by how effective this app is. Thank you guys for putting it out there.

Str8shooter-816, Nov 09, 2021
It doesn’t even work

No sound plays when you press the button

upset23105, Sep 06, 2019
It really works

I killed my first hog today. I used the mating (tapped it once) and then heard a rustling a ways away. I waited about 20 seconds and played it again. There was a much closer rusting so I got my shotgun and flashlight ready, out popped a big black hog and I got em. This app works. 😀

verybadcustomerservice, Jan 04, 2021
Works fine if your smart enough to operate your phone

Realistic sounds. Works well. The ding dongs leaving reviews that say no audio when you press a button probably don’t realize you have to have your volume up on your phone. As far as the problem of having your phone ring or text while using the app, just put your phone on airplane mode... it’s concerning that the people complaining about this app are allowed to even own firearms.

wollybooger, Dec 06, 2019


Download this app to help you have success in calling in wild hogs. Field proven calling sounds drives them crazy. Unlike other hog calling apps on the market, this one was designed with you, the hunter in mind.

Everything is on one screen. When you're out in cold weather, the last thing you want to be doing is navigating through many screens to get to the sounds and controls. This app solves that problem. When you start this app up, it's ready to go. The sounds on this calling app are of the highest quality and have been field-proven time and time again by seasoned and knowledgeable turkey hunters, and the app itself was designed by a veteran of the game calling industry. This is the only hog calling app you'll ever need for bringing in the boars and sows. This app is ideal for photographers and wildlife biologists too. You can play multiple sounds together at the same time, and it can also loop individual sounds so they play non-stop. You can use your own Bluetooth or wireless speaker/amplifier by connecting it to the headphone jack for added volume to aid in long-distance calling. This will be especially useful when crow hunting as you want to be able to broadcast your sounds to much further distances to bring them in to you. Includes the following 15 sounds: Angry Boar Boar Grunts & Growls Crazy Boar Hog Feeding Frenzy Hog Feeding Sounds Hog Mating Sounds Irritated Boar Hog Calming Sounds Hog Grunts Hog Fighting Sounds Hog in Distress Pig Screaming Pig Squeals & Snorts Pig Squealing Sounds Javelina Squeals

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