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Hashtag Generator - Tage App

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User Reviews for Hashtag Generator - Tage App

Very responsive support

I am very impressed with the quick response of the support team. I sent a question and a comment about some categories that were missing (and important to my niche). They were quick to respond, fix the bug, issue an app update and added the categories. Well done! Beyond that, the app is easy to use and works great. 👍🏼

AggieArch97, Oct 28, 2017
Best stuff

If you know what the hashtags are for, this is the app for you. Hashtags are added regularly and there is a trending section to let you know what is popular. I mostly use it with custom hashtags i added myself, love the new customize layout option. My advice is to use your own hashtags and definetly not more than 20 in a single post.Definetly better than the other apps i tried.You can also get other peoples hashtags if you are posting about same concept.

Appbuzinez, Jun 25, 2020
Caption extractor features hardly ever works

I like this app a lot, although the caption extractor almost never works and it’s quite frustrating as I have a paid membership. Is there something you can do to fix it? ...thank you

asersanti, Apr 13, 2021
App Makes No Sense To Me

I want an app that allows me to curate and save hashtags in groups where I can later add them easily to my posts. All this seems to do is generate them so that I can copy and add them to individual posts. I also want to be able to group tags by volume of posts they generate amongst other things. I want to be able to figure out the tags I want to rank for and I can’t do that either. I thought I knew what I was buying. I suppose the app is great for the average person who just wants more likes but for someone running a business who is trying to market and build a brand I don’t really see it doing what I need it to do. My bad for not checking it out a bit more thoroughly.

ConjuringMind, Apr 17, 2020
Swiss Knife for Instagram📱#

I don't write reviews but this app really made me to write one for it. This is really a must have application for all the people who use instagram regularly and who struggles a lot with different applications to do their work. This app performs work of around 7 apps within one app.Probably the best Insta tool I've ever seen.. With such a variety of fabulous features! Each and every feature works smooth! No issue regarding the working process! Great app. Clean UI, simple and intuitive. Highly recommended!

Dyg9krm, Jan 06, 2020
Fast and easy

I tried many hashtag apps, this is the only one that does not ask for your Instagram credentials. Tons of premade hashtags and very easy to use custom hashtag section.They added a bunch of new features. New online hashtag feature is awesome. This is the only app i use for IG now. I frequently use story repost and hashtag genarator. Fancy texts are great if you want a cool looking bio in your IG, dont need to spend money on other apps. Good work, hope they continue to add new features.

Eathanymn, Dec 04, 2019
Trend Halloween2017 in July 2019 ? 🤔

This gives me a true idea how up to date and functional this app is before I buy it! Several “trending 2017” in July 2019, I don’t think so. This is the week of the Apollo moon landing and it’s not on the trending list? Are we using a 1959 encyclopedia for these things?While the basic hashtags are alright, but if you get specific, for instance “truck” but if you want to drill down to Chevrolet Trucks, you are out of luck. I see others saying similar statements about other categories. I can google “best hashtags for .....” and get a far better answers for free. Repost apps are free too.This app promises some wonderful features, but the lethargic hashtags keeps me from spending $3.99 to prove it any farther.I really would like to see this app be top notch. Even Gary Vee would probably recommend it !!!Let me know if you ever update to 2019!

for1979, Jul 21, 2019
Polished and affordable

A lot of the other hashtag apps out there you have to pay per month to get all the functions. This one is very nice and It cost very little to get everything forever. Also, even if you don’t pay, this app would be very helpful. I only paid because I wanted the ability to create unlimited custom hashtag groups, but I require a level of tagging that most people don’t need. Would recommend!

lizthewritingwiz, Sep 12, 2019
Real results

This hashtag app is probably the only one that actually works. Well categorized and they add new hashtags all the time. Every Time you post a picture all you have to do is copy and paste. I highly recommend it.

Mr.deli, May 30, 2017
20+ new followers in an hour!!

I’ve only just installed this app and already I’m getting more followers and likes! It is effective and easy to use. It would be nice to have the ability to search for more words...there is a good variety, but they are pretty general. I really like the ability to add custom tags to the list which a lot of similar apps don’t let you do. Plus you can save multiple custom lists. Mostly I appreciate the simplicity of this app and you can use all functions for free and without ads!

somecomputer, Jan 18, 2019


All-in-one app for Instagram. Simply Copy&Paste Hashtags to your Posts.  Get more likes and followers by using trending Tags and Content. Features: -Hashtags -Online Hashtag Generator  -Cool Text Generator -Caption Extractor Hashtag Features: Unique hashtags for your Instagram Posts. -Copy Paste Tags to Instagram in Seconds. -Frequent Content Updates from Server. -Search from PreMade Categories. -Add your Custom Tags. -Customizable Layout for Hashtag Groups -Use Favorites for easy and better Tag management. -Easy and Fast Tag Editor(No need to type "#" every time). -Edit Premade Hashtags by pasting on Custom Tags. -Get likes and followers with matching Tags.

Online Hashtag Generator: (Pro) -Generate popular and related hashtags from a single word. -Dynamic & Smart Improved AI Hashtag Generator with Hashtag Selection Feature Cool Text Generator: (Pro) -Create Fancy Texts for your Accounts. Caption Extractor: (Pro) -Easily Get links and hashtags from captions Only on the App Store Privacy: http://www.yorga.net/privacy Terms & Conditions: http://www.yorga.net/terms

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