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User Reviews for HamStudy.org

BUY THIS APP! If you want to get licensed

I recently decided to get my amateur radio license and ordered books to study. I normally like to read physical books so I can highlight and make notes in the margins. While waiting on the books to arrive I found Hamstudy and liked the way it worked so I bought the app. By the time the books arrived I realized that Hamstudy was all I needed. I originally planned to get just the Technician level but with COVID and the difficulty I had finding an exam session I had time to study for the others as well while waiting for my test date. I passed all 3 tests in one session and other than an occasional Wikipedia search I exclusively used this app and their website to study. I cannot find a high enough rating for this app. It’s all you need!I highly recommend clicking the corner of each question and reading the explanations. Sometimes they are quite technical and lengthy and other times they just offer hints and tips for remembering the correct answer but always helpful. Great App Hamstudy! Thanks for helping me get my ticket!

arkansascontrols, Sep 03, 2020
The best $4 you can spend to go from Tech to Extra

I just sat for my exams yesterday. I took all 3 in one sitting. I passed them all; in fact, my highest score was on the Extra, 92%. I started by using the free online version and found it extremely helpful. But then I decided to spend a few dollars to get the app on my phone. I found that I had a lot of free time when I was away from home, away from the computer, so I knew that this app could help me to study when I had free time to spare. The great thing about using the free online version along with this app is that it syncs your progress between both platforms. My background, I have no experience in engineering, and I would rate my math skills as being just average. If you are planning to get licensed, do not stop with just the technician and/or the general license. With this app, you can go from 0 to Extra if you are willing to put in the time and effort.

Jason A A, Sep 29, 2018
Awesome App!

Ham Study is the sure fire way to pass any of the exams. It literally hammers the info into your head. I found the best way to study was to find a test date about 2 weeks down the road. Get the HamStudy app and try to spend an hour a day with it. At the end of each hour, take a practice test. Keep tract of how much material you e covered and your aptitude. after about 8 or 9 days you ‘ll have seen Every question on the test. Now keep going; work on your aptitude. Once you e gotten into the high 80%, you are close to being ready. Keep studying until the last day. You’ll pass the test.

pm in the pm, Dec 12, 2020
Wonderful App

I used the website to pass my tech. I didn’t care much for the website as I’d spend more time logging in every time then studying questions. This app is wonderful! Syncing the online account seems to be impossible but I just started fresh (not logging in other then my apple account) and it has been great! I passed my general because of the great key word highlights and brief summary of questions I don’t understand. I’m 40% into the Extra pool and after that, this app even has the commercial license exam’s! WOW! What a great app! Even has the Canadian question pool! Absolutely worth the money!

Red Culver, Aug 26, 2018
Best App by Far!

I used multiple purchased apps to study for my General, then once i become proficient started working on my Extra before taking the General test. I downloaded HamStudy to study for the Extra class license and after using it for a couple weeks decided to go back and go through the General on HamStudy because I found the study methods so much more effective and wanted to increase my proficiency even further. I wish I had started with HamStudy it’s such an excellent well designed app and study tool. I am now ready to pass both exams once testing sessions are being offered again in my area. The app will help you get up to speed to pass your test(s) in the most efficient way.

RightStuff 177, May 06, 2020
Excellent: Quick thorough study

Bought this app b/c thirty days to study and pass test. Easy to use, feedback loop makes its use addictive and fun. Most importantly, the explanations enable one to understand how to arrive at the answer using one’s own reasoning (vs. rote learning of Q&A). And the explanations are written by people. I feel as though behind each one is a grizzled Ham operator with their hand on my shoulder, drawing me a picture even I can understand. One answer actually points out that the question omits a key element that would enable reasoning one’s way to the answer. Another tells you that 80% of students get this question wrong because they fail to look at key information supplied in the multiple choice answers.Doing the test portion is great: progress is tracked, and you are given the option of studying only questions in the sections in which you scored lowest.

sswSeattle, Mar 14, 2021
Passed every exam!

There’s no reason anyone should fail a Amateur Radio Exam if you study using this app. I passed my Technician & General both during one sitting and went back later and passed my Extra. It was all due to this app. The app has a sense of intelligence, drilling down on the material that it finds you are struggling with. The study mode and practice exams really help prepare you for the actual exam. The “explain” tab that shows up on questions missed in study mode provides explanations and hints to help you remember the correct answers. If you put forth the effort and use this app, you will pass! Hands down the best app to prepare for the Amateur Radio exams!

teddywjohnson, Oct 02, 2021
Want to Pass Your Exam? This is the Way!

I used the HamStudy app on my iPhone and iPad. I passed the Technician exam, and later the General exam. I studied a lot, and I used all features of the app. If I did not understand something I researched it on the internet. Again, the app was my main tool. When I felt comfortable, and after passing 30 practice exams using the app only missing zero, one or two questions out of 35 I then setup an exam date. I studied up to exam day. I selected an exam session though HamStudy, and tested using Columbia University ARC VE Team online exam. They are a wonderful group.I hope this helps you to become an Amateur Radio operator (Ham). It is an exciting hobby as well as a serious back up communications tool to help your Community, i.e. missing child search, disasters, SkyWarn, and so much more!Update - 09March2021, I passed the Amateur Extra exam! The sky is the limit. You can do this too at any age. Good luck! 73Gary

TenHogs, Mar 10, 2021
I aced my General Exam because of HamStudy

I had previously used another app to study for the Tech exam and I got two wrong. I couldn’t understand how that could happen because I had memorized everything. As I studied for the General using the same app I started realizing a few of the answers were WRONG. Typos were everywhere in the study sections and practice test sections, and then I found on one question that the answer in both A and C were identical. I paid for HamStudy and don’t regret it one bit. I got 100% on my General exam and that was the best 30-some-odd-bucks I could have spent. Don’t waste your time on a free program with errors. If you are struggling through a test and you answer questions with “wrong” answers, not because you didn’t study hard enough but because you studied to perfection and memorized incorrect answers, that is just cruel and unusual punishment. Pay the bucks, get the right answers and pass your exam the first time.

trahniews, Apr 02, 2021
Ace’d it!!

I poured over the App Store and web browsers and there is a lot offered out there for Amateur (HAM) Radio study / test prep. I found this one to be the easiest to interface with, clear to read and understand instructions and well............... it just worked and I liked it the best. If you wanna avoid what I did and but other things that are not as good it’s a waste of time. Get to studying with this app you’ll be far ahead. I used this app almost exclusively and got a 100% on my technician ticket. I’m gonna get right to study for my general since it’s all fresh in my head and now I know I’ve have no problem with this tool!

TYPHOON, Mar 07, 2021


Finally an offline-enabled mobile app with all of the features from HamStudy.org! Use this app to study for your US Amateur Radio License -- our question pools are always up to date and always have the current question pools because the app can download updates from the website whenever you are connected to the internet. Designed and written by hams with volunteer examiner experience and Sponsored by Icom, this is not your typical study app -- most study apps will focus on practice exams, which is somewhat like studying for your math test by throwing darts at your textbook.

Though HamStudy is not a full instructional tool our app is focussed on providing you with the tools you need to study the parts of the question pool that you most need to see. Our intelligent Study Mode tracks your progress as you move through the pool, providing you with full statistics on what you've seen and giving you the visibility into where you need to study. It will automatically repeat questions as needed. When you don't understand something you can tap the "explain" button to view an explanation of the question. Practice Exams make it easy to see how close you are to passing and see what areas to focus on in Study Mode. Share your progress with your friends or instructor and study together! * Study *all* current US Amateur Radio question pools (Technician, General, Amateur Extra) -- updates can be downloaded for free when they become available. Additional pools, such as the FCC commercial pools and the Canadian pools, are also available for download in the app. * This app is not a study guide, it is a directed study tool centered around the questions; there are explanations contributed by users for most pools which do help in learning, but some users may want to pair the app with a study manual to get the most out of both. * HamStudy's revolutionary Study Modes work with you to ensure you learn the questions; they automatically track your progress and adjust the pace to keep you challenged but not frustrated. User-submitted explanations help you avoid the pitfall of just memorizing answers. Synchronize with your online HamStudy.org account to prevent data loss and be able to switch devices easily. * Share your progress with other HamStudy.org users and help each other keep progressing towards that next license exam!

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