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User Reviews for Hair Color Studio

the worst app ever😤

I was trying to find out what Color my hair would be especially in red and blue I went to the app and it made me mark my face my clothes in the background which took forever then I had to line my hair which took even longer then I got to the actual hair coloring part and there were three colors the rest were two dollars each 😤

😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🤪🤪🤪, Jun 30, 2022

Terrible app, I just wanted to see myself in blond hair and i go through all this work to fit the lines to my hair shape and i find out that its 1.99 for the hairstyles there are three that are free bright green rainbow and orange useless app would not recommend

awesomepersonandyesimreal, Jun 05, 2020

Honestly I wanted to see what I would look like with other hair colors (especially blonde) but whenever I was finished and ready to see the hair colors there were only three! A light orange-brown, a dark brown (which was useless for me since it was almost the exact same as my hair) and green! Seriously why green? Out of all colors you chose green, it’s not even a natural hair color! I mean come on blonde is one of the most common hair colors, why not that? It’s not even because that’s what I wanted to try out, it’s for everyone in general! Oh yeah I guess there were other DECENT colors, but guess what you have to do to get them- you have to pay for them! Really?! Honestly im appalled! 0/100 worst hair game ever!

Kloam, Jan 24, 2019
Angry charging to update app

I bought the app for my iPhone a few years ago. Now they made changes and the app doesn’t work unless you buy upgrade. That’s ridiculous, double dipping for an app that wasn’t good to begin with! Ugh

mad marie 3, Jun 09, 2020

This is a waste of time. It is not free. You spend 5 minutes adjusting where you would like your hair to frame your face and then they try to charge you for every color you want to try 1.99 each!)What a load!

momm626, Mar 01, 2017
Bad app

Useless! Not free. So I paid the $2 for mor colors but when I tried to save would not and now when I click on app it’s a black screen. Waited and nothing came up. Tried a couple of more times and nothing just a black screen. Deleting app. Will call card to make sure no other purchases from this app is approved. Big Joke

name7000, Nov 05, 2020
Do not download

It's not free. Only a generic "light"/"dark" and green hair color available. You have to purchase all others. I understand and have supported other apps with in app purchases, but this is bait and switch. It is useless unless you pay $2. I'd rather them say that upfront. I'm removing the app. Ugh.

OlsenImagery, Jan 31, 2016
Worst App Ever!

It doesn’t work! They show all these great hair color changes and it doesn’t work! I followed all their instructions and all it did was blur my original hair color! It doesn’t have the capability of showing a true hair color change! A total scam! Don’t bother with this app!

Racchel Ann, Apr 22, 2022
Just 3 sample colors then have to pay $$$

This gives you just 3 colors to try and then you have to unlock each color you want to try. I’d rather have ads and see more colors. Other apps give you lots of colors for free.

Tophertag, Feb 11, 2018
Worst app I’ve ever bought

This is the worst app I’ve ever purchased. First off I just wanted to see my hair blonde or a vivid color but was upset to see that there were only three colors including Green, reddish brown, and dark brown.Second of all, it was almost impossible to get all of my hair covered by the dye, and some even got on my face. Although my and my friend shared a laugh about how stupid it turned out, I DO NOT RECOMMED THIS APP!!!!

yourbiggestandbestfan, Jul 18, 2021


Do you ever wonder how you’d look with a different hair color? Color your own hair! Try out a new color in just a few steps with this professional hair color app.

From the developers of the popular Hairstyle Try On and Hairstyle Try On PRO apps. Take a photo or use one from your photo album. Use the customization tools to outline your hair. Apply a color. The app gives you three colors for free. The in-app purchase offers a total of 60 different natural shades, including brown, blonde, red, copper and violet variants. Realistic and natural makeover. Works on both light and dark hair. Intuitive and easy to use. Find the perfect hair color shade for you – risk-free​!

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