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Hair Color Changer­

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Hair Color Changer­

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User Reviews for Hair Color Changer­

ehhhh - depends on your hair color

so I have brown hair and it was not what expected. it adds an overlay to my brown hair so it doesn’t really have that full affect. (but i have only had this app for 10 minutes now so i may find something, so dark hair people- don’t turn it down right away) if you have blonde hair, this app will be great for you. my friend has really blonde hair and I uploaded a pic of her and it worked really well on her ok that’s all thanks bye

1-of-a-kind, Mar 16, 2022
Not great quality but fun

This app is fun and cute but it just shows you like kind of what you would look like with that hair color and not much of if you should really get it if that made any sense to you but it’s also not very realistic.

Bestie pop, Feb 26, 2023
Jealous of the colors.

I got this game for my 8th birthday and it’s pretty good, and all! Also, my hair looks like a mermaid’s hair! I have so much hair color! Even in real life! And when I first played this game, I got so jealous of the options.

butthole Olivia, Jun 22, 2022

Literally this app shows that you can dye your hair right and it actually LOOKS GOOD on the thing they show you, but it is really bad on the app so horrible it looks like a 2 year old scribbled marker on my photo I’m not even joking so PLEASE don’t get this app it is really bad and I’m 13 and I have tryed a lot of these apps never seen one this bad. Thx 4 reading! But seriously don’t get it. 🤮

Charles Lolmaugh, Dec 04, 2021
Okay but…

I was nice but it would not work for me I could not change the hair color until 4 after downloading it and started I wish you could do cuts and highlights but you can’t I wish it had more variety of colors and it was a little glitchy but otherwise it was pretty nice I am deleting it after I finish this review I wasn’t a big fan and I do not recommend it I also wish that I could zoom in I could not find that feature I do wish I was not on the App Store it doesn’t have enough quality to be on here btw I am nine

crazypants mgee, Feb 06, 2022
Useful Enough - Better w/more one-click options

Gives you a good enough idea and plenty of color variations/shades so definitely useful. Could be 5 stars if there were more one-click options like “bayalage” or “ombré” or “highlights” etc which would just automatically disperse the color you select in a realistic application.

Daae16, Nov 18, 2022
Just got this!

This app is really great. The only problem is it’s WAY to vibrant and I don’t want my hair a bright orange or a neon green. I wanted this app to see what color I should dye my hair and all of the options are just really bright, shiny, and vibrant instead of natural. I wanted more of a filter type app where I could move my head around and see everything, but this is still pretty good. It has what seems like millions of options and it’s completely free! The only think I would change is make it more natural or even have a little meter that you can raise to make it more or less vibrant. So people who want neon orange hair can turn the meter up and people who want a natural blond can turn the meter down. Either way, it’s great and I’ve got a pretty good idea about what color I want to dye my hair now. 🤩😃👍🏻🔥

Fortnite girl SKH, Sep 18, 2022
Can only see red and brown

There are a lot of colora to choose from but they don’t really make a difference in how they look except for the dark reds and browns. All the light colors look like an overexposed picture preserving all the dark parts so you can’t really see any color change. Wanted to see what I would look like with white or gray hair, still would like to see that 🤷‍♀️

going gray 2021, Mar 07, 2021
Great app!

I love this! I tricked my friends into thinking I had red hair. Looked so realistic that they actually believed me! Amazing! Now, whenever I’m like, “I wonder what I would look like with___hair color” I just take a picture and color my hair! Such a cool app. No adds either! Get it. RIGHT NOW 🐷

i hope this isnt taken :,), Jun 11, 2023

I wish I could get my money back, this is the worst app.It will not allow you to change the hair color to anything but bright red. No instructions and a waste of money!

liesa w, Aug 10, 2020


Do you have a wish to look like a star? Thinking about changing your hair color? Want to know how you would look with a different hair color?

Bright purple or natural blonde? Look no further! You will love how quickly you can see the results with Hair Color Changer. - Select & recolor the desired parts with a precise brush. - Preview your future styles before applying. Easily navigate between different color schemes. - Adjust the intensity of the new color tone. - Take a look at the before and after photos. - Easily share your photo with the new look on. Try it today! We are waiting for your feedback. Contact us with any request at [email protected] Privacy Policy : http://bodytuneapp.com/hair_privacy.html

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