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Green Screen by Do Ink

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Green Screen by Do Ink

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User Reviews for Green Screen by Do Ink

As a video artist, this app is fantastic.

I stumbled upon this by chance because I needed a decent chroma key app for on-the-go video art. This app is a DREAM. I am giving 5 stars because this app needs love and it’s the only one in the App Store that does what it does so well. It does have some places it can improve but, you know, later version or something. I’m patient. What’s to love:HD export! Perfect.Work area is touch friendly.Three layers for video/images.Projects can be saved and loaded later.Chroma Key can be adjusted to any color/sensitivity.Interface is simple enough to use.Final result looks fantastic! (This depends on your source footage, of course)Fast!Relatively stable.What could use work:More adjustments for chroma key - edge blur maybe?Keyframes! I love how I can positing things in the editing window via touch. It would be even cooler if those things could change positions over the course of the video. With three layers, you could do a great parallax effect.A couple more editing buttons? Or at least a “split clip” option - “trim” only goes one way.Support for aspect ratios other than 16:9On the whole, this is my favorite chroma key app on this platform. Definitely worth a try.

Forever88, Sep 13, 2018
Great after doing research

I am updating my review from 2 to 4 stars. It took a day but I was able to download on my iPad with no extra cost. After doing my own research and watching a video session from an online conference I was able to create some pictures. I just wish they offered more helpful tutorials on the app. Original review-It is not super user friendly. The tutorial helps only slightly. It is very difficult to use on the iPhone. I thought I could redownload it onto my iPad. Nope. I would have to pay to get it on my iPad. Waste of money, and extremely frustrating.

jen.p., May 05, 2020
Fix your app.

I have one too many problems. Basically, your app decides to crash, A LOT, but sometimes it’s worse than others. Best crash, keeps progress, doesn’t crash again. Bad crash, deletes half of your progress. WORST CRASH, IT DOESN’T EVEN LET YOU INTO YOUR OWN PROJECT. EVER. IT’S COMPLETELY GONE, AND YOU CAN’T BRING IT BACK, BECAUSE THERE’S NO WAY AROUND IT, AND ALL YOUR HARD WORK IS GONE. This happened to me numerous times, and it’s just getting out of hand. Fix your app. I swear, this is the worst. Just worked on a 12 second video for about an hour, and this is what you give me. Nuh uh, you ruined my experience, and I don’t care if I’m being harsh, you need to work on it if it’s meant for 3 minute green screen videos. I wasn’t even using that much, usually I use like 40 videos, but I put in like 14, and you decide to lock me out then? Imagine you worked all your energy and soul into your project, and it locks you out for no reason at all. Explain. FIX. IT. NOW. ALSO UNLOCK MY PROJECT SO I CAN FINALLY SAVE IT.

JerzeeProud, Jan 06, 2019
Please do a bug fix..

First I’m writing this comment as a complain I only rated this 4 stars because it would be the best app in the world only if it did not have the bugs. Second my iPad is fully updated and so is the app. Third is the real stuff...One day I used it for a movie I’m making and out of the blue it just kicked me out! I thought “okay...weird..” I thought so I came back in. It took a long time to load but was still okay. I went on it for at least 5 mins and it kicked me out again!! Annoyed I went back in...it did the same thing over and over again! I still used it every day.. but it keeps kicking me out and taking long to load. And every day I check for a update- a bug update. After weeks of ‘suffering’ I saw the update!! I pushed update and waited for it to load (As before my iPad is fully updated so it went fast.) I finally loaded I went in super fast the fastest I had ever tapped before! I used it for 10 mins....it kicked me out....I went back in...it didn’t even load before it kicked me out...it did change but the only change was just worse. I looked back at the App Store and saw the only ‘fix’ was just you could add text...very mad and you should do the bug fix...:(

magoocupcake, Apr 18, 2020
Good, but only for limited use.

I purchased this app for editing videos, that way, for instance, I could make a space show and not have to build any permanent sets. However, whilst testing it out, I found that you could not export a video. Like you cannot under any circumstances. Too if you are serious about doing a green screen, this app has some trouble filtering out the green tint around the edges. With very, very careful editing you can almost get rid of it, but it isn't likely you'll get a completely clear, unblemished video. I give this 3 stars as an app to jokingly prank your friends that you traveled somewhere or just as a little fun project, but I would say it is completely unusable for serious pursuits.

Mocha MC, Mar 23, 2017
The new update makes the app much harder to use.

I used this app for editing and even some animation (moving a green screen model every few nanoseconds to create motion) but the new update has made that a lot harder, the new interface is much harder to use and the precise trimming of the previous versions is gone meaning the animation is a lot choppier and harder to use. This app is a lot less convenient now and while the snipping feature is a nice addition. Its still an overall bad update to the interface and some previously usable tools. (I’ve also noticed that sometimes png images have a white background in the new update while they didn't before, this is a huge inconvenience). The app is still pretty cool for what it was, but the new update really makes it a pain to use.

Pvz 3 blasts off, Jul 12, 2019
Love the app!! Have a concern...

I use this app in my middle school classroom. We use it for our school news and our video production module, so it’s being used almost daily. Recently, in the last two months, we are having to reset the app more and more frequently. We film our news in segments. We film a segment with two students, then they switch out. In the past couple of months, once we film one segment and then step out of the video room to get our next group, set up the script and get ready to film, the app has gone dark. It almost looks like the lights in the room are off, but they are not. We have to completely close the app and start over. Any suggestions?

Reece0970, Nov 27, 2019
Incredible App and Support!

I cannot say enough about this app. The quality is superb. The keys are cleaner than what I get running Adobe Premiere Elements on my Mac. The ease of use could not be more easy and convenient - nearly intuitive.I did have a problem with not being able to export video I created on the timeline and contacted technical support. Melinda promptly replied via email and asked several questions to help ascertain the source of the issue. She expressed total commitment to their team’s willingness to get to the root of the problem. She maintained daily contact over the course of a full week they tried to duplicate the problem which showed up as Error 8, even going out and buying the same model phone I own with the identical configuration and service provider, which astounded me that they would do that considering the app cost $3!!!!!! Finally, today, after trying out one final suggestion we were able to determine the problem only occurred when I had Bluetooth turned on in conjunction with the app I use fir my bluetooth hearing aids. Kudos and thanks to Melinda and her team fot their outstanding help and for such a great app

Rick Warnken, Oct 11, 2019
Import Media Bug

I love this app; I use almost all the time, and it is my go-to app for chroma-keying green screens videos. However, about a month ago, I’ve recently experienced an issue out of nowhere where when I try to upload a video from my gallery, it shows videos jumbled out of order instead of most recent, and when I click on the video I am looking for, it actually is not that video. In fact, it is a different video from my gallery and it makes it frustrating to find the video I am looking for because the thumbnail and timestamp shows up as a different video than what it actually is after choosing it on the video timeline. I tried deleting the app and redownloading it, but the issue still persists. I don’t know if anyone else is experiencing this issue, but if we can get an fix for this bug as soon as possible, that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

TheLegend27isaJerk, Mar 06, 2022
It works great

But where the splitting tool? I can’t split clips. It would be cool if I could move a item around the screen using this app. Animation would be well worth. It’s gonna take a while to trim each clip instead of the typical split. I actually don’t know if I can do it but there’s no way to know otherwise because I can’t export clips with truly transparent backgrounds. They just turn up as black instead of tranparent. If I knew how to do this assuming it’s possible then this would be the easiest 5 star of my life. Because then in other apps I could manage moving objects around the screen that are already composited I guess.

Truth calling, Oct 09, 2017


The #1 Green Screen app for the iPad and iPhone in Education is also a 2019 Winner of the Best Apps for Teaching and Learning by the AASL (American Association of School Librarians). Classroom-tested by kids and teachers, this app emphasizes ease-of-use and simplicity while still enabling fantastic results. With Green Screen by Do Ink, you can tell a story, explain an idea, and express yourself in truly creative and unique ways.

You know what a "green screen" effect is, right? It's used in the movies to make it look like the actors have landed on an alien planet, and it's used on TV to make it look like your local news announcer is standing in front of a weather map. The green screen effect works by combining images from multiple sources into a single video or photo. These images can come from photos or videos in your camera roll, or from the live video camera. FEATURES • Use the live video camera, or import prerecorded videos, photos, text, and custom artwork • Add drawings and animations (up to 30 frames) using the built-in Drawing Editor • Import artwork from the Do Ink Prop Library • Combine elements on up to 3 layers – great for "app-smashing" • Move, scale, and rotate elements • Chroma, crop, and mask tools to remove unwanted areas • Record videos in high definition (up to 4K) or standard definition formats • Capture still photos and save them to the camera roll • Scrollable timeline makes it easy to sequence your videos and photos • Trim videos on the timeline to keep only the parts you want • Mix audio tracks from your videos and from the live camera • Save videos and images to your Photo Library, or to iCloud, Google Drive, or Dropbox • Export Green Screen project files for archiving or for sharing with others Making videos with Green Screen by Do Ink is fun, and you can use it to make movies that entertain and amaze. But there are loads of practical uses for this app, too! Use it to explain ideas visually, to make more compelling presentations, to tell stories that engage your audience. Whether it’s for fun, for school, or for work, Green Screen by Do Ink makes it easy to express yourself in a unique and captivating way. See examples at www.pinterest.com/doink0040/ REVIEWS “Green Screen by Do Ink is an easy-to-use iOS app.....” - Wall Street Journal This is an “app that can transform learning”… “if you are in a school district using iPads, the best application for doing any type of Green Screen work is Do Ink.” Teachercast Educational Network "Versatile, easy to use movie maker yields great results...numerous uses for student projects...kids will have a blast using their imaginations.." – Common Sense Media, Graphite. "Green Screen makes learning fun...DoInk has an inside track on helping kids to experiment and play with ideas so that they can come to life on the screen...highly recommended.." –Teachers With Apps ABOUT DO INK Created by the team who also created the Animation and Drawing by Do Ink app for the iPad, featured in App Store Essentials: Painting and Drawing" and recipient of the Editor's Choice Award from Children's Technology Review. Read case studies and lesson plans from teachers using Green Screen by DoInk at blog.doink.com Connect with us on Twitter twitter.com/DoInkTweets Please send any suggestions, feedback or questions to [email protected].

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