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Green - Budget Forecasting

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Green - Budget Forecasting

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User Reviews for Green - Budget Forecasting

Simple and Effective

I’ve always wondered why these top selling budget apps never have a prediction formula. Want to know if you REALLY can pay of that credit card or buy that new toy? You need to know more precisely how often your “fixed” expenses are paid out. Also paychecks are not just 2 a month, but don’t be fooled by the bonus ones that come twice a year. Sometimes if your money is tight then your expenses might collide at a certain point and cause chaos. Use this tool to predict your scheduled bills (even those bizarre annual ones such as taxes or a vacation) then take cash out each week for variable expenses (ones you have more control over). You could eat top ramen instead of dry aged steak or ride the bus instead of a limo. Now you’re in control and don’t have to worry about overdrafts.

ChrisHomeBuyer, Apr 05, 2019
Exactly what I want

All I wanted was a simple app to accurately forecast expenses and income. Green has satisfied my requirements in a relatively easy UI. It doesn’t have all of the bells and whistles of the more mainstream apps like bank integration, but that isn’t important to me. Green has helped me get a handle on day to day balances.

Crapsandwitch, Mar 02, 2020
Only budget app with forecasting

Pros: forecastingCons: design is hard to use until you get used to it (doesn’t seem to use the usual iOS app design guidelines)Could use more forecasting features such as planning remaining available funds after subtracting budgets.

Dangerusty, Aug 23, 2018
Does almost everything I need

Would be awesome to get a frequency type where you can set the number of occurrences for an entry. I have a few loans where the only way to have it stay accurate is to make 5x single entries manually. Would be nice to be able to edit recurring transactions in the details screen and tweak the amount for say a recurring credit card payment. Thanks!

drumnation718, Jun 29, 2021
Do not recommend

I had high hopes for this app but found it very difficult to use. Could not correct entry errors. Didn’t feel intuitive at all.

MomWithiPhone, Aug 25, 2019

Captures all my bills, income and forecasts cash flow balance (itemized by item/day change occurs - report and graph) a year out, “exactly” what I needed without all the fluff everyone else has. If looking for suggestions on enhancements, consider backup to iCloud, and export detail forecast data as report (eg pdf, txt, etc). It’s perfect so far, and it replaced my need to use Quicken, and this offers same peace of mind. Nice work.

mtndewski, Oct 08, 2017
The best mobile replacement for Quicken

Finally I have found an app that does balance forecasting based on my recurring bills while also allowing me to modify the exact amounts of bills as they come in each month. It wasn’t the most intuitive for me, but playing around with that I was able to figure it out. After the fact, I realized I could have gotten more help by reading the description in the App Store. The one feature I wish this had is the ability to change my bill amounts retroactively. Because I don’t know exactly what my paycheck will be until I get it, I can’t reconcile the actual amount until the day I get it, instead of looking out a month, which is what I like to do. That one small change would make this a five-star app for me.

Remakes, Aug 17, 2019
Decent replacement to IReconcile

Provides the ability to forecast budgets and enter one-time expenses, but it’s a bit of a slog. Pro: -forecasts account balances based on upcoming recurring transactions -forecast visible as graph or details -can set up recurring transfers as biweekly, triweekly, four weeklyCon:-Unwieldy to switch between accounts if entering multiple transactions -Must step through 2-3 screens to post any single transaction (category; amount ; date if not today) -takes four screens to set up a recurring transaction -must go back through all four screens to edit any part of a transaction Summary: one of the only apps providing decent forecasting that integrates daily single transactions with recurring bills and payments, but it desperately needs to refine its user interface and allow single-page editing of transactions instead of shepherding you through four transitions so that you can enter a single piece of data per screen

Shiplizard, Apr 23, 2018
Great simple but informative app

I like the app before but with the new update to view details of the transactions is just perfect.

Torque7839, Jun 30, 2017
Amazing and thoughtful

Everyday I can open the app and automatically see what is important, such as what bills to pay today and how much I can afford to spare today (lowest point). I wonder if there is a feature request page. Looking forward to more customizable transactions such as end date or number of occurrences. It’s been a year but I hope new versions are in progress.

username already taken 2, Dec 24, 2019


Know your future balance changes to organize your bills, track spending and manage your cash flow. Not just a budget app but your financial fortune teller. Green lets you budget without having to budget.

Green is not just another generic budgeting app. It is an income and expense tracking app with balance forecasting that automatically predicts your changing account balances over the next year. HOW GREEN WORKS: ****************************** 1. Create your forecast -- Enter your current account balance -- Enter your recurring income and expenses (mortgage/rent, groceries, utilities, savings, etc.) and their occurrence (weekly, monthly, bi-weekly, etc.) 2. Be informed -- Know your 3 most important balances, current, pending and lowest -- See where you will be financially in the future (a year from now, 6 months from now, etc.) -- Make sure you will have enough income to cover future expenses. -- Make sure you don’t miss any bills. 3. Budget decisions -- Save for unseen expenses. -- See how spending money today affects your future finances. -- Experiment by adding, removing or adjusting expense items to find out how it affects your bottom line next week, next month even up to a year from now. THE FINANCIAL FEED – Your personal finance tracker at a glance ************************************************************* At the top of your financial feed are your three balances. The Bank balance is what the balance should be in your account. The Pending balance is the difference between outstanding transactions and the Bank balance. The Lowest balance is what your lowest balance may be in the upcoming year. Tap the Lowest title to display the expected date of the lowest balance. After the balances is a forecast graph. This graph is the anticipated balances change over the upcoming year based on your budget. This is an easy way to know if your spending is trending up or down. The last three sections are transactions. They are broken down into lists for pending, upcoming and past transactions. Pending transactions list income or expenses activities that you completed but it hasn’t reflected in your account yet. Once they have cleared your account, the transaction can be cleared in Green (swipe let on the transaction) and it moves to the Past 30 days’ section. The Past 30 Days’ section contains all the transactions that occurred in the last 30 days. Your whole account transaction history can be exported as an excel file for further evaluation by swiping left on an account in the settings menu. The upcoming section shows what transactions are coming up. Just swipe left on the transaction to pay early or wait for the scheduled date when the transaction automatically moves to the Pending section. WHAT CAN YOU DO? **************************** - Know when it's safe to spend - Analyze your spending history - Never forget another bill again - Be budget aware even when you spend - Have confidence in controlling your money - Setup multiple budgets for different accounts Don’t avoid controlling your money because it seems too intimidating and scary because with Green it’s easy. Because of Green’s forecast capability, you can plan for unexpected expenses, pay off debt earlier and finally take control of your money. Once you’re in control of your money your stress level will go down. Live life in control.

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