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Grade Control: Homework App

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Grade Control: Homework App

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User Reviews for Grade Control: Homework App

Needs Update

It’s a really good app and works great for any type of grading scale. Also it can be used to calculate your grade in any way that a teacher might choose to grade. Basically none of the features need to be changed but the app itself needs to be updated it glitches A LOT and seems like the more data you input the slower and more glitchy it gets. Maybe having it linked to a cloud account so all the data isn’t stored on your phone and so you can view your grades on other devices.

Bricetavious, Sep 20, 2021
Update is so bad

I don’t even care about the look of the app, but rather the layout of the way grades must be input is terrible!! It used to be so easy to input total and possible points along with adding sub assignments and now it’s a whole complicated process. The app is so laggy and to be honest I have been paying for this app for years and I might have to find something else bc it is not worth my money.

carreirob, Nov 15, 2020
Weighted GPA?

Hello, this is how I think this app can improve: I’m a high school student, I like that it is not complicated to use this app. However, I notice that there is no app available in AppStore that lets me calculate my weighted GPA which are AP and College classes. I believe that if this app offered the option to calculate the Weighted and Unweighted GPA will be a grate too for me and all those students who are taking advance classes.

Estefaniaplr, Aug 01, 2018
The new update ruined everything! 🤬

Why why you changed the whole design of the app ! Who asked you for this! You ruined everything! The bottom icons bar was so helpful! We only asked you to add more icons and iCloud synchronization! That’s it! The app used to be very beautiful and colorful! Now you took all of this away! We used to change the grades in one tap but now we have to click multiple taps! Bring back the old UI please!!!!! I relay on this app so much! I see people complaining about they got their grades messed up! I don’t want to update because I don’t want to loss what i have built for the past 5 years !!! OMG i can’t express how angry i am right now! I used to change the grades and my goal for the class in one tap why you changed all of this whyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!! Please bring back the old UI give us the option!!!!!

Ihussd, Nov 02, 2020
The new update is a disaster

Please bring back the old version! the new UI is so ugly and complicated! when i have an assignment that i still didn't entered my grade why it doesn't show how much grade i supposed to get to meet my goal? in the old version everything was so easy and simple! we used to change the grade and the goal in one signal click but now i have to click so many button to add and edit the grades! WHY!!!!!!!!! why you are making our lives harder and more complicated! Please bring back the old version at least give us the option to change the UI to the old one with the same old features! the new update is a disaster! Also, why you got rid of the contacts page and the GPA calculator! why why!!!!!!!!! i already paid for the premium to get the benefit of these features ! PLEASE bring back all the old fearting that we used to love! Please I'm banging you! Only small number of people who use this app and you have to listen to us! the old version was the best and will be the best! so please bring it back! there is no problem to admit that you did wrong and go to the old version! I hope you listen to me and you take my advise into your consideration!

irandaz, Nov 04, 2020
It’s okay

I’m not big on the layout of the app. I didn’t pay to upgrade, but some people may like the layout. It was a little confusing/annoying at first, because I would hit edit to delete and assignment and it wasn’t there. You swipe left to delete, so I just wish the delete option is there when you hit edit.

lovehopepeace98, Dec 11, 2019
So Helpful!

I have been looking for an app like this for ages, and I wish I would have found it sooner. Knowing exactly what grade I need on each assignment to achieve my goal is so helpful. The only thing I would change is being able to have someway to add the weight of each category, and then have the app automatically calculate the weight of each individual assignment in the category. Other than that, no complaints.

mariah9616, Apr 09, 2019
Like it but...

I am glad I got this, knowing GPA is very helpful I would like to suggest two things though. 1. Being able to label a class as AP or some way to change weight of GPA per class2. Being able to label something as formative or summative and having the math to go with it I.e. If I have 100 as my formative average but 50 as my summative average, I'd have an 83 (given that it is weighted 25-75 as I've typically seen it)

Painter s, Sep 18, 2017

I loved this app when I first downloaded it. I was a little disappointed that we could only add one class without having to pay for the full version but it didn’t bother me that much. I even liked the new update. The only thing I didn’t like was the process to update grades. Too many steps was added. But the reason for the low rating is because one day I opened the app to update my grades and all of my classes were gone. I am so upset because it took some time to do and I don’t want to start over.

ShayPerk, Nov 17, 2020
Some things could be fixed.

I wish there were different things to put in. For example tests, quizzes, and projects are weighted differently but i can’t put it in as such. There’s also no option for AP classes. The only thing this app really has is nice looking software.

yellowtoom, Dec 08, 2021


The Grade Control app is a convenient way to track school assignments, courses, and your GPA. GPA is calculated for you, so you'll always know what your grade is and what grade you need to reach your goal. GPA Know where you stand with automatic GPA calculation.

Goals Set goal course grades and let Grade Control tell you what grade you need on future assignments. Courses Track courses and watch as both your overall GPA and semester GPA is automatically calculated. Assignments Track assignments or syllabus items. Get notifications or set calendar events when specific assignments are due and more. Customization Enter custom overall grade scales, course grade scales, schedules, weighted and non weighted courses, extra credit assignments and more. Privacy We believe privacy is a human right and do not collect any user data. And so much more... Privacy policy: https://kangostudios.com/privacy Terms of use: https://kangostudios.com/terms

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