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Form Maker - Pro Form Builder

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Form Maker - Pro Form Builder

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User Reviews for Form Maker - Pro Form Builder

Great app

Very pleased with the performance. Did not notice any slowness in scrolling pages (this was mentioned in one of negative reviews). The form transfer from device to a device is a bit of guess work but totally doable. CSV export also works properly if all fields are set appropriately. So the app does require a little of a learning curve but is quite intuitive and easy to use.

A FORM USER, Jul 01, 2020
Good app but... 🤔

After posting a response I received a quick response to my review and issue. I understand now how to transfer the form from one device to another but that still doesn’t help because if I update it during ten day on my iPhone I have to then copy it back to my iPad and so on and so forth. Not a great process. 😞 Also having me look through all the videos to find an answer is time consuming. I even tried to get support via the AppStore but it brought me back to the videos. 👎🏻 —-Good app but not worth it. I downloaded the app on both my iPhone 8 Plus and iPad Air 2. I created a form and entered info on my iPad since it is much easier but nothing is showing on my phone is easier to use because I would be on the road. It doesn’t seem to connect the two devices. Not what I expected. 🤔

BchBumm, Apr 17, 2020

Almost good. Creating the forms are easy. Making them look good for print or PDF is lacking severely. UPDATED - So the developer claims that it does its job? Printing or make a PDF that is the same size as a phone is merely a joke. That’s useless for a customer and clearly a waste of paper. The software should allow for formatting to letter size etc. But the developer doesn’t take constructive reviews very well after being paid. Since the developer provided a snarky response, I changed my review to one star.

cmadman, Jul 31, 2021
Not for Simpletons!

This App is amazing! Most people giving it a bad review are people that are better off paying for an overpriced service where the work is done for them! If you don’t have good logic, you will have a hard time! If you are inpatient, you will have a hard time! If you don’t want to learn, it’s no one’s fault but your own! Great Development but still needs a lot of work because if some bugs. Overall, it’s amazing how powerful this app is! I am making all of the forms for my son’s school since I do all the tech for them!

disposablefiend, Jul 13, 2020
Simply amazing

I offer counter serveillance services and my customer requests vary extensively. Now I have custom made service request forms that are taylored to my clients specific needs, and my techs have specific check off forms based on the request forms to make sure nothing falls through the cracks and I have electronic copies of both for my records. This program is so simple to use and worth twice the price!

Havocrainz, Apr 25, 2018
First time user

I have never used this app before and I find it very user friendly! I'm deigning an ID form for my club and this is great. I needed to ask a couple of questions and got it answered quickly. The tutorial videos that they provide is all so awesome and easy to understand. I hope they create add-on for this program in the future. The price is well worth it.

Kahuna Lomilomi, Sep 04, 2017
So helpful!

I use this app to catalogue my art. I’m not tech savvy so when I say it’s User Friendly, that’s a huge endorsement. I need to spend more time exploring it’s full potential, but I’m getting ready for major art shows so my learning curve is on hold. I would give it 5stars if the date defaulted to current date on adding a new entry. Also, if you could set a field that indexed for automated numbering of entries. Perhaps this is already available and I have yet to discover it. I am recommending this app to anyone who produces one of a kind pieces and wants a super easy way to catalogue their work with photos! LOVE IT

pupshn9, Oct 30, 2019
Definitely Worth It

I rarely write reviews. But I wouldn't be doing the developers justice to keep my complete satisfaction from the world. First, I hate with a passion having to pay for apps. You never know how long they'll be supported or if they'll even be worth it. This app: worth it. In the support area they have plenty of how to videos and tutorials...and that's only if you need them. I did find them helpful to fine tune my editing, but the app really isn't that hard. Oh, and when I finally had something not covered, my emails were responded to within the day. Next, the freedom of expression with as much restraint as you see fit is awesome. I'm literally making the forms (with ease) that I intend to use to do my job more effectively. This app goes as far as your creativity. Trust me, this app is definitely worth it. Oh, and did I forget that there was an app option? Yes, if I read correctly, you can have an app created of your form. Once my forms are complete I'll be turning to the app side and marketing that. What are you waiting for? This is where it's at.

thee-clark, Jul 12, 2018
mosty a train wreck.

pretty good example of a situation where the developer knows how to program, but NOT MUCH about UI or usability.no meaningful differentiation between build and run state. no hierarchy of process. too many things all over the place. could be made MUCH More efficient with some tweaks.it's worth $1. heck i'd probably have paid $5 and not been too upset. there is a good base here for the developer to grow from. but id rather pay full market price ($30-$100) for something a bit more thought out and "real-world-ready"

wgzn, Oct 19, 2021
Almost perfect!

What would put this over the top for me, is a way to create a form in one place and have it autoformat when importing it onto another device. I created a form on my laptop and imported it to my iPad. I miscalculated screensize so i had to reposition many of the fields. Just a few minutes ago I imported the iPad format to my iPhone. moving fields on the phone is much harder because it requires a 2 finger drag. Very hard to do on a phone.If there was a way to have the form resize itself for the phone, or if there was a device specific template to be used with the desktop version this would be the best app ever! Well, other than angry birds.

Zhounder, May 26, 2021


Make your own powerful professional forms with Form Maker. No subscriptions, no registration, simply download the app and build your forms. No cloud, internet connection or mobile signal is needed to design or run forms and collect data.

No need to connect to a Mac or PC, everything takes place on your iPad or iPhone. Brilliant for capturing customer details, trade shows, exhibitions, presentations, feedback, sales and data entry. Form Maker forms run in the Form Maker app. Create your forms using the intuitive and easy to use Designer section of the app. No programming required. The original and the best. Include real native iOS text boxes, notepads, labels, check boxes, images, maps, pickers, segmented controls, buttons, dates, lists, web pages, video, camera, microphone, bar code reader and writer, QR code reader and writer. Form Maker is the ultimate native form builder. Form Maker generates native iOS multi-page forms on the fly, with all the smooth transitions and beauty you have come to expect. No clunky HTML5 is used. Forms created on one device can be copied to as many other devices as you like providing the app is installed. You can even copy forms between iPads, iPhones and iPods. Adjustment is automatic. You can create your forms with attractive backgrounds, add your own background image or logo, and even set up your own color schemes too. Forms can have as many pages as you like, the standard sweep gesture can be used to move between pages. Pages automatically adjust when changing between portrait and landscape, and between iPad and iPhone. You can add web pages to forms too, making it easy to include your own or reference websites Data captured on your forms can be easily exported in text, CSV or PDF format for use in other applications. You can print PDF forms using AirPlay. Form Maker forms run in the Form Maker app. Filled in forms can be saved in CSV or PDF format. To create fillable PDFs we recommend Adobe Acrobat. For more info visit our websites: http://ipadformmaker.com http://iphoneformmaker.com Reviews from around the world: USA: Amazing! 5 stars ***** by N5Z2A Great product easy to learn and understand how to create forms very customizable love the fact that there's no additional ongoing costs will tell everybody I know that this is the program that should get. USA: Awesome! 5 stars ***** by JRfilm Incredibly versatile and easily programmable. Lots of functionality. It feels like this app was really built with users in mind. UK: Fantastic! 5 stars ***** by Joey Excellent app, so powerful and easy to use. Australia: Great App 5 stars ***** by BJean1960 This is a great app. I am a nurse and I use it for my assessments. Easy to use and the features in the new version have made it even better. Australia: Great App 5 stars ***** by Zuluman I use the app to take orders for screen printing jobs . Easy to make my own custom forms and it is ideal for what I want . Instead of writing something down on a piece of paper which is easily lost . The custom form ensure all details are filled out quickly and I can even have different shirt sizes laid out so ordering is effortless . This app is great and it can be customised for so many individual users . Thanks to the developer . Canada: Great 5 stars ***** by Harguez This is the best app i have ever found for creating your own forms. Very easy to use and the best customer service i have found in awhile. My questions were answered the same day Well worth the money Netherlands: Prima app 5 stars ***** by Beanug Perfect! UK: Form maker 5 stars ***** by steve02380 Brilliant, easy to use. USA: 5 stars Exactly what I wanted. I simply follow the form I created during the interview. I don't miss anything - DocH France: Top ! 5 stars - Serge68 Kuwait: Best form maker ever 5 stars Very very good - Sherif bond Russia: Wow !!! ***** 5 Stars !!! - Ivk777 Love this 5 Stars - Pjm1000

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