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E*TRADE: Invest. Trade. Save.

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E*TRADE: Invest. Trade. Save.

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User Reviews for E*TRADE: Invest. Trade. Save.

E*Trade (Good) vs Morgan Stanley (Bad)

I don’t know what’s going on here between E*Trade and Morgan Stanley but I got the blame game excuse so I guess they are still working out the kinks in IT. Or it could be Good Cop/Bad Cop.Basically, Morgan Stanley raised their margin requirements and then sold my stocks almost immediately after I called them and told them I was transferring the money in before 3 pm. However, they sold my cheapest shares on FIFO when I use LIFO on my taxes. I checked my account settings prior to messaging the support desk (my settings were still LIFO) and then asked them why they sold my oldest shares first. They changed my method to FIFO and said I was on FIFO. I changed it back and picked up the phone immediately, because now they are either lazy or doing something shady. After talking to customer service and getting nowhere, I had to get snippy and ask why they are committing tax fraud on my behalf when I’ve always used LIFO. I was sent to Mr. John Hill, who handled the Tax Lots from E*Trade in Utah. He was a good guy. He was able to see all the changes they made to my Tax Method and say the trades didn’t go through correct and then had to submit forms to get my tax lots back where it belongs.All in all, great customer service from Mr. Hill from E*Trade. I guess Morgan Stanley is really tight on cash. That Fed Borrow rate is super high. 🙄

aajon210, Mar 22, 2022
Data is very poor in the app

I am a LING time eTrade customer and have used the mobile app for years to trade. It has been excellent until the past few months, especially with the latest update. The data is now very inconsistent in the charts and from time to time with the pricing. For example, I have a trailing % stop loss order for AAPL. In the chart, it shows the stop price is higher than the current price, but when I tap on it to see the value, it shows the correct stop price. This is horrible when I want to see if the stop it set appropriately against the candlestick chart and studies. Second, on the daily chart, it now shows up to only the previous say’s info, excluding the current day. Horrible! Finally, with a highly volatile stock, I do not trust if the price shown is correct as it does not fall within the bid/ask prices while it registers and shows trades executed. This is intermittent, but causes distrust of all data. Please fix your chart and data problems! You are a better company than this. Your mobile now looks great but provides crap data, defeating the entire purpose. I have written to you about this via support for over 2 months, so now it comes to you in the form of a poor review. Please do the right thing and get this fixed. Or perhaps replace your mobile development team.

Bulldog 25, Jul 13, 2021
f- terrible

By the way all these 5 stars are fake for sure...minimum balance required All the sudden bs, for a brokerage🙄 in 2019 expensive🤑, not enough tools for those that short trade or day trade, not basic enough for beginners. if you really must have mutual funds go ameritrade or fidelity. i will never invest in anything that e trade touches. robinhood carries 1/4 of my portfolio and i guess after e*trade cancels my account i don't know what's going to happen to my shares? they only mention starting balance of 500$ not a cash account of 500$. not a portfolio balance of 500$? just a giant rip off i cannot see nothing but stubbornness and failure to get with the times as a reason to use e trade. the real issue is to get 500$ in i used my bank obviously, now it says i have no bank account setup? now just HITF is that possible? no support provided when requested. so 2 years later, I have robinhood stockpile fidelity and e*trade robinhood is by far the easiest and most accurate. Fidelity offers tax lots and NO purchase fees on their mutual funds like fxaix. So i go to pull out a balance in the e*trade cash account and they are holding me up 3 days or more to verify my bank account, the same account used to fund it? deleted the app, just leaving the small amount in until i retire i guess then i'll cash out e trade is definitely 90s and it shows.

complainer365, Sep 05, 2020
Do not use E*TRADE

E*TRADE is the worst of the major brokerages. You will always have to wait hours on hold to speak with someone. In my case, I had an account with E*TRADE, and eventually withdrew the money to move it somewhere else. Months down the roads, I transferred 5k back into the account to do some trading. Found out after 5 business days of waiting, that my trading abilities had been rescinded because of the money being transferred out of the account a few months back. Super annoying, but whatever. Waited on the phone for 2 hours to speak with someone, and they had to submit a request to reinstate my trading privileges. Took another 2 days to be able to use the money, again annoying, but whatever I guess. Finally was able to place a trade last Thursday, with the whole 5k. I go to make trades yesterday, and the account is just gone. Vanished. It still shows a different account on my application and on the website that’s empty but the account with the money in it with an active stock isn’t. Can’t trade, can’t get anyone on the phone. Contacted my local branch, and looks like they DELETED the account due to the inactivity!!! WHAT! Not only am I losing money by the day, but I can’t get anyone on the phone without a 3 hour hold or more! I will never use E*TRADE again and will advise anyone I ever speak to against it. Absolutely horrible, I just hope I can get the account back with the shares that I purchased at this point. Inexcusable.

Conmanduzit, Nov 30, 2021
Missing features from website

Unable to complete some processes with app (such as confirming test deposits to authorize new account). No clear direction on app & could only complete via web. Makes no sense why this isn’t included. Also needs a thumb print access option to log in.Update: it’s like they didn’t read the comment at all... I want the thumb print enabled but there’s no where to turn on this option in the settings. I’ve looked. If you’re aware of where this can be done and could direct me, THAT would be helpful. Making it easy to find/change in the app settings would also be lovey. And as far as verifying the account, I’ve already done that. The issue was that it could NOT be completed in the app and you’re not told that anywhere. The instructions state to navigate to a particular location and then when you go there on the app, said location LITERALLY does not exist. It wasn’t until I accessed my account on a laptop that the option became available. Not having this accessible on the app and zero direction on where to find it is a problem. The whole process to sign up and activate my account took entirely too long (about a week) and this delay caused me to miss out on purchasing stocks anywhere near the original price point that drew me in. By the time everything was finalized, the stock was up about 35%. Frustrating.

Dawniepants1980, Jul 31, 2020
Just two things missing

It’s a great brokerage app. It checks all the boxes and is a pleasure to use. I’m a big sucker for UI candy (why does an investment app need to look old-school?) so I appreciate the strides E*TRADE has made in recent years and look forward to slicker and slicker interactions on trades as they continue to develop. For me, one thing I’d love to see is the option to select a portfolio to track with the widget. Right now you’re limited to individual stocks. It would be awesome to see % or $ gains or losses for a selected portfolio/account without needing to open the app & authenticate every time. Hope to see this in a future release!The second thing is instant deposits. Some newer brokerages credit your account instantly when you move money in, then place a hold on your assets (can’t withdraw the same balance) until the transfer clears. With E*TRADE you can’t use your funds until the ACH deposit clears. So if you want to buy a dip, you’ll want to make sure you have some cash reserve in your account, lest you miss a buying opportunity.

Grockatron, Dec 25, 2020
This app is WILDLY inaccurate at times

One thing a financial app should get right is basic math. This app and the iPad app fail miserably at basic math. I’ve been using this app daily for about 6 months and it was occasionally bad. But the last few weeks the issues have gotten worse. Examples. If I add up my daily gains $ for each stock I own it does not match the daily gains $ under Net Account Value. And I’m not talking a few $ due to the change in stock prices. It’s hundreds or sometimes a thousand plus off. Also. The daily gains % is wildly off between the different views. Sometimes while I’m watching the numbers they eventually display correctly. Sometimes if I log out and log back in they display correctly. If I wasn’t in several positions I’m not ready to exit, I would move my money elsewhere and close my account. It’s completely unreliable. Sometimes a stock price will drop by a small amount and the % change will drop like 10+%. When I do the math manually it should only show a .% change. The numbers show wildly differently between the portfolio and watch list views. Did E*TRADE fire their entire app QA team? How is this product released with such awful math?Seriously you blame your bad software math on my device? I see miscalculations on my phone, on my tablet and your website. This is your bad development. Take responsibility and do something to fix it.

Jwal5350, Jun 22, 2021
Easy as Pie!

I say that because E*Trade has been easier than eating pie. The problem people have with the service and the app is they don’t know how the pie is made nor do they want to learn. They just want the pie. Well it doesn’t work like that. You have to get your ingredients, mixing bowl, pie dish, oven to bake, heat to cook the pie, and last a nice dish to serve it on. Some people will understand the metaphor. The ones who leave all the bad reviews are the ones that are frustrated. Overall great experience. Money does take 3 days to transfer until available for trading, which felt like a life time as I was watch the stock I wanted go up in price. Understanding the difference between funds available for investing and funds available for withdraw is important. It does take about 8-10 days for funds to be settled and available for transfer. Have patience and enjoy the process. Stop complaining because you aren’t getting your pie immediately. That’s like putting the ingredients in the pie dish and baking it for 2 minutes and opening the oven and wondering why it’s not done yet. I’m looking forward to enjoying my own pie in the future. I’m still in the process of building my ingredient list. Can’t wait to watch it bake and rise.

Maximus0486, Jul 08, 2020
Love E*Trade, Please Add this Feature!

I’ve been an E*Trade user for 5 years and I’ve seen vast improvements in their business philosophy and how they treat their customers over that time period. They’ve removed essentially all fees related to trading just like the rest of the investment firms. Anytime I have had an issue, I have been able to call them and have it resolved within a few minutes. I’ve been pleased with their online banking and utilize it as my primary account. You might think it’s a pain not having a dedicated bank with an ATM, but when E*Trade refunds you any ATM fees charged to your account, any ATM is your ATM. My one request is that you add in a feature to the App that is on the website. I would like a tab to view my Dividend Income or my forecasted dividend income for the next 12 months. I know there are a lot of Investors out there that our primary focus is building a portfolio with exponential dividend income. The ability to view it in the App would make it so much easier and remove the hassle of having to view it on a separate computer platform. I’m happy to be an E*Trade Customer and look forward to being a lifelong user of the platform they offer! Keep up the great work and I hope to see new features added to the App in the future!

THS2015, Oct 15, 2020

UPDATE: I finally rebooted my iPhone and the download worked. No problems with the app. I don’t really see any difference in the newsy app vs the older version. I also changed my rating. So I went to open the app on my iPhone an hour ago. I received a message that a new update is available with new features everyone must use. I have the choice to exit or update. First I exit and try again, I was just wanting to simply check my balance while away from home, hoping it would let me open it this time. But, no! It wants me to update or exit again. So I hit update this time. The result...it won’t download the update. After a half hour, I cancel the download and try again. After several repeated attempts, I decided maybe I need to delete the app off my phone and download from scratch!! NOPE!! So now I have deleted the app off my phone and cannot download the “New Improved” app! Thank you Etrade, since I do a lot of my trading remotely from my phone!! MEH!! Oh! And I see the new version had been out for about a week and it still has issues, but I am forced to downloading a non-working app that I can’t download. <>

Ugh!!! Ugh!!! Ugh!!!, May 15, 2021


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