Icon Big Button Box - funny sound effects & loud sounds

Big Button Box - funny sound effects & loud sounds

  • Entertainment
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Big Button Box - funny sound effects & loud sounds

  • Entertainment
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User Reviews for Big Button Box - funny sound effects & loud sounds

Annoyed everyone in the car!

Amazing! I bought this right before s 3 hour car trip. I loved it. Everyone else hates it...and me! 😂 Lol

😇😜😗😆😌😃😝😛, Sep 30, 2017
Never put the fart on 2x sound

Why to never do this warning you will laugh hard as hek

1440 bigboy, Apr 10, 2022
So funny!

I love this game! My favorite part is that you can press the buttons and make it sound like a sentence! I also like to walk into a room and press the fart button and the scream button! PRICELESS!🤣🤪🤩

a happy patricia, Jan 27, 2018
Awesome buttons

There are buttons that describe a lot of things and I like that. I sometimes use it as an alarm clock which is funny! I use it all the time and it's not just funny it's fun.I loved it!I also recommend you to get this!!

Benxto, Jun 19, 2017
Still works all these years

Will purchase from developer again.

Dennis1701, Mar 20, 2020
This app is great

The app is so great! I love all the sound effects and all of that. You want sounds? Go to big button box at the App Store!

hffgxf, Sep 02, 2018
Use in online teaching

I feel this is a bargain. My students love it and I am able to work it into the lesson. I I teach ESL so I would love to see more buttons for some more sounds of common everyday noises. Perhaps some sounds of sports, children playing, household noises, school noises, etc. I do use it every week. Thank you!

Jan7778, Feb 28, 2021
They aren’t working!

None of the button boxes I’ve purchased will even open now. I think you need to update! Tried to use the support feature but it takes me to a page that says send email through app, but apps won’t even open.

Jolizilla, Jan 26, 2021
Awesome and useful!

I teach classes and reward or scold for right/ wrong answers using big button. It makes the quizzes a little more fun!

Ravens house, Feb 02, 2021

My parents hate it, but I love it and missed using it as a kid, this was my childhood! Me and my friend would always get into trouble with it! Thank you for putting a piece of childhood together, out of many pieces in my mind.

The guy whos mad at the game, Oct 27, 2019


Big Button Box™ gives you OVER 100 individual BIG BUTTONS that let off the BEST BOOMING FUNNY SOUNDS! There's nothing more satisfying than touching awesome buttons and hearing extra-loud, over-amplified, ear-piercing sound effects... and Big Button Box is the fully-featured sound effects app that let's you do this over and over and over! *** OVER 5,000 5-STAR REVIEWS! *** * "One of my favorite apps!" CrazyMikesapps.com * "Awesome - This app is a must buy!" J Lesko * "I am enjoying this app WAY 2 MUCH!!!!!

I can't stop laughing" RAYdiant * "This app is amazing. I've had it 2 years and never had a problem with it" TheLindoMan * "If you like annoying people, or just a good laugh, this is the app for you" Jaymandoo Features: - Over 100 Big Buttons! - Three buttons modes: Use them as big buttons or choose to play them from the menu in two different ways - Sort the buttons into the order you want - Pitch Warper: Shift the pitch of the sounds! - Randomizer: Shuffles the buttons into new combinations! The awesome big buttons included in Big Button Box are: Dynamite, Ka-Ching, Alarm Clock, Buzzer, Scream, Gong, Bleep, Woo!, Service Bell, Jackpot, Game Show, Cat Call, Gunshot, Woohoo!, Applause, You Suck!, Alarm, Loser, Ha-ha!, Uh-oh, Dog, Cat, Truck Horn, Burp, Fart, Excuse Me! Update 1: Crash, Yee-hah!, Vomit, Yes, Grenade, Shut-up!, Elephant, Laughter, Cough Update 2: Oh Yeah!, Police, Monkey, No, Crickets, Boing, Whatever, Doorbell, Witch Update 3: Jack Hammer, Karate, Oh Snap, Ooh La la, Oww, Whip, Splat, Scatch, You're Fired, You Lose, Balloon Burst, Bomb, Boo, Fanfare, Evil Laugh, Rooster, Timer, Boooo Update 4: Oh Baby, Epic Fail, Jet, Grenade Launcher, TWSS, Crazy Laugh, Bingo, Gross, The Ref Update 5: Rubber Ducky, Snore, Gimme Gimme, Pig, Aww Man!, Fail!, Hello, Goodbye, What?! Update 6: Bullet, Kazoo, Really?, Freeze, OK, Busted!, Camera, Party Blower, Frog Update 7: No Way, Uh Uh Uh, Oh My!, OMG, Crazy!, Congratulations, Merry Xmas!, Sleigh Bells, Happy New Year! Update 8: Chainsaw, Rubber Chicken, Man Scream, Spit, Maybe, Bugle Call, Whoopee Cushion, Xylo, Clown Laugh Update 9: Angry Cat, Good Morning, Bike Bell, Smoke Alarm, Go!, Bugle Charge, Baby Cry, Ewww!, Drum Roll Update 10: Ahoy!, Yarr, Speed Metal, Sax Walk, Bullseye, Mm Mm Mmmm, Cartoon Rise, Cheater!, Drama

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