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BeautyCam - Beautify & AI Art

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BeautyCam - Beautify & AI Art

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User Reviews for BeautyCam - Beautify & AI Art

I am obsessed ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

This is literally my favorite app on my phone. There are so many cute filters to try and I love them all! The beautify button is a great way to bring out your natural beauty. I am absolutely obsessed and would 100% recommend this amazing app!

AmyIsWayCoolerThanYou, Jul 07, 2022
Don’t waste your money. It’s not worth it!

i bought a one time purchase for one year of vip membership. the only reason i bought it was for the ai animate feature. and now all of a sudden i have to pay again every time to use it. at first i thought the payment undid itself so i looked for a restore button (this app for some reason doesn’t have a restore button which is a red flag). but it turns out that my payment did go through, but even if you have a vip membership you still have to pay to use this feature, mind you it informed me of this only after i bought the membership. the fact that you still have to pay for certain things even if you have a vip subscription is stupid and pathetic. it’s a disgusting and greedy cash grab that tricks you into it. i bought the subscription with the assumption that i would be able to use the ai animation feature freely as when i clicked to upload video it took me to that payment screen, so i bought it. this app does not inform its members that there is a “free limit” that you have after paying. nor does it inform you that you then have to pay 1.99 each time you want to animate a clip. don’t spend your money on this app, it’s a greedy company who has about three other apps exactly the same as this one to squeeze as much money out of you as possible. the fact that you have to pay for a free limit is telling enough. it’s a scam

chickenwingboigirlshe, May 20, 2023
Best app ever!

I use this app all the time and I love it! This is my favorite app to make videos and even take pictures. I have an iPhone 8 Plus and the videos and pics comes out perfect! I’ve been looking for an app like this for a loooong time.Please don’t ever get rid of this app. This is the only app I use for my pictures and videos.

kazumi Aiko, Sep 01, 2021
Fantastic App

I love this app. It offers tons of amazing features that you won’t be able to find in other apps. Some of it’s unique features include a freeform/manual slim tool that can edit anything, not just your face. The best features are the tricks category and the AI portrait. The tricks have lots of useful filters and effects that you can apply to a photograph that is already captured. The AI portrait helps you look awesomely better. Everything else is very excellent. Tons of wonderful make-up, editing, altering and retouching tools for your pleasure and use.

Ketyan20, Jun 18, 2020
Love This App

Hi!If you are looking for the best free beauty cam, I recommend this app strongly.I’ve used it for many years, possibly over ten years!I was looking for an app, that’s free, to enhance and reduce faults I didn’t like for my selfies. Pointedly, my wrinkles, age-spots and small capillaries on my cheeks! It appeared due to the age and years of suntanning in my youth. Nothing to really distort or lie, just a tiny bit of help.This app is fantastic for what I needed and more features which I may choose to purchase and to add on later as needed.This is by far the very best “free” app!Good luck and happy 2022 to all!Thank you.😊👍

Kh😊, Jan 12, 2022

Honestly one of my favorite photo editing apps of all time. I've had so many different editing apps over the years, but I've always been going back to this one. It's honestly got spectacular features, just a super reliable and efficient app. Great tools. 5 stars for sure

LOO̵K̶̔ BEHḮ̴͔N̶͝D YÕ̶U, Aug 04, 2023
new updates make more features “VIP” than actually adding new ones.

I’d also like to say that there are other ways to bring in customers than making previous features now VIP. instead, add some new features and make those VIP. It feels unfair, especially when it’s not mentioned in the patch notes. Also, could you give us an option to use the makeup stickers in editing mode? That would be a great addition.can you also make stickers work with 4K mode? thanks.

Lovelyandsmart, Apr 04, 2021
Better than FaceTune!

I love using this app for photo and video editing. Majority of the tools that I have to pay for to use on FaceTune, are included on this app for free. You can watermark your videos too! It’s helped me with editing my pictures and videos a lot faster too.

loveryandonato, Oct 01, 2022
Developed serious body dysmorphia

I used this app every day because it made me feel gorgeous. Then realizing by holding your thumb down, it shows the picture through a normal camera and I have now convinced myself I am hideous and developed crippling body dysmorphia . Please be careful if you use this app and understand that the filters warps your skin to keep almost unrealistically flawless and your chin and face shape unnaturally skinny. I am under weight and convinced myself my face was fat and I had disgusting skin because of this app.

namineahtellai, Sep 20, 2021
My Favorite Filter is Gone

I love this app a lot, but today when I opened it to take an aesthetic photo with my favorite filter, I noticed it was missing. I searched every single filter and it’s completely gone. I’m extremely upset since it was of my very few favorites. I really wish that it’ll come back...

ominasapphirus, Oct 03, 2019


BeautyCam helps you see a more beautiful self. Full body mode + aesthetic filters = effortless fashion shoot Beautycam AI Art - generates animated photos with one click Beautify function lets you shoot stress free The smartphone is better than a DSLR. Be the main character in each shot. ----- Beautiful moments exclusively yours ------- 【Original Mode】 The ultimate secret of Instagram aesthetic photos is: naturally glowing skin.

Restore your true beauty with a mirror-like shooting experience. 【Beautify Function】 With features such as one-tap auto-retouching, skin/hair correction, slimming, leg-lengthening, spot removal, and more, you can look as good as you feel. 【AI Smart Beauty】 This new function brings you trending makeup looks, a variety of lip tints, blushes, colored contacts, etc. With it, you can skip makeup. 【Style】 Make every selfie look fancy with high-quality AR makeup. 【Super HD beauty】 Taking HD night shots: Light up your face with soft light and avoid the unwanted silhouette. 【Cutie fuction】 Party fun: enjoy hundreds of special AR effects. 【Advanced Soft Focus】 You can now blur the background and erase the bypassers with one tap. 【Excluasive special effects for pet】 Exclusive for our fur babies, accurate identification of pet facial features. 【Full Body Mode】 Transform the full-body. Get that perfect golden ratio. -------BeautyCam VIP------- 【Teleprompter】 Smartphone recording tool! With our teleprompter, you would never forget the line and freeze. 【180+ exclusive materials】 Free to use for member-exclusive filters, AR cutie, makeup style, detailed makeup, and other materials (except for materials specially requested by our partners) 【ad-free】 Enjoy a great experience without being interrupted by ads! 【VIP exclusive function】 Experience aesthetic medicine level retouching, such as skin booster to rejuvenate, skin tone adjustment, wrinkle removal, teeth whitening, 3D rhinoplasty, lip filler, etc. Terms of Service: https://pro.meitu.com/meiyan/agreements/service.html?lang=en Privacy Policy: https://pro.meitu.com/meiyan/agreements/privacy_policy.html?lang=en VIP Service Agreement: https://pro.meitu.com/meiyan/agreements/membership.html?lang=en ----Follow BeautyCam on the social media----- Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/beautycam.app/

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