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Csaba Iranyi
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User Reviews for Air Discover

This App is Awesome

This app is incredible, it does a great job of identifying and properly labeling all of my devices as well as will update perfectly when you open it from the background. I have many of this developers apps and they all are simply stellar. I have tried numerous apps in the app store similar to this developers apps and they do not even begin to compare. With each update they get better and better... Thanks very much to the developer for making as well as updating them😊

4567899001234, Dec 04, 2016

App doesn't work. Won't open. Crashes every time

coppertop.80, Mar 23, 2020


It is time to analyze your local Wi-Fi network! Air Discover is a very fast and professional network scanner utility to detect network devices and services. It helps you to resolve network issues, find unnecessary and possible dangerous network services...or just explore your home or office network environmental.

DISCOVER NETWORK CONNECTION • Detect current network type (Wi-Fi, Cellular, Bluetooth PAN, VPN tunnel). • Show DNS servers, search domain names, local MAC addresses, host name resolve. • Show default gateways, IP addresses, networks. • Show Wi-Fi hotspot SSID (service set identification), MAC address, IP address and vendor informations. • Detect current cellular network operator name, country, region, cellular connection mode (GPRS, EDGE, UMTS, HSPA, LTE). • Show VPN connection (if any) address, DNS hostname, WHOIS record, PING capability, ISP details, address space type (RIR), autonomous system (AS). • Detect current VPN tunnel type. Support Cisco IPSec, PPTP or L2TP. DISCOVER INTERNET INFO • Depth external address analysis: ISP name, autonomous system name, whois, ping, regional internet registry info. • Full offline MAC vendor database. DISCOVER BONJOUR SERVICES • Search for available and currently running Bonjour services. • Analyze and describe Bonjour service name, type, protocol, port, IP addresses and other properties. • Show Bonjour host local name, domain name, MAC address (with vendor informations), PING capability. DISCOVER DLNA DEVICES • Search for available and currently running DLNA (UPnP) root and embedded devices and services. • Analyze and describe device name, manufacturer, model, type, version, serial number, UPC code, etc. • Determine operating system/version and UPnP server product and version. • Show DLNA host IP address, port number, UPnP version, local name, domain name, MAC address (with vendor informations), PING capability. REACH UI FEATURES • Info menu with feedback and privacy settings • Use the camera icon (upper-right corner) to create and print/send/share a screenshot from the entire page. • Pull down with your finger to refresh the informations. • Long press on a cell to copy/print/send/open as/share the cell value. • Shake your device to refresh the informations.

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