Start sending subscription events to Tenjin

This integration sends the mobile subscription events like trial-to-paying-user conversion, subscription renewal, cancellation, refund, and others to your Tenjin account. Inform your mobile app marketing with accurate and timely subscription data.

Send mobile subscription events to Tenjin

Easy to set up

It takes a few minutes to add Tenjin integration. See the documentation here.


Actionable data

See how your users convert from a trial to active subscribers and understand the actual return on advertising spend (ROAS), including renewals and refunds.


Track cohort revenue

Renewal data allows you to track how each cohort of your users performs over time.

How it works
Qonversion tracks a number of useful subscription events

Qonversion performs server-side subscription validation. Subscription events are tracked and sent to your Tenjin account even if a user did not open or deleted the app. Check the full list of subscription-related events that Qonversion tracks and sends to your Tenjin account.

Inegrated with App Stores

Server-to-server notifications

Timely, precise, complete data

More integrations with one set up

Send subscription events to Tenjin

Start sending subscription events to your Tenjin account to grow your mobile business.

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