Connect your app to Slack

Send in-app revenue events to your Slack workspace. Get aggregated app performance reports in your slack channel. Receive notifications when a user starts, renews, or cancels a subscription.

Send mobile subscription events to Slack

Aggregated performance reports

Set up the aggregated app performance reports to be posted automatically to your slack channel.


In-app revenue event notifications

You can receive a message for each trial start, trial converted, subscrition renewed, and many other in-app subscription related events.

How it works
Qonversion tracks a number of useful subscription events

Qonversion performs server-side subscription validation. Subscription events are tracked and sent to Slack even if a user did not open or deleted the app. Check the full list of subscription-related events that Qonversion tracks and sends to Slack.

Inegrated with App Stores

Server-to-server notifications

Timely, precise, complete data

Many integrations with a single set up

Slack Integration

Start sending subscription events and performance reports to Slack.

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