Facebook Ads integration to accelerate your mobile subscription business.

This integration sends the mobile subscription data generated by the users acquired from Facebook back to your Facebook Ads account. Empower your mobile app marketing with precise, timely, and accurate data on subscriptions after free-trial, renewals, and refunds.

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Easy to set up

It takes a few minutes to add Facebook Ads integration. See the documentation here.


Actionable data

See how your users convert from a trial to active subscribers and get the exact return on advertising spend (ROAS) on a campaign, ad set, or ad level.


Lookalike audience

Build a lookalike audience based only on users who converted into paying customers or even who have been an active subscriber for a specific number of billing periods.

Maximize the performance
Use advanced Facebook Ads Manager features

Check our guide on using the full potential of Facebook Ads powered by the data from Qonversion to grow your mobile subscription business.

More transparency

Increased ROAS

Timely and precise

Data driven

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Stop leaving money on the table.

Complete your Facebook Ads integration to drive profitable mobile user acquisition campaigns.

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