Send subscription data to your favorite platforms

Share your iOS and Android in-app subscription data with your favorite platforms.


Measure how your Facebook Ads campaigns generate revenue directly in your Facebook Ads account.


Send data directly to your AppsFlyer account to understand your marketing performance.

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Get data on paying users in Amplitude and match with their behavior patterns.

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Send subscription events to Mixpanel to inform your product development.

Google Ad Manager

Measure how your Google campaigns generate revenue directly in your Google Ad Manager.


Send iOS and Android subscription events to Segment.

Mobile subscription analytics

Why Qonversion?

Get access to powerful yet simple subscription analytics, including install-to-paying-user conversion stats, MRR, LTV, churn and other metrics.

Supports iOS and Android

Apple iOS and Android subscription analytics.

Real-time analytics dashboards

Get a read on how your apps are doing in an instant.

Third-party integrations

Send in-app data where you need it.

Simple integration

Quick and simple SDK integration.

Get cross-platform subscription analytics.

Complete your Qonversion integration to grow your mobile subscription business.