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User Reviews for Words Inc


Ah, hubris. I thought I was pretty smart until I tried to beat this game. And tried. And tried. It starts easy and gets more challenging. I am obsessed with word games, and this is my current favorite. I agree with others that I’d like to be able see the definition of wrong answers. Sometimes the game seems to be drawing a pretty fine line between words that have multiple, similar meanings, depending on the context.

2%ReducedFatMilk, Oct 24, 2018
Please Read this Review (This App Crashes)

Hello, are you going to play this for fun or to be informed? Well, you could possibly learn and accumulate your knowledge with terse, often not descriptive enough words. Or maybe you’re gaming. Well, I’ve spent days learning their odd definitions to surpass my peers. Finally, I was many hours in and only a few points to reach this accolade, and then the app crashed. Had time simply elapsed or did I become erudite from learning from the app? Neither. I appreciate their care for words, but time, a glass of wine and a dictonary are better for a learner than an ineffective app.

Art Van., Apr 01, 2019
Missing a few key features

I downloaded this app for my son to learn more words. He likes playing but cannot get far because of the timer. Suggestions:- Add profiles so multiple users can play on one device - Using the profile age / grade level, adjust the word bank to be appropriate for each user. - Allow for more time for younger players so this can be a useful educational took instead of “just a game.”- $.99 to continue a game seems like a pretty dumb feature. I understand you want to make money but, I would never pay to allow my son to continue if he hasn't mastered the words he should. - If someone misses a word that was previously answered correctly, it should be un-starred. - Stats should be meaningful from an educational level. It shouldn't be that difficult to build in ranks that represent a 1st grader thru college reading level.

Collins-Family, Jan 27, 2019
Fun game

I've only plying for a couple of days and I like this game. My only complaint is that the definitions of some words are not accurate. I have cross-checked a couple of words I thought I had answered correctly but that the app sad it was the incorrect answer, and the definition I found in the Oxford Dictionary was the same I had selected. Maybe it needs an update. Other than this is a lot of fun. I don't see why other reviews mention you have to keep paying, so far I have not spent a dime and I'm at level 29. I keep replying the same level and there are so many new words I don't feel the need to skip ahead.

Ebriden, Jan 12, 2017
Fun and Challenging

If you enjoy words and their definitions, and you enjoy competing or pushing yourself past your limits you’ll like this. It reminds me of a game called Perfection in which you have to place all the shapes before the clock runs out and pieces fly everywhere, except instead of shapes your placing definitions with words. Sort of anyway. There’s the same sense of panic involved.

FMDaytona, Dec 28, 2018

Really good game and very addictive, but in a good way because you're learning. I just started playing so idk if this is really what it's doing, but I might have noticed that it repeats the words I got wrong more often than the others I got right. I only wish it kept a list of the ones I got wrong, make it into flash cards that way I can look over them to study. If you work for this app and you're reading this, please consider! It's the reason I gave you 4 instead of 5 stars and it seems like something that can be easily fixed :) Other than that. Great app, exactly what I was looking for, just gotta find a way to make it better for me to study the words I got wrong.

NanyBanany93, Jun 08, 2017

This is an enjoyable app, one that makes me feel as if I am actually expanding my brain, rather than shrinking it! LoL Something that would make it better would be, when we pick the incorrect word, if they would include the definition of the correct word. For example, I had a word that the clue was something about “that which is bright or glowing” (I am paraphrasing). My choice was “luminous” or “Illuminated” I choose incorrectly, but I wasn’t sure why. Educate me! :-)Thanks for a fun app!

SmurfyMommo1962, Mar 11, 2018
Enjoyable vocabulary game

I enjoy practically any game that challenges my mind, especially those that also build my vocabulary. This game does both. I won’t bore you with a recap of how the game works since you can see that in the preview. However, I will say that this app would be phenomenal if it included a subsection that has each word used linked to a dictionary. I have an awesome dictionary called The Free Dictionary by Farlex. I suggest a collaboration with this App and Farlex’s The Free Dictionary App. I believe both developers would benefit.

TheMcTier, Mar 14, 2018
Good game so far!

Free and you learn new words what's not to like? So far I've been playing and it's been good but addictive! A little problem with my device freezing for a moment while I was registering. So I shut down other apps, then shut down the game itself and then tapped the game icon again and it worked. I have an IPhone 6. I recommend this game and only give it four stars just because of the momentary freeze, which was really nothing . Otherwise I would have given it a five star.

Word shock, May 29, 2015
Cannot go beyond 3300 because the game will freeze

The game is quite good for a non native. But once you get to 100 points, the challenge is lessened. From then on, it’s quite easy to master. The thing is, you will never get to reach 5000 point straight because the game will freeze at 3000+, depending on your gadget memory. A few weeks in and it gets very boring, the vocabulary bank is too limited.

Yoda Muoi, Nov 18, 2020


Test your verbal prowess in this fun and challenging game that requires intense concentration and a mastery of words. Words Inc is also a great way to improve your vocabulary! The rules are simple - tap the word that correctly matches the definition shown on the screen before time runs out, or swipe away incorrect words to get more time.

The game is (virtually) endless - see how many vocabulary words you can correctly answer in a row. The catch? The difficulty of the words keep scaling higher and higher until it requires every ounce of concentration to get the next word correct! Connect to Facebook to see how your score ranks among your friends. Connect via Game Center and compare your score with the rest of the world. Get higher scores by using one of three power-ups - pass! to skip a word, freeze! to stop the timer, and remove! to eliminate one incorrect choice. Power-ups reactivate every 4 words of the same type you get right. Purchase power-ups with credits earned by answering correctly or swiping away incorrect words. Advance through the 14 different grades of vocabulary mastery by accomplishing different challenges such as scoring a certain amount of points or mastering a number of words. How many words do you think you know? How good do you think you vocabulary really is? There's only one way to find out!

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