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User Reviews for Word Connect - Word Games

Fun game but TOO LONG VIDEOS

10 second commercials are fine for coins but 30 second ones are way too long-makes this game not worth playing all the time. I just keep shutting down the long ones but they keep coming back. Get a clue. Pay attention to what people are looking at and not wanting to see. Again 30 second commercials are boring and WAY TOO LONG!!!!!!!!!! Plus the app wont login to facebook to same your scores. I have over 30 thousand points. Would be angry if I lost them if this app freezes

Beviez, Sep 26, 2019
Fun game but... need improvements

It’s a fun game but I don’t like that I have to play this game while holding my iPad in the upright position only... the screen for this game doesn’t swivel directions... so I can’t have my electronics charging (cord attached) and play this game cause this game won’t swap screen directions so can play the game in opposite direction.

D.lenna, Oct 20, 2020
Word connect

Easy fun game to relax with. Really appreciate the ads which are generally geared to more mature audience and not blasting screaming cartoon characters in your face. Good for mature folks an even the ads are interestingDislike the ads which scream in loud voices. Better response if they are removed or modified.

FMRAS, Apr 27, 2020

I enjoy the challenges of this game. I was up to a level above 500 when the screen froze. I should have turned my phone off and restarted it. I wouldn’t have lost the score. Instead I deleted the app and reinstalled it and found I’d lost my score. The score didn’t come back.

jamyk123, Jul 09, 2019
Needs to get real

I put in the same three letter word time over and over. There was no other word to fit it. Finally I used some coins to,get the first letter. And it was the word I had tried over and over. 250 coins for that. Not sure I’ll keep,this one. Fun other than cheatsUPDATE: dumped this game. They don’t have a clear idea of word spelling at all. Waste of time.

Newenglander2011, May 02, 2020
A great game

I love this game the dictionary it’s for 20 coins but when you finish the chapter or the chapter bonus its amazing! You get at least 5 coins 2% chance lower but if it’s so video for like 10 sec don’t mind if I do. I love that it does bonus words like extra words in word cookies. Best for last it makes more than 100 levels so you can play for a long time . Great game!!!

playmaster205, Jun 17, 2018

I really like this app because it is fun and it is a great way to learn new words and get to know what those new words mean. 10/10 would definitely recommend for younger children and older adults it is just so nice and fun. But I will say that the adds are VERYYY long so it is hard to just sit there but other than that it is still a awesome game to play.

Queen_laylay0303, Jan 03, 2021
Remove the word nazi and turn off sound

Please REMOVE the word nazi it’s a very offensive and racist word! You need to Get you a history book and READ it before you using certain words!I went to settings and clicked to turn sound off and I still get loud ads. How do I turn the LOUD noise off. Way to many ads especially political ads. Give more points for playing the game and lower the amount you have to use to get clues. Accept words that are in the dictionary so you can get bonus point if they are not in game. Please do something about the sound!

Shy28p, Jan 20, 2020
Word search review

This game is so addictive, I didn’t want to stop to no cotton Picken slow me down review. It’s not fair to stop me in the middle of the game. I truly like this game. It’s easy and a kid can play it.. but it gets harder which makes it all the reason to like it even more

stop lying fool, Mar 22, 2019
Can’t access saved Facebook data

I’ve made it up to level 406 on this game and after I get a new phone, I can’t even access my saved progress. Very upsetting. When I attempt to log into Facebook through the app, a pop-up saying failed appears unable to connect. My WiFi has excellent, strong connection. I’ve gone about opening and closing the app, deleting and reinstalling it, and the same for Facebook as well. Nothing seems to work at this point. I’ve became helpless and ready to end my life. Thank you, Word Connect.

SuicideWordConnector, Aug 11, 2019


Word Connect is an exciting puzzle game for TRUE WORD geniuses! Find hidden words in mixed letters. It starts out very easy but gets challenging quickly.

It even challenges the real word expert! You will have fun sharping your mind and improving your spelling skills. Your brain will thank you for the workout! HOW TO PLAY? - Correct swipe the letters horizontally, vertically, diagonally, forwards or backwards to form a specific hidden word. -Find as many words as possible to unlock levels and earn extra bonus coins. -Fill in every block with a word! Earn coins when you discover star words. - Have difficulty coming up with the word cookie? You can use coins to buy a hint to help sovle the level. FEATURES: - Daily bonus rewards - 40+ packs, 800+ levels, - Free 300 coins at the first game. - Difficulty increases along with levels. Easy to play, but hard to beat! - Feel achievement with increased leaves of the word tree. -You can also get more coins purchasing or watching advertising videos - Play OFFLINE in anytime and anywhere. - All grids are double-checked to make sure they are solvable! - Applicable to Any Ages! • FREE Update! This is a perfect word games for word search fans Play the game now, you will find it so addictive and just can't put your phone down. We really value your feedback, you can say what's on your mind when you rate the game. Your comments will be read carefully. Thanks for playing! Good times in the Word Games!

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